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Armor Newsletter 1st QRT 2013


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Armor Newsletter 1st QRT 2013

  1. 1. Armor Branch Newsletter INSIDE THIS ISSUE: V O L U M E I I , I S S U E I F A L L 2 0 1 2 Changes within the Armor Branch. Branch Chief CGSC Changes Complete LTC John Cushing, Armor Career Broaden- Gentlemen, ing Opportunities I hope this newsletter finds you all doing well and taking exceptional care of our Armor officers and enlisted Troopers out in the force. We here at Armor Board Files Branch truly realize that we are ―serving you‖ and hope that we are meeting your needs when it comes to the professional development of you and your officers. Fellowships – Participating in one of these programs is Please feel free to call me directly if you feel that Ar- a great broadening opportunity to expose our junior mor Branch is not meeting your needs and/or expecta- leaders to a different aspect of our military, and our tions. national government. The fellowship window for post Troop Command assignments is closing fast. If you A lot has occurred since our last newsletter. We have an officer who is interested in the following fel- have seen multiple promotion board results published lowships please contact MAJ Jerry Wood. and the Professor of Military Science board results released. We continue to deal with the changes involv- JCS/OSD/ARSTAF Internship ing CGSC and we truly appreciate your support as we Congressional Fellowship attempt to find the best educational opportunity for each White House Fellowship officer. We are awaiting the Senior Service College Arroyo Center FellowshipINSIDE THIS board results (December) and looking forward to the Olmsted ScholarshipISSUE: Brigade Command Selection board (December) and the results of the Battalion and Brigade Command Selection Army Cyber Command ScholarshipBranch Chief 1-2 Boards (April). We have made it a habit of asking those Information Assurance Scholarship officers who have served on these boards for their com- G-3/5 Harvard Strategist Program ments and recommendations that we can relay to theCOLs’ Desk 3 force. We will discuss many of these insights through- Senior Service College – We anticipate getting the out this newsletter. results of the SSC board in early December. Once the list is published, we will be in contact with those whoLTCs’ Desk 4 Armor Branch has also had an opportunity to make are selected and determine whether or not we need to multiple visits to the force. These visits are critical in discuss a deferment. There are two types of deferments: that they allow us to inform officers ―face to face‖ about policy and discretionary. Policy deferments include:MAJs’ Desk 5 future assignments and promotion/command possibili- CSL/key billet, joint, deployed or deploying (by 1 June ties. We have conducted multiple VTCs and phone 2013) and time on station TOS (by 1 Aug 2013: 12 conferences for those commands who have requested months TOS for CONUS officers; 24 months TOS for them. Bottom line, we stand ready to engage Armor OCONUS officers). Discretionary deferments include:Sr. CPTs’ Desk 6-7 officers whether it is through unit visits, or VTCs, Compassionate (family, medical, wounded), by name phone conversations and emails. We stand ready to requests for nominative positions (IG, XO, G3,…) and support! special programs (USMA, CTCs, PMS, PhD program).Jr. CPTs’ Desk 8-10 Discretionary deferments will require a General Officer Here are some discussion topics: endorsement.LTs’ Desk 10-11 CGSC – Even though we believe we are at the 90% solution when it comes to the next academic year slate, we anticipate changes occurring throughout the year.USAR Desk 12-13 MAJ Bryan Logan is eagerly seeking out slots for CGSC from other branches that are unable to fill them. “Bottom line, we stand ready to We would encourage those officers (YG 1999-2003) who do not currently have a ―resident seat‖ to sign up engage Armor officers whether it for distance learning, but remain flexible to move if a is through unit visits, or VTCs, seat becomes available. phone conversations and emails. We stand ready to support!”
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Armor Branch Chief continued New OERs –A new OER is being vetted and we anticipate Promotion Board/Selection Board the implementation to be 1 December 2013. The major AAR Comments – Multiple questions we receive here at changes include 5 x different OERs that will be based on Branch pertain to promotion and selection boards, more each grade plate, the implementation of a rater profile for specifically, what do board members look for during the the Company and Field Grade Plates, the redefining of 2-3 minutes of a file review as they assess, in some cases, senior rater profile box check options and label techniques 1500 files. Having had the opportunity to interview more specifically adding a fifth box check for LTCs and multiple board members, here are the consistent com- COLs labeled ―highly qualified.‖ Only 10% of the officers ments each of them has made. A board member, in 2-3“We caution rated can be given this box check. minutes, votes on an officer based on the officer‘s photo, ORB, rating chain, duty description, ACOM/COM blockleaders who NTC Visit – We had a great visit to the National Training check, the senior rater‘s profile and finally the senior Center this past spring and appreciate them hosting us. The rater comments. An officer‘s photo is critical and is the National Training Center asked me to let our officers know officer‘s first impression to the board. Look physically are writing that if they wanted to travel TDY to NTC and augment the fit and don‘t wear your Class As. ORBs need to be clear Operations Group as an observer controller or simply con- and concise. Get rid of…‖Incoming personnel‖ and ―AR OERs to duct a ride along, they would welcome the visit. For BDE SQ 04 ARMD RECON 10‖ and make the duty title on XO/S3s and future Battalion Commanders this would be a the ORB simple so that an officer from another branch great way to either prepare for an upcoming rotation or for a can easily determine your unit of assignment (shouldensure they future command without the pressure of being a player unit. read….S3 and 1-5 CAV, 2BDE, 1CD). Avoid using A handful of units have taken advantage of this and the branch or combat arms‘ specific language on your ORB feedback according to COL Calvert, the Commander of the job title. Ask yourself, if an Army Veterinarian looks at understand Operations Group, has been great. my ORB can he/she understand what I do for the Army? Finally, ensure your duty description on your OER the OER Writing – Please feel free to contact us with respect matches the duty title of your ORB; for example avoid to OER writing. On one of our field visits, we encountered scenarios where your OER duty title says ―Battalion Asst a young Troop Commander who wanted to give an officer a S3‖ but your ORB says ―Action Officer.