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Minecraft in the classroom

A snapshot of how I use minecraft in my classroom. This presentation contains footage and a video of students using minecraft

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Minecraft in the classroom

  1. 1. @ncallaghan1 noelene.callaghan1 Noelene Callaghan Rooty Hill High School Sydney, Australia
  2. 2. • 5 MIE (STEM) Educators met in Microsoft Sydney – Teachers are from New South Wales, South Australia, New Zealand • Aim: – To create a Transformation Project • Transformation Project Objective: – To create a learning environment where students from Australia and New Zealand could collaborate and learn 21st Century learning skills
  3. 3. Resources
  4. 4. Students from geographically remote schools collaborate and construct technical creations in Minecraft as a learning platform
  5. 5. • How to collaborate and communicate on web based projects with global colleagues • How to self-direct their learning in a games- based environment • How to employ computational thinking to build functioning machines in Minecraft
  6. 6. • Students plan, design and collaboratively create structures and functioning machines in Minecraft. • Students learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively in web based projects. • Students have real global audiences for their creations. • Students run virtual excursions for other schools in their Minecraft world creations.
  7. 7. Objectives achieved by setting challenges based on ability levels
  8. 8. • Identified students have control over the levels of other players • Ability to upload and install mods • Code using Python, Scratch & more
  9. 9. Australia • Rooty Hill High School, NSW • St Columba Anglican School, NSW • Seymour College, South Australia New Zealand • Hale School • Te Arora College
  10. 10. The Team
  11. 11. Our Blog -
  12. 12. • • Minecraft 4 Me is an initiative by Rooty Hill High School as part of our ICT4Me BYOD program. • Introducing gaming has enabled us to provide more opportunities for students in attempting and developing specialised ICT skills.
  13. 13. • Minecraft 4 Me is targeted at students of diverse backgrounds, academic and technical ability levels.
  14. 14. • Each member bring unique experiences and lessons to the team enabling in the team to be able to continuously collaborate to enhance the benefits of the game.
  15. 15. • All members of Minecraft 4 Me are currently accessing Minecraft daily and Skype at least 2 nights a week. • This is a student led program and the role of the educator in Minecraft 4 Me is to facilitate and assist students (and teachers) as needed • Minecraft is PART of the experience. Students must use other tools to support their learning
  16. 16. Whole school initiative
  17. 17. • Transition into curriculum
  18. 18. • Supports Cross KLA programs • Used in – Technology, – TAS (Technical and Applied Sciences), – Science, – HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment)
  19. 19. • To expand digital curriculum to include gaming • To include Minecraft in all KLA’s • To expose students in our local area to use gaming as an extra curricular activity • To keep having fun!
  20. 20. noelene.callaghan1 Noelene Callaghan Rooty Hill High School Sydney, Australia @ncallaghan1