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September Avenger Times


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September Avenger Times

  1. 1. A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST ABCT, 1ST ID Aveng er times Volume 2, Issue 7 14 September 2012 Fun tim es and g r eat trai nin g INSIDE THIS ISSUE Over the past month we have right support if and when they need ● Platoon Highlightshad a lot of great training going on it. We can’t forget that we are theirfrom drivers training, new family. While we ● Army Family Team Bldgto ranges, to certifica- all have families in an- ● Spouses Shoot Nighttions. All the Aven- other state, when yougers are working enter the Army your ● Contact Informationhard to make sure we unit becomes your neware set up for success family. This is morein the future. LT than a job, your su-Mawyin ran a range pervisors care whenand SGT Dorff ran pre you have issues and FACEBOOK ANDmarksmanship in- will help you get them PHOTOS:struction training which went well. fixed. There are over 30 agenciesDue to this we were able to get over designed to do nothing but help  Follow us on FACE-80% of the company qualified. Great BOOK: https:// to all the NCOs who helped train AlphaCompany11BstbAven-and run the range. gers On 18 August we had our Pool  As usual you can find all theseParty with a lot of interesting diving photos and more at :going on. The re- Avengercompanysulted in PV2 Colon  Photobucket Albums for thiswinning the belly month are:flop competition; it 2012 Avengers Aug and Sepwas also his birth- Soldiers when they need informa- 2012 Avenger Pool Partyday that day. He tion or assistance. If it’s money prob- lems, education questions, counsel- 2012 August Rangehad a surprise visitfrom his wife as ing, drug or alcohol issues, new par-well. ent questions we have lots of trained people ready to help. Please We continue to have a lot of ask– if we don’t know we will findnew people come to the company. out.Make sure you take the extra time andeffort to meet them and make them Never Quit!feel welcome. Hook them up with the Avenger 6
  2. 2. PAGE 2 AVENGER TIMESISR PlatoonSeptember is just kicking off and Mcmullen. Driving can be a danger- ing alley for some tough competitionalready 1st Platoon has completed ous activity, but with a know-it-all/do against 4th platoon. We crushedlots of training. -it-all kind of Soldier like them into theSGT Dorff, SPC PFC Horne as dust in thePavlich, SPC their instruc- first game,Mcmullen, SPC tor, they will but sadly suc-Lewis, PFC Wil- be more cumbed toliams, PFC Na, and than pre- them in thePV2 Davis all com- pared to op- second game,pleted the DCGS- erate our but finishedA NET/NEF on 30 platoon vehi- off with aAugust. The cles. small lead inDCGS course took The platoon the third and2 long weeks, but is highly anticipating the final game. 1st Platoon!they all survived MI academy courses com-death by Power- Sadly, all of these festivities must end ing up in the near future. as we say our goodbyes to SGT Bald-Point and came These courses will help ourout unscathed and with a better win who will be leaving September analysts gain a better understanding 10 2012, to go to Korea. Everyoneunderstanding of the system. of the Intelligence Process and how wish her the best of luck in her futureCurrently we have SGT Crawford our jobs help to support the Bri- endeavors.and PFC Gerhardt working hard at gade’s mission.GEOINT courses. Also, currently in A to Z!!! During our last resiliency training dayDriver’s Training are PFC Castillo, we had a wonderful breakfast atSPC Lewis, PFC Price, and SPC IHOP before striking out at the bowl-MSG PlatoonAugust was a busy month for full 28 days, and they couldn’t Iraq and have served as greatthe MSG Platoon. Several train- be happier. The MSG Platoon leaders back in garrison and theying events, including JRTC, also had to say goodbye to will be greatly missed by all. PFCkept the office Guadian also went to the Ammomostly empty Handler course to assist in unitduring the entire readiness. SSG Krause played amonth. Ser- big part in unit readiness lastgeants King, month, as he completed theScaife, Lucas, SHARP and EO classes; becomingand Boyce em- the EO representative for thebarked on an company. The IEW shop also hadepic journey to an eventful time putting up theFt. Polk, LA. to be shelter on one of their vehicles.OCT’s for 4-4 CW2 Meyers has the battle scarCav’s JRTC rotation. They two wonderful NCO’s, SGT’s on his forehead to prove what abathed in the luxury of 100 Harris, who ETS’d and SGT challenge it was. MSG has a lot ofSoldier bays and enjoyed the Gordon who PCS’d to Ft Hua- solid training coming up in thewonderful cuisine of MRE’s, chuca. Both were instrumental month of September, which wehot A’s and the chow hall for a in the success of the unit in are all looking forward to.