‖ Remember theconsequences ―fully qualified‖ report because he didn‘t know how to use board member has a limited amount of time for your file. a computer despite the fact that he was a great field com- Do what you can to reduce friction and make it easy for mander. We caution leaders who are writing OERs to en- the board member to read and understand your contribu- of their sure they understand the consequences of their comments tions to the Force. With respect to senior rater com- and block checks. Using an OER to teach a lesson or as a ments, enumeration is critical. Saying an officer is ―the comments developmental tool without the proper counseling may end #3 of 34 officers that I senior rate‖ is more powerful than a young promising career. We are available to assist lead- ―within the top 10% of the officers that I rate.‖ Percent- ers at every level when it comes to crafting comments and ages, more times than not, are confusing board members and block giving you our thoughts as to how an evaluation will assist and force them to take an extra step to figure out where or hinder future command and/or promotion opportunities. you truly fall within the senior rater‘s population. Fi- checks.” nally, former board members have confirmed that imma- Assignments – Please continue to touch base with Armor ture profiles are taken into consideration when reviewing Branch 6-9 months prior to your expected move date. Iden- OERs. A COM block check from a senior rater with 7 or tifying your assignment preferences 6-9 months prior to less OERs in his or her profile, with an ACOM write up reassignment gives us plenty of time to attempt to get you is considered an ACOM report, especially if the SR com- the assignment that meets both your professional needs and ments are well enumerated. The new OER will eliminate the needs of the Army. Here at HRC, we operate under 3 x this issue by starting all senior raters with ―5 COMs‖ in manning cycles a year with each of them being 4 x months their profile the day the profile is initiated, but for those long. (OCT-JAN, FEB-MAY, JUN-SEPT). In the first who received an OER from a SR with an immature pro- month of every manning cycle we are already planning the file in the past, understand that the board is instructed to next cycle. For example, in February we will be conducting focus on the SR words and not the block check for imma- the JUN-SEPT manning conference. OCT, FEB and JUN ture profiles. Former board members assure us that is the are great months to contact your assignment officer and case. discuss potential assignments. We at Armor Branch truly appreciate the opportunity Battalion Commanders – Multiple Brigade and Battal- to serve each of you and we take our job very seriously. ion Commanders have sent us notes laying out requests We are looking for the best assignment that places the for their officer‘s next assignments. This is a great TTP right officer in the right position at the right time and we that we find extremely helpful. Within 24-48 hours we are very deliberate in this process. Thank you for what will provide Commanders with potential assignments or available MCCC dates that best meet the unit and the you do to make our Branch better each day. Have a great officer‘s needs. We are also available to provide overall holiday and hope to hear from you soon. assessments of officer performance, as shown in their official record, and lay out what branch sees as potential LTC John Cushing moves so Commanders can be better armed for their Armor Branch Chief counseling sessions. We are here to assist you in provid- (502) 613-6046 (o) DSN: 312 ing the best counsel for your officers. (502) 457– 2309 (c)
  3. 3. VOLUME II, ISSUE I PAGE 3COLs‘ DESK LTC STEVEN BARRYGentlemen, Harvard University, Weatherhead The next three months promise to be eventful since many key Center for International Affairsevents are converging at the same time. Between November and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)January, our office will receive approximately 500 new Colonels Brookings Institutionto our force, conduct SSC slating, prepare files for the BDE CSL Atlantic Councilboard, conduct the CSL slating, develop slates for post-MEL 1 Center for New American Securityfellowships, and produce the draft assignments for all FY13 Center for Strategic & Internationalmovers. Studies (CSIS) Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)Updated Jobs on the Developmental Opportunities Module Joint Center Political & Economic Studies(DOM): United States Institute of Peace (USIP) The DOM is finally updated with the majority of FY13 as- Washington Institute Near East Policy (WINEP)signments available to FY13 movers. If you are a FY13 mover, British High Command Staff College(BHCSC) (Broadeningyou should have received a note from me notifying you that the Opportunity)DOM is loaded with about 80-85% of the open assignments for Kellogg School of Management (FA 57 – proponent, non MEL 1FY13. You can also use the DOM to research frequently asked (Broadening Opportunity)questions about the Senior Leadership Seminar, Retirement, Chief of Staff (CSA), U.S. Army‘s Strategic Studies GroupSSC, and Joint Qualifications. (SSG)(Broadening Opportunity)FY14 MFE Brigade CSL Board: SSC Slating: As a reminder, the MyBoard windows opened on 9 Novem- The SSC select list should be released by HRC in late November/ber and will remain open until 5 December 2012. The board early December. HRC will conduct the slating panel in January. Ifmeets 11-19 December 2012. The Command Preference Desig- you still wish to send in letters of recommendation for SSC slating,nation Window is active from 16 November to 2 December. please do so before 20 December. Send the signed letters in a PDFOERs are due to HRC by 30 November (Complete the Record file directly to me. I will ensure the SSC slating panel receivesOERs must have a through date of 1 September; all other OERS them. HRC should then release the final SSC slating list in theshould reflect the date appropriate for the type of report). Please March 2013 timeframe.consider which categories you compete in carefully and call todiscuss any issues you may have about file preparation or cate- Joint Exercises:gory competition. If you have participated in a named Joint Exercise since 2001, the joint staff will award you up to 12 JQS points for these experiences.Colonel Promotions: An officer is awarded 1, 2, or 3 points for each two-week exercise Congratulations to the 26 AR LTCs selected on the FY12 based on their duty position (respectively: participant, planner,Colonels promotion list! You should have received an email leader). I only need the officer to send me the name of the exercisefrom me already welcoming you into the Colonels force and a they participated in and the dates (I don‘t need OERs, awards, etc.).brief explanation of how