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Proyecto semestre spii


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Proyecto semestre spii

  1. 1. Srta. Rivas Español Proyecto semestral To review before the semester test, you will do a project over one of the topics we have studied. 1. In PAIRS, you will choose one of the following topics: 1. Unit 7 - 8 Vocabulary about sports Me, te, nos: meaning, formation, examples within sentences 2. Unit 7 Present tense of stem-changing verbs Formation e-ie, o-ue Meanings of verbs from the vocab list and examples within sentences 3. Unit 8 Health vocabulary and at the doctor expressions Present tense of ser and estar Formation, different uses, examples within sentences 4. Unit 9 1
  2. 2. Srta. Rivas Español Vocabulary about the summer and the weather expressions Preterite tense of AR verbs: regular and irregular yo forms. Formation, meanings and examples within sentences 5. Unit 9-10 Preterite tense of regular ER and IR verbs Preterite tense of irregular verbs: ser and ir / dar and ver Formation, meanings and examples within sentences 2. To explain the topic you have chosen you will create a: Video with flashcards to illustrate grammar and vocabulary OR a slide show presentation You can include games ( or anything that can be useful to remember the topic and give examples to help your classmates to remember it. 3. Your presentation should include all the points above mentioned and the amount of effort and creativity you use to explain the topic will be graded. 4. Projects are due Friday, the 14th of May by the end of class, so you can start presenting them on Monday, the 17th of May. 2