Avenger Times 11


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Avengers and Friends,

Attached is the latest Avenger Times. We are covering all the awesome stuff
we did during the month of May. We will cover the Battalion FTX in next
month's issue. Don't forget the Avenger Family Group Meeting on 20 June at
1800 at the USO (Pizza, Ice Cream Sundays, and Financial Planning).

Also check out our awesome Facebook page due to Courtney Kunze's efforts:


And as usual all our photos can be found at the photobucket site: link


The Avengers thank you all for your support and hope to inspire you to

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Avenger Times 11

  1. 1. A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST HBCT, 1ST ID Aveng er times Volume 2, Issue 4 12 June 2012Challenging month! INSIDE THIS ISSUE ● SGT Dorff’s Promotion So many things have gone on during Avenger motto of Never Quit! ● SSG French’s Promotionthe month of May that it took me a while to During the monthcapture it all to get this month’s ● SGT Johnson’s Promotion of May the Avengers com-issue of the Avenger Times pub- and Reenlistment pleted their 12 mile footlished. We started the month march. These physicaloff with the NBC Chamber and ● New Avenger Family training sessions were quite Group Leader Contact Inforeaction training. The next day challenging due to the dis-we went to the new Avenger tance, weight, and time. ● FACEBOOK Sitemovie showing at Seth Child Every soldier carried ap-Cinema followed by a relaxing proximately 40 lbs to in-cook out at Tuttle Creek that clude their IOTV,afternoon. The movie was bet- weapon, helmet,ter than any of us expected and and water source.triple awesome because we had The fastest soldier inthe theater to ourselves, our families, and FACEBOOK AND PHO- was SGT Dorff followed closely by SGTfriends. I think we all decided that we had agreat time and Ash; they both finished well under 3 hours. TOS: Everyone learned that they can pushwanted to do  WE NOW HAVE A FACEBOOK through pain, blisters, and hardship whenthis again. SITE: Thank you Ms. Kunze for they are driven by will and refuse to give up. M a y We also completed Night Driving such a great page for the com-also started the pany! Become a fan at the fol- this month. Soldiers went out to the expan-post-wide soft- lowing link: sive training area of Fortball season. The Riley Kansas to drive  https://www.facebook.com/A v e n g e r s wearing Night Vision AlphaCompany11BstbAvengersfielded a fabulous team with members from Devices to conduct theireach platoon participating; looking great in annual refresher train- their Avenger ing. All of us that were jerseys. Even able to conduct the though they training found wearing don’t win all the the NVGs a bit more challenging than we time the team expected. This training definitely helped my  As usual you can find all these continues to play confidence in driving with NVGs and re- photos and more at : minded me how important it is because as www.photobucket.com/ the US Army...WE OWN THE NIGHT! Avengercompanyand promote camaraderie, We completed the month in theesprit de corps, and unit pride. midst of a Battalion FTX which we will  Albums for this month all beginEven on nights when the team cover in the next issue. with 201205 Avengers– then thehad to be in at 0300 for weap- sub album. We will also Until then…. NEVER QUIT!ons draw to go to the field post some on the facebookthey still played on, that is Avenger 6 site too.dedication and embraces the
  2. 2. PAGE 2 AVENGER TIMESISR PlatoonDuring the last month and a half, the individual training regarding evaluating build junior level leadership, the time isISR Platoon participated and success- casualties approaching to say goodbye to one offully completed a wide range of train- and search- our fine NCO’s. On 20 June, SGT Donna-ing to include New Equipment Train- ing indi- hoo will final-out from Fort Riley and takeing/Fielding for the ACT-E, individual viduals. training Congratula- regarding tions to two several 1st Platoon warrior members, tasks that CW2 led to the Bloomquist and SPC Schira. Mr. Bloom- successful quist has recently been rewarded for his participa- hard work and performance of duty and tion in has been promoted to the rank of CW2Warrior Defiant, DCGS-A training, War and sworn in as a commissioned officerFighter, and Warrior Leader’s Course. in the United States Army. SPC Schira his talents to Fort Irwin, California. Al-CW2 Bloomquist and SGT Dorff con- graduated though his leadershiptinue to support War Fighter and are from WLC and reliability will becurrently at Fort Leavenworth, KS tak- and distin- missed, he set a greating the fight to the simulated enemy. guished example for otherThe skills and experience they are gain- herself Avengers to following will serve greatly to prepare the among and will leave a void toplatoon, the company, and the Brigade her peers be filled by one of ourfor future operations. by achiev- developing Soldiers. I ing Com- have no doubt that SGT Donnahoo willCPL Loughlin and SPC Jaeger recently mandant’s List recognition. succeed at his next duty station given hiscompleted 65 hours DCGS-A training,while the rest of 1st Platoon received As first platoon continues to grow and commitment, dedication, and desire to learn.MSG Platoon The MSG platoon had an eventful few ing on certain skills. At the Battalion Squad Leader. SSG weeks FTX, SGT Harris led the MSG squad McLellan blessed begin- through multiple challenges and en- the platoon with ning sured all soldiers were successful. his leadership and with the one-liners and will Sadly, the MSG