assignments work in the Colonels Man- With that information, I can assemble a packet to get you JQSagement Office (COMO). If you did not receive the email, points. In the past month, we have done this for three officers whoplease contact me. Welcome to COMO. were awarded them enough points to become 3A qualified. Even if you are not close to the 36 points required for the 3A ASI, please Academic Year 13-14, Post-MEL1 send me the information as these points add up over time and can be Fellowships: extremely helpful when combined with JQS packet points or when The Army has many fellowship we try to curtail you out of a joint assignment. opportunities that Colonels can apply for as long as they have completed Rumor Control: Senior Service College. I have listed Senior Leader Development has not received any direct guidance the fellowships below and you can about when the next BG Board will occur. When we receive guid- find out more about them under the ance from the CSA, I will send out a note to all Armor Colonels to Self-Development tab on the DOM. make them aware of the board. While we wait for official word, SLD often cannot fill all of these please send any issues to me so I can fix them any file/ORB con- requirements based on Army man- cerns. ning guidance, but I wanted to make you aware of the fellowships. Please COMO Move: contact me if you think you have the Finally, the Colonels Management office has moved locations qualifications and desire to apply. from Rosslyn to Crystal City in Arlington, VA. We are now located The VCSA makes the decision on on the 7th floor (Suite7208) of the Taylor Building, 2530 Crystal which officer will attend most of Drive. It is about a 10 minute walk from the Metro Station. If you these fellowships. However, the are in the DC area, please feel free to stop by or I can meet youCSA makes the final decision on the Council of Foreign Rela- somewhere in the local area. My office number changed, but mytions and CSA SSG Fellows (usually five colonels). We nor- Blackberry number is the same.mally start developing slates for these fellowships in early No-vember. In some instances, I will contact individual officers LTC Steve Barryabout their possible nominations. Colonels‘ Assignment Officer (703)602-8490
  4. 4. PAGE 4LTCs‘ DESK MAJ(P) TIMOTHY BAER Greetings from the LTCs‘ Desk. These first several months have gone quickly as I work to assist you with career management, future assignments, and board prepara- tion. It has been a busy time at the LTC Desk with several boards either releasing their results, currently on going and with more on the horizon. PMS Board. The FY 13 PMS Board results were released on 25 SEP 12 and Amor Branch did exceptionally well. We had 14 principles and 11 alternates selected, which is a great show- ing. Congratulations to all of you and good luck on what will certainly be challenging and rewarding assignments. LTC CSL. The FY 14 LTC CSL process is currently ongoing and we expect the results will be released in APR 13. priority over the other two and in those cases I will work to mini- mize the impact on the individual officer and your family. Senior Service College. The FY 13 SSC process is also in full swing. We expect Exceptional Family Member Program. the initial results to be released in DEC 12. This will be Expired EFMP packets are coming up on a regular basis. EFMP followed in short order by the slating panel whose results is one of the few restrictions that should be released in APR 13. we at branch cannot work COL CSL. The MILPER (12-305) was released on 25 SEP around. If your EFMP is ex- pired, we cannot reassign you “there are times 12 with an amendment (MILPER 12-340) which was re- (unless it is an unaccompanied that the needs of leased on 26 OCT 12. Here are some key dates for this board: assignment) until your packet is updated in the system. The proc- the Army will Board Meets: 11-19 Dec 12 ess to update an EFMP packet have to take pri- OER Thru Date: 1 Sep 12 can take months and we cannot OER received by HRC: 30 Nov 12 put you on assignment until it is ority (in assign- My Board File updated in the system. Please, if ments) over the a. Opens: 9 Nov 12 you have an EFMP, verify that b. Closes: 5 Dec 12 your information is current and if other two (your Command Preference Designation it is getting close to expiring, professional/ a. Opens: 16 Nov 12 update it before it expires. You b. Closes: 2 Dec 12 will save yourself and your fam- career require- ily a lot of frustration when you ments and your Other Topics of Interest. are in limbo to PCS because are waiting for your EFMP informa- preferences)” PCS. tion to be updated in the Army We are currently working on securing the requisitions system. for the 13-032 Manning Cycle (FEB – MAY 13). If you believe you are going to move during this time and we have DA Photos. not discussed this issue, then contact me immediately so we Just a reminder for all you recently or soon-to-be promoted can look into assignment options. LTCs, get a new photo at your new rank, don‘t be the LTC with The next manning cycle that we will begin working after your MAJ photo on your ORB! the New Year will be the 13-03 Cycle which will include all officers available to move between JUN-SEP 13. Over If you have any questions please contact me either by email or the next couple weeks, I will start my initial scrubs of files give me a call. to identify those officers that should be available to move. Once I have that list, I will send those officers an email to MAJ(P) Timothy Baer confirm or deny if they are available to move in order to LTCs‘ Assignment Officer begin the process leading up to the manning conference in (502) 613-6039 which we receive the requisition that we have to fill as a branch. If you feel that you are available to move and you do not receive an email from me by mid-December, please email me and we can confirm your availability status. When it comes to assignments remember that I try to balance they key factors which determine your next assign- ment: needs of the Army, your professional/career require- ments and your preferences. I always work to keep the three of these as balanced as possible. However, in the end there are times that the needs of the Army will have to take