  3. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 7 PAGE 3 uav platoonDuring the month of Au- currently attending WLC. We is expectedgust, SGT Prunty and SPC wish you good luck. This is has out of anWilliams went to Fort and is still a very busy month AvengerHuachuca to attend the for flight operations with the PlatoonIO/SO course. This is a very UAV platoon. Operations sup- Sergeant.challenging course that porting 1-16 Infantry mortar 2 L Trequires a lot of studying, platoon, so thathard work and motivation. they can qualify and operations with 1-6 CAB to aid them with their Gunnery qualification. We are proud to introduce SSG Mawyin conducted water sur- Minter to the vival training on the 7th of Sep- These two UAV platoon as the new tember for the company again. Soldiers Platoon Sergeant. He has We hope it was a great learn-demonstrated to all of the others their been instructing at the 15J ing experience and you all en-Never Quit attitude. They are now the A.I.T. for the past three joyed it. Again SSG Minter,UAV platoon Standardization and In- years. He has only been welcome to the platoon!structor Operators. Congratulations to here a couple of weeks,you two. Job well done! SPC Bender is but is demonstrating what HUMINT PlatoonTo start the month of August, 4th bined Brigade MSO Situational morer Supervisor schools. SeveralPlatoon trained Training Exercise Soldiers form 4th Platoon also quali-on the Biomet- with both Soldiers fied on crew service weapons. Torics Automated from 4th Platoon end the month, CW2 Davis, as wellTool Kit. This and Soldiers from as a couple of Soldiers from HHCweek long train- 2HBCT. The train- BDE left for training and certificationing refreshed ing focused on im- in order to stand up a live environ-the minds of the proving perishable, ment training mission here on Forttroops with pre- low density MOS Riley, KS. They are leading the wayvious experience skills with minimal within the Army, as they are onlygained during costs. Fourth Pla- one of three FORSCOM units thatdeployments toon increased pro- have started the process to complywith BATS Systems in order to ficiency and accuracy of their with the Army Chief Of Staff G2, LTGmaintain mission readiness. For MOS skills on average 18% over Mary Legerie’s guidance. LTGthe new Soldiers this training the week. This training also Legerie’s guidance for MI is that pro-equipped them with essential helped prepare Soldiers for a fu- grams, resources, and facilities mustknowledge needed to assist in ture Brigade Field training exer- be provided in order to ensure “Noconducting effective operations cise. SPC Marketon-Snowden MI Soldier at rest…No Cold Starts.”in a deployed environment. The and SPC Vassalli attended bothPlatoon then conducted a com- the Unit Armorer and Unit Ar-
  4. 4. A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST ABCT, 1ST IDA Company, 1-1 STB Upcoming Events:Building 7243 Bamford Sep 19– Spouses only Shooting Night at Godfrey’s, Junction CityCommander: CPT Priscella A. Nohle; Oct 1– Pie in the Face Fundraiser (Motor pool, 1100)785-340-28631SG Pete Olynick Oct 11– Etiquette Class – Pack/pick up your lunch (1200, Clsrm) Oct 17– Avenger Family Group Meeting (Chocolate Drawing)Courtney Kunze– Avenger Family Group Leader at the USO (1800)Courtney.kunze@gmail.com419-310-1870 Oct 19– Avenger T Shirt Day FundraiserTrudy Bloomquist– Funds Custodian/Assistant Leader (suggested donation E grade or O grade+10)trudyfang@gmail.com757-969-7840 Nov 16– Avenger Ball! Clarion Manhattan AVENGER SAFETY MESSAGE avenger DON’T’s… DON’T DRINK and DRIVE DON’T DO DRUGS DON’T DECK your DARLIN This month we will be having a Suicide Aware- ness Stand down day. We take this opportunity to recognize the things we are doing well to prevent suicide and refresh our knowledge of things we can do to help each other out. Aven- gers- Great job doing the right thing! New to the Army? This is a great way to meet other people and learn what to expect. Avenger Family Group hosts…. SPOUSES SHOOT NIGHT Godfrey’s Range in JC Wednesday 19 Sep 2012 gun required, there will be food and a short weapon class followed by an opportunity to fire a variety of guns. If you haven’t let us know you are coming please do so...we want to get enough food. POC for the event is Trudy Bloomquist at 757-969-7840