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Sinhalase and Tamil


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International Mother Languages Day Project by Year 5
Sudbury Primary School

Published in: Education
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Sinhalase and Tamil

  1. 1. Sinhalese and Tamil
  2. 2. Our mother languages are sinhalese and Tamil. Salma- I speak Sinhalese which is usually spoken in Sri Lanka, where my parents were born. Savumiga- Like my friend, Salma, my language is also spoken in Sri Lanka too but I speak Tamil,not sinhalese.
  3. 3. Srilanka lies in the tip of Asia and it is a well-known island. It does not border any country but it is still only a few miles away from the country named India.
  4. 4. Salma - As i said before ,Sri Lanka is known for its delicious ceylon tea. Also, there are many different Tea Factories all over Sri Lanka. Savumiga – In Sri Lanka, there are many languages such as Sigiriya rock, which was an ancient palace many years ago.
  5. 5. We learn our languages by speaking it with our friends and family.And Savumiga goes to tamil school every Saturday.
  6. 6. Salma- My favourite word in sinhalese is budaghinni because it sound funny. Savumiga- My favourite word is kanini because its sound unique.