  5. 5. VOLUME II, ISSUE I MAJORS‘ DESK MAJ(P) BRYAN LOGANGentlemen, The past several months have proved to be extremely busy for the Promotion Boards-Field Grade desk. We have finally completed the implementation of YG 97/98 Officers! MILPER 12-369 has been released. Please payALRACT 262 Optimizing ILE and we are now shifting our fires to close attention to the OER close out dates and submission dates to HRC.prepare for the LTC Board, scheduled for FEB 13. I wanted to take this We will begin scrubbing your files next week in preparation for theopportunity to provide you with a short SITREP on whats HOT and board. Do not wait for Branch! Now is the time to review your fileswhere we are headed. and ensure your Photo, ORB, awards, and OERS are current.Whats HOT- The most common shortfalls for officers when it comes to board prepa- CGSC! Command and General Staff College is still my priority. ration continue to be the following:At this point we have completed the slating for all programs through 1) Outdated or inaccurate Photos.FY13. We have released RFOs for the winter programs-CGSC, Red- - Keep a current DA photo on file, in the new Army Servicestone and Belvoir. RFOs for the foreign and sister service schools, Uniform (ASUs). The photo is the first thing a board member will seeRedstone, and Resident CGSC for next summer will be released some- when he/she opens your file. It is the first impression (good or bad)time in JAN 13. If you have not been contacted in reference to a seat-- which could impact the results of how that board member votes on youryou do not have one and should begin working through distance learn- file. Do yourself a favor and take the time to get a new photo in a cleaning. We are experiencing about 50% success rate for enrollment to uniform (ASU) that fits properly with all the proper awards and badges,Common Core for ILE when officers use their ATRRS operators. If with a good hair cut, were unable to register through your unit, please send a note to Mrs. - Do not wear CAV brass for your DA photo.Bussey (FG Tech) and she will work on getting you enrolled through - You must have a new DA photo every five years or yourBranch. We do not need a DA4187, APFT cards etc, just a polite note photo will be removed from your file and will not be visible. We rec-will suffice. If you have not enrolled into DL yet and you are waiting ommend a new photo every two years or within a year of an upcomingfor a magical date-- we highly recommend you do so quickly! We will board so it is current and accurate.soon be hit with a force cap limiting the number of officers that mayenroll and you dont want to be left standing when the music stops. 2) Missing Award Documentation. - Ensure that there are award certificates on file for all theAssignment Discussions- awards you have earned to include CAB, airborne and air assault We are still working through the process of available assignments for badges. Your photo should match what is reflected on your ORB andthis cycle (13-02, JAN-MAY) and we hope to be complete with this should also match the certificates in your OMPF. If all three of theseprocess in early December. Officers that believe they are moving in this match, then your file is straight.period have already been contacted and we will be sending out availableassignments as soon we receive them. For those officers that are con- 3) Missing College Degree Transcripts.ducting distance learning for the common core-- you do not have to be - There are a large number of officers that are missing theircomplete before you PCS to your key developmental assignment. The undergraduate and/or masters transcripts. Look at your OMPF and if13-03 assignment cycle (JUN-SEP13): We will start running queries you dont see it, send a scanned copy and well get it added.for available movers in JAN 13 for this cycle. This includes the officerscurrently in CGSC at Fort Leavenworth, KS moving to their KD assign- Check your ORB and OMPF regularly for accuracy and complete-ment as well. ness and submit updates and cor- rections as needed; this will make it much easier come board time to ensure your file represents you in the best way possible. Lastly, thanks for everything you do. Feel free to call or write at anytime should you have ques- tions regarding your career. MAJ(P) Bryan Logan Majors‘ Assignment Officer (502)613-6042 PAGE 5
  6. 6. SENIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK MAJ JERRY WOOD JR. Team, I hope this finds you in great spirits. I have enjoyed visiting with several of you over the past few months, and look forward to meet- ing many more of you in the near future. You are still doing a great job and we have a few outstanding Armor Officers who are break- ing ground while serving as Company Commanders in the Old Guard and the Ranger Training Brigade. We also have another officer set to take command of an elite Pathfinder Company. You are doing an extraordinary job, and are representing yourselves and our branch very well! IPERMS: After scrubbing the FY 2013 Major Board files, we realized that we are hurting in the ―taking care of ourselves‖ arena. Many of us are not properly maintaining our personal documents, or our Officer Masters Degrees: Record Briefs. A bit of guidance, update both your IPERMS and Although, the Armor Branch is not offered Advanced Civil your Officer Record Briefs after each deployment, and quarterly Schooling slots, we encourage you to begin to explore options of thereafter. You never know when you are being considered for a obtaining a graduate degree. Our research is new, but we are start- nominative assignment, or being recommended to a unit for future ing to see a high correlation between officers with graduate degrees employment. Remember, as assignment officers we are your agents, and those selected for promotion and future command. We believe but if we cannot market you-we will not market you. You will be that a graduate degree is important to your competiveness and op- overlooked for a great assignment because of an outdated DA Photo portunities for future advancement. However, having a graduate or an outdated Officer Record Brief. degree is not a guarantee that you will be promoted or selected for *If you are a COHORT YG 2005 or 2006 officer, you should have future command-how well you perform will always be the deciding your board file updated and ready to go before the board members factor. NLT July 2013. If you are deploying, or if you are going to be in a location where you are unable to update your file when the board We recommend that you think of ways to obtain your graduate file opens- update your file before you leave. Please do not wait degree while either attending the Command and General Staff Col- until the last minute. lege (CGSC), or during your post command assignment. If you are Also, I have received a lot of calls referencing S-1s not being selected for CGSC, you can obtain a graduate degree while attend- able to perform certain updates. I have confirmed that many of the ing a sister-service CGSC. When you attend a sister-service CGSC rights needed for an officer to update his IPERMS or Board File are program, you will obtain a graduate degree in conjunction with given to the Squadron S-1 or the Brigade S-1. The only item that is completing the course. If you attend Army‘s CGSC, you will have restricted to Assignment Officers is the ability to update Regimental the option of obtaining your graduate degree while attending night Affiliations. Please send your approved Regimental Affiliation and/or weekend courses from universities such as Kansas State requests to us. University, Central Michigan University, and many more. You can also obtain a graduate degree through one of the ASI R7: Army‘s many fellowships/internships, or by using Tuition Assis- Yes, if you are a graduate of the Scout Platoon Leader, Scout tance/ Montgomery GI Bill/ Post 9-11 GI Bill while attending night Leader, or the Army Reconnaissance Course you are entitled to the and weekend courses during your post command assignment. Addition Skill Identifier of R7. The ASI is only awarded to Troop- ers who graduated from one of the three courses conducted at Fort Fellowships: Knox, Kentucky or Fort Benning, Georgia. An ASI is not awarded It is fellowship season! If you are interested in competing for a for the Cavalry Leader‘s Course, or the Army Reconnaissance and fellowship program, now is your time prepare and submit your Surveillance Leader‘s Course. packets. Participating in a fellowship is a great broadening opportu- Your local S-1 or PSB will be able to update your Officer Record nity and a great experience that will expose you to a different aspect Brief with this new ASI after 01 November, 2012. of the Military. However, the application process has changed. All packets are due in January/February instead of March. DA 4187s along with fellowship packets will be submitted directly to Mr. Strout. However, please furnish me with a courtesy copy of your packet. Also, if you are interested in a fellowship, but do not think that you fully qualify for the program, please give us a call. For most programs, there are academic and GRE waivers that can be utilized. For many of the fellowships your overall performance (especially in command) will trump low GPA. Here is of list of programs currently being competed this cycle: JCS/OSD/ARSTAF Internship Congressional Fellowship White House Fellowship Arroyo Center Fellowship Olmsted Scholarship Army Cyber Command Scholarship PAGE 6
  7. 7. PAGE 7 SENIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK (continued) Training Centers: Broadening Opportunities Program (BOP) Milestone Dates: Serving as an Observer Trainer is a great Senior Captain Assignment. Here are the milestones for this year‘s selection process: Few assignments prepare you better for your stint as a successful 1. 15 November 2012 -Candidates last day to submit their request Operations or Executive Officer-the most important assignment of to compete to LDD for the CSA-SSG Program. your early career. Also, an Observer Trainer assignment affords you 2. 07 December 2012 -Candidates last day to submit their request the opportunity to reblue Decisive Action (DA) fundamentals as DA to compete to LDD for the White House Fellowship Program. becomes our top training priority. 3. 10 December 2012-Last day to receive CSA-SSG Program Things that I have learn while sitting on the desk: Selection Panel applications from candidates. P.I.E. - Performance, Intellect, and Exposure. Officers continue to 4. 14 December 2012-Candidates last day to submit their request ask me, ―what do I need to do to be successful after my Troop/ to compete to LDD for the IASP. Company command, and how do I increase my chances of being 5. 15 December 2012 -Last day to receive required documents selected for a Centralized Selection List command?‖ My response is- from approved White House Fellowship Candidates. CSA-SSG Pro- it is as easy as P.I.E. gram applications due to SSG. Performance - Everything is important, but I argue that your per- 6. 11 January 2013-Candidates last day to submit their request to formance is the most important. If you are not performing well you compete to LDD, for the Harvard Strategist Program; Army Regional will eventually stagnate, and will leave the Army or Armor Branch Fellowship; and Arroyo Center Fellowship. Last day to receive IASP due to frustration or as a two time non-select. However, if you per- Selection Panel applications from candidates. Last day White House form well (well enumerated OERs) you will do well and the great Fellowship applications will be accepted by the Presidents Commis- jobs will eventually be afforded to you. How well you do in com- sion on White House Fellowships. mand will determine the post command assignments that are offered 7. 20 January 2013-Slate of approved candidates and their appli- to you. cation is submitted to the sponsor of the IASP. *Note-The only common denominator among Armor‘s best and 8. 30 January 2013-Last day to receive the Selection Panel appli- brightest is their ability to perform despite the job or circumstances. cations for the Arroyo Center Fellowship; Regional Fellowship; and Intellect - ―Either you got it or you don‘t,‖ is not applicable here. the Harvard Strategist Program. Continue to improve your craft (enough said). I understand that you 9. 31 January 2013-Candidates last day to submit their request to are busy, but figure out a way to read every day and exercise your compete to LDD for the Congressional Fellowship; Downing Schol- cognitive skills. arship; Olmsted Scholarship; JCS/OSD/ARSTAF Internship; and Exposure - Experiencing assignments and environments away from Army Cyber Command Scholarship Programs. the line. An example of exposure is serving a Senior Leader as an 10. 08 February 2013 -Slate of approved candidates and their Aide-de-Camp or Executive Officer, participating in a fellowship or application is submitted to the sponsor of the Arroyo Center Fellow- scholarship, or serving in various broadening assignments. Exposure ship, and the G-3/5 Harvard Strategist Program for selection of fel- to how the Army, an Inter-agency, and/or the Federal Government lows/scholars. work will broaden you immensely. However, if you are not perform- 11. 15 February 2013 -Last day to receive Selection Panel appli- ing well (Performance) and you are not staying current on your craft cations for Congressional Fellowship; Downing Scholarship; Olm- and emerging doctrine (Intellect) you will limit your broadening and sted Scholarship; JCS/OSD/ARSTAF Internship; and Cyber Com- exposure opportunities. mand Scholarship Programs. Remember, as a senior captain and junior major your reputation 12. 22 February 2013-Slate of approved candidates and their begins and will precede you for the rest of your career. Begin to application is submitted to the sponsor of the Army Cyber Command shape and strengthen your P.I.E. while serving in your post command assignment. Scholarship Program for selection of fellows/scholars. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 13. 01 February 2013 through 10 May 2013 -Packets are pre- Thank you. pared for selection panels. 14. 13 May 2013 through 17 May 2013-Selection panels con- MAJ Jerry Wood Jr. vene for the Army Congressional Fellowship; Downing Scholarship; Senior Captains‘ Assignment Officer JCS/OSD/ARSTAF Internship; Olmsted Scholarship; and Regional (502)613-6044 Fellowship Programs. 15. August 2013-Selection of fellows/scholars announced.