platoon is saying good- basic be greatly missed. bye to two of its members. SSG Toby SIGINT SPC Derek Lucas Terminal McLellan began out-processing 4 June to leave for Germany. He was the also began out- Guid- ance acting Platoon Sergeant while SSGcourse in early May. Five SIGINTers par- Jackson was at ALC, and is the 2ndticipated in the training event whichwas both fun and educational. Not asmuch fun was the reporting class the processing 11platoon took to improve the quality of June and willthe different reports they are required be headingto produce. However, after a week of off to Hawaiipractice, all the soldiers were highly in July. Hisprofiencient. The biggest event for humor andMay and June, however, was the Bat- hard work willtalion FTX. In preparation, the platoonenlisted the help of the battalion med- be missed byics and MPs to receive refresher train- everybody in the platoon.
  3. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4 PAGE 3 uav platoon Hard work, excellent training, and what neededoutstanding leadership is what to be accom-guided SGT Prunty and his squad plished. Show-through the Battalion Field Training ing the Aven-Exercise. With all of their determina- ger spirit bytion to be the best squad in the bat- Never Quittingtalion they finished third place. They they pushedworked diligently in their spare time through theto ensure that all members of the obstacles withsquad had a solid understanding of speed and dili- gence. Congratu- lations to the en- tire squad for their hard work and Avenger Sprit! Congratulations to SSG French on his promotion! HUMINT Platoon In the month of May the com- from fourth platoon that was ablepany did the 12 mile foot march and 4th Plt events in May:prepped for complete under the 4 hour limitthe 12 mile with no problems. Good Job All!! SSG McNeil graduated ALCqualifying We also con- SPC Johnson was promoted to SGTfoot march. quered the JohnsonWe con- Gas Cham-ducted a 2 SGT Johnson reenlisted for Ft. Bragg bers thismile foot month as PFC Ingram competed in the Devilmarch to well. Stakes Obstacle Course (Best Team inthe gas BN)chamber SSG Nagel PCSed to Ft. Huachuca.and back SPC Marketon-Snowden com-totaling 4 pleted a two week long CBRN class.miles. Next She completed the testing requiredwe took on for certification while also jugglingMoon Lake with a 6 mile foot march company training requirements,challenge, but the one that actually such as night driving and ruckbroke the commander’s foot was the marches.9 miler on the tank trails. Everyone
  4. 4. A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST HBCT, 1ST ID F i r s t S e rg e a n t ’ s c o r n e rA Company, 1-1 STBBuilding 7243 Bamford I am constantly impressed with the hard work displayed by the Soldiers of the Alpha Company 1-1 BSTB. On a daily ba-Commander: CPT Priscella A. Nohle; sis I am in the presence of true professionals. The commit-priscella.a.nohle@us.army.mil785-340-2863 ment and dedication of our Soldiers towards mission accom- plishment is truly inspirational and I am extremely proud of1SG Pete Olynick what our Soldiers, NCOs, and Officers have accomplished dur-peter.olynick@us.army.mil ing this last month.785-307-4857 As we head into the summer and 4th of July holiday, makeCourtney Kunze– Avenger Family Group Leader sure you are not celebrating alone. We have several spousesCourtney.kunze@gmail.com419-310-1870 whose Soldiers are currently in courses back at Ft. Leonard Wood, National Training Center or elsewhere. Reach out to these family members while their Soldier is away. We also have several single Soldiers who will be looking for a real S A F E T Y M ES S AG E home cooked meal or a family to relax with. Let’s all take care of all Avengers during this time of year. In addition I want to welcome to the Company the numerousAvenger DON’T’s… new Soldiers to the company and a warm heart welcome to the proud new moms and dads of little Avengers over the pastDON’T DRINK and DRIVE couple of months. With the welcomes we have to say goodbyeDON’T DO DRUGS to several good Soldiers. Good Luck in their civilian life or at their new duty station. Keep up the hard work andDON’T DECK your DARLIN dedication.Avengers– continue to set the standard for theBrigade. You are totally leading the pack when NEVER QUIT!!!it comes to acting like professionals when off duty. Remember that if you Upcoming Events: see someone doing the wrong thing it is up to you to June 11-14th– Victory Week correct it or bring it to theattention of someone who can. According to June 20th– AFG Meeting- Pizza Party/ Ice Cream Sunday Bar;AR 600-20 every soldier has a responsibility to Financial Planning Guest Speaker (USO-1800)inform the commander of things that affectcommand climate. If you are not part of the June 25th– Record APFTsolution you are part of the problem. Continueto make the Avengers a proud unit that takes July 2-6– Max Leave Time (DONSA-4 and 6 July)care of each other like a family. July 12– Water Survival Training July 17th– Medical Simulation Training CenterNew AFG Leader: Courtney Kunze July 20th– Paintball at Outdoor Recreation: Families Welcome!The Avenger Family Group’s mission is to keep fami-lies and Soldiers informed of activities that are goingon outside of the duty day and assist with finding theright help when needed. The AFG keeps a pulse onhow the families are feeling about support from theunit and provides a way to reach out for volunteeropportunities as well as bringing issues or concerns Silly pictures of the command team.that need to be addressed. We want to build astrong team of Soldiers and Families that support oneanother. Just Ask!