  8. 8. Important Career Management Links Armor Branch Website: HRC Tools with all of these links: iPERMS/OMPF: My Board File: My ORB: Joint Policy Branch: IWRS (Check the Status of an OER): MILPER Messages: DAPMIS (DA Photos): CAPTAINS’ DESK MAJ DERRICK MURRAYMarine Expeditionary Warfare School (MEWS) APR 07 2014 - SEP 17 2014 Armor branch is now accepting applications to the Marine Expedi- MAY 27 2014 - NOV 06 2014tionary Warfare School (MEWS). MEWS, an Army Career Course JUL 08 2014 - DEC 19 2014equivalent, is a nine-month course providing professional military edu- SEP 08 2014 - MAR 06 2015cation with emphasis on combined arms operations, warfighting skills,and tactical decision-making. The overall focus of this schools educa- Junior Officer Broadening Assignment (JOBA)tion is the development of the students communication skills and lead- JOBA assignments are opportunities prior to your attendance toership abilities. The application is a DA Form 4187 with your Battalion the MCCC. Officers must serve a minimum of 18 months at yourCommanders endorsement for attendance in JUL/2013. Submit all current duty station to be eligible to PCS with a time on station4187s via email to All applications are waiver.due by 9 JAN 2013. JOBA assignment allows Officers to broaden their Army experi- ence and provides family stability in a non deploying unit for 12 toManeuver Captains Career Course (MCCC) 18 months. Following the completion of the JOBA assignment, Offi- YG 2009 officers are the priority for MCCC attendance in 2013. cers will attend MCCC and PCS to a follow-on unit for another com-Seats frequently open in the course so call (502)-613-6045 if you have a pany command opportunity. When considering the units for applica-reservation but are interested in earlier attendance. I will verify if space tion, identify your needs and consider what environment will helpis available, but a DA Form 4187 with your Battalion Commanders prepare you for Com-endorsement will be required for a date change. pany Command while also allowing you toMCCC dates are listed below for FY13 and FY14 classes. take a break following FEB 25 2013 - AUG 06 2013 your deployment. APR 15 2013 - SEP 25 2013 Other JOBA assign- MAY 28 2013 - NOV 07 2013 ment considerations JUN 24 2013 - DEC 06 2013 include family con- SEP 03 2013 - MAR 04 2014 cerns such as EFMP OCT 28 2013 - APR 24 2014 or MACP. JAN 07 2014 - JUN 19 2014 FEB 18 2014 - JUL 30 2014 PAGE 8
  9. 9. JUNIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK (continued) * ITB: Serve in a variety of are more than welcome to bring your spouse jobs ranging from OCS in- to one or both sessions, as it is an important structor where you will train decision for both you and your family. We and commission officer candi- will talk over your priorities: deployment/non dates for all branches of the -deployment, geographic location, family Army to Basic Training Com- concerns, platform (H/S/IBCTs), short com- pany Commander where you mand queue, etc. During the interview I will will be responsible for train- weigh your personal priorities with the needs ing Soldiers in basic combat of the Army and offer some recommendations and Armor-specific skills in for you and your family. Since adopting this order to provide combat-ready approach, 9 times out of 10 we are slating Soldiers and leaders to the officers with one of their top five choices. operational Army. However, there are times that I have manda- * BOLC/OCS: Educate, tory deployment assignments or command There are a variety of assignments avail- train, and inspire current/future Armor Lieu- positions that need to be filled. We will also able that allow you to meet your needs while tenants for follow on assignments. discuss the opportunities for follow on also filling critical Army requirements. They * Ranger Training Brigade (http:// schools. This is done in the same way: priority are broken into the following categories: versus availability. If the slot is there for the Serve as a platoon tactical trainer who is school you wish to attend and we can justify 1) AC/RC: Utilization of active component responsible for training critical combat arms attendance you will attend that school. Soldiers to ensure the training and readiness related functional skills to develop the ranger of the Reserve Component Units. These jobs students ability to lead small unit operations MAJ Derrick Murray are generally reserved for senior CPTs, but in close combat. Junior Captains‘ Assignment Officer opportunities periodically exist for this unique and rewarding assignment. (502)613-6045 Assignment Process at MCCC I will conduct a branch brief and personal 2) FT Benning Assignments (most prevalent), interviews with every officer at MCCC. You Fort Rucker, Fort Sill & Fort Jackson:PAGE 9
  10. 10. JUNIOR CAPTAINS’ DESK PAGE 10 (continued) LIEUTENANTS’ DESK CPT Thomas Spolizino In light of recent developments within our Army, decreasing selection rates and increas- ing competition, it is more important than ever to start actively managing your career at the low- est level. With that in mind, you owe it to yourself to think through your long term goals, develop“Branch strives a realistic timeline that will get you to those goals and work to make it happen. You have nu- merous resources to help you out: Your COC. They know you and hopefully your goals, skills, strengths and weaknesses. to help each They can best advise you on your goals and timeline and help you develop. DA PAM 600-3 Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Manage- officer with ment, Chapter 10. This regulation lays out what Branch and the Army expect you to do at cer- tain points in your career. This document should be utilized to place Key and Developmental their career, assignments on your timeline, as these are by far the most important in your career. The branch website. You can find timeline tools, as well as a huge number of resources but YOU are to help you research and figure out where you want to go in the Army. Your assignment officer. Do not be afraid to call us with any questions. You may not your best like the answer we give, but we will do all we can to impart realism into your goals, timelines and plans as well as provide you with options you may not have known existed. It is our job to career help you out, so don‘t worry about bothering us, call with your question. With that in mind, branch strives to help each officer with their career, but YOU are manager.” your best career manager, the more knowledge you have and the earlier you start thinking about the Army as a career, the better off you will be in the long run.
  11. 11. LIEUTENANTS’ DESK (continued) Fiscal Year 2012 Captains Board Update Junior Officer Broadening Assignments The FY‘12 Captains List was released in August and In an effort to ―re-blue‖ TRADOC, AR branch is look- AR Branch saw a 93.8% selection rate. While that ing for Lieutenants with solid files to fill positions in sounds very high, it does mean there were nearly 30 offi- TRADOC units, (Basic Training, MCOE, etc). cers not selected and shows a definite decrease from last If you are interested in doing something different and year‘s 99% selection rate. are looking for an excellent developmental experience: This board has shown that officers with any kind of 1. Talk to you chain of command and get their en- ―negative‖ information in their file, no matter how minor, dorsement, the first thing your assignment officer at are at risk. Things like GOMARs, Article 15s and Relief branch will ask you is what your COC thinks. for Cause OERs were of course issues, but things like 2. Make sure your timeline supports the move. You referred OERs and ―Fully Qualified‖ senior rater block should plan on attending MCCC in Year Group plus four checks are also discriminators. (YG‘10 officers should be going in 2014) and any PCS If you are being considered by a board and have one or move requires you to be on station for two years before more of the things listed above, I strongly recommend moving again. you contact branch and have a realistic discussion about 3. Contact your assignment officer. We will talk you your chances. through the options and if it makes sense we will consider you for these types of assignments. FY’10 Officers 4. YG 2009 officers should take a look at the JR CPTsAR branch saw a If you have a date of rank to First Lieu- section of this newsletter and consider a JOBA assign- tenant between 1 April 2011 and 31 March ment prior to the career course. 93.8% selection 2012, you should start scrubbing your file This is the only realistic way you will PCS as a Lieu- for next year‘s board. You may have al- tenant other than to MCCC. rate to CPT, ready received an email from me aboutnoticeably higher some issues in your file, but I will lay out Officers in Korea and Deactivating Units some common pitfalls below: If you are in Korea or you are tracking that your unit is than the Army 1. College Transcripts: You are re- deactivating, you should contact branch six months from quired to have your college transcripts your DEROS or deactivation date. This will ensure that Average of uploaded into your OMPF and your de- we can have a realistic dialog about your next assignment 92.5%. gree posted in Section VII of your ORB preferences. We understand that most of you want to get before you can be promoted to CPT. to deploying units. Please understand that we will do what 2. DA Photo: The DA photo is literally the first thing we can, but that may not always be an option. Always ask a board sees. If your photo is substandard, this will be about schools in route to your next duty assignment, espe- your first impression for the rest of the board. Make sure cially ARC —we will accommodate when possible. your uniform fits properly, you have a haircut, all of your awards are present and in the right order, you are not Branch Detailed Officers wearing unit awards you didn‘t earn, and you are not If you are branch detailed into AR from another wearing Cavalry brass. Armor is your official branch. Branch, you should make contact with both AR and your basic branch no later than 6 months from your expiration 3. AER/DA1059: If you went to a school that issued date. It is possible to stay Armor, but the process takes you a AER/DA1059 (BOLC, ARC, etc) that form should some time so let us know ASAP. be in your OMPF. Please do not hesitate to call and ask questions re- 4. Ensure your Dates and Duty Assignments in Section garding your career or general branch/Army questions. IX read exactly like your OERs. We are here to assist you. Start looking at your file early and get your Chain of Command as well as your S1 to help you out. Contact CPT Thomas Spolizino Mr. Earvin Gathright Armor Branch with questions. We will scrub your file 1LTs‘ Assignments 2LTs‘ Assignments before the board, but nobody will take better care of your (502)613-6040 (502)613-6035 records than you. PAGE 11 ARMOR BRANCH NEWSLETTER
  12. 12. USAR DESK CPT Matthew Mount AGR Assignment Considerations: - You must meet height/weight standards and have passed an APFT within While we always try to accommodate Officers while determin- six months of application. ing their assignment, it is not always possible. It is inevitable that some- - Your MEDPROS must show an HIV within 24 months of the requested body will get a position that they did not want. In order to clarify how we tour start date. match up Officers and assignments, we have listed our priorities below. - Your MEDPROS must show a PHA within 12 months of the requested tour Priorities for assignment are (1) Needs of the Army, (2) Professional start date. Development, (3) Personal Preference. In determining assignments we - You must have at minimum a Secret Security Clearance. must consider the following: - You cannot exceed the 1095 Rule which precludes more than 1,095 days of - The Office of the Chief Army Reserve priorities Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS) within a 1,460-day period. - Our vacancies and realignments during the Overlay - Your AO will require several documents for the submission of your WIAS - Deployment cycles packet to include, a current Biographical Summary, a signed 30 waiver/ - 01A availability volunteer statement, a completed and signed DA 7349 (Medical Form), and - AGR Manning Conference/cycle copies of all previous orders (ADOS, CO-ADO, MOB). - Officers abilities and experiences Contact your AO for additional information. To inquire about other potential mobilization/deployments, first go Mandatory Removal Date: through your TPU chain of command to volunteer. If you are an IMA or IRR Pay attention to your Mandatory officer, go to the below website to look at tour opportunities. Keep in mind Removal Date (MRD). Your MRD is the first of that if you are a TPU officer and interested in going on a mobilization offered “While we the month, 28 years from your commissioning at the below link, you will first need to be transferred to the IRR. Website: (oath) date. For instance, the MRD of an officer always try to with an oath date of 12 December 1997 is com- puted as 1 January 2026, providing the officer has 20procedures IRR Annual Training: accommodate no breaks in service. However, if you are a two- time pass over for MAJ or LTC, then your MRD If you are in the IRR and intend/plan on performing an Annual Training, you must send your request to HRC at least 45 days prior to the Officers while is computed as 20 years from oath date for a CPT, and 24 years from oath date as a MAJ. For requested start date. example, a Major who is a two-time pass over for determining LTC with an oath date of 2 July 1990 will have PHAs: an MRD of 1 August 2014. Ensure your PHA is updated annually. Failure to update your their If you have close to 15 years of Ac- PHA in a timely manner may result in delays in promotion and school seat denials. tive Federal Service (AFS) and think you mayassignment, it is reach 18 years AFS by your MRD, contact us LTC APL Board Observations: immediately to request completion of a DA Form not always 1506 (active duty points calculation) for you. If you do not fall into this category (close to 15 While reviewing files for Officers that are going to be considered for promotion to LTC at this upcoming LTC APL board, we discovered that around 50% were military educationally qualified for promotion (complete possible.” years AFS) and would like a DA Form 1506 completed, let us know, however priority for with ILE or CGSC). If you are a Major and do not have 50% CGSC or ILE- preparation of 1506s are officers with close to 15 Common Core complete, your board file will be marked as non-qualified and years AFS (both AGR and non-AGR officers). you will not be considered by the board for promotion. AGR Birth Month Audits: RC MCCC: It is imperative that AGR officers conduct birth month audits Resident phases II and IV have a limited number of seats, there- with their unit administrator. Birth month audits consist of a yearly check fore it is imperative that you get a seat sooner than later. Note: If, 30 days (preferably on your birthday) of your ORB and documents located in your prior to a class starting, there are still seats available, those seats are turned iPERMS to ensure that everything is up to date. If it needs to be updated, over to the ARNG. The seats for RC MCCC referenced here are under the officers assigned to below the line units need to get their ORB updated by HRC quota source (RP). At this time, there are no DL phases for MCCC. their TPU Major Subordinate Command (MSC), Soldier Readiness Proc- Completion of Resident phases II and IV will be considered course complete essing Center, or servicing Regional Support Command. Officers assigned until further notice. AGR officers must attend the resident MCCC unless they to above the line units get their ORB updated by contacting us here at receive a waiver from DA G1. HRC. Likewise, documents that need to be added to iPERMS are proc- Medical Readiness: essed by the same organization that updates your ORB. In order to attend the MCCC (both AGR and RC MCCC), you will need a physical (PHA) and HIV test within the past year and you cannot Company Command Selection Boards: have any medical issues, such as a 3 in your PULHES, be flagged for medi- Company Command Selection Boards (for both AGR and non- cal, or going through a medical board. AGR) are not being held at HRC. They are held at United States Army Reserve Command (USARC). Inquire through your chain of command for RFO Process: more information/guidance. Contrary to popular belief, Assignment Officers (AOs) cannot arbitrarily cut RFOs. Each individual officers circumstances must be consid- WIAS (Mobilization) Tours: ered with each assignment. For example, it will take longer for HRC to proc- WIAS Tours come available from time to time. The vast ma- ess an RFO of an officer in a joint billet with an exceptional family member jority of them at this time are 365 day deployments to Afghanistan in that has requested break stabilization, than an officer without those caveats. support of Active Duty Forces. Please contact me if you are interested in This is due to the fact that different offices within, and sometimes outside of, fulfilling one of these assignments. The following are items of considera- HRC must concur with the assignment instructions. tion: PAGE 12
  13. 13. USAR DESK (continued) At a minimum, the AO will examine and approve each RFO. For 4. Every office identified must concur for the RFO to move forward. more complex assignments, the Branch Chief, MFE Director, or OPMD 5. Upon final approval, the AO can release the RFO. Leadership may be involved, in addition to multiple other agencies as dic- (RC) RFO Process AGR Program tated by the type of position or special instruction. As you consider the num- 1. The Assignment Officer (AO) projects future vacancies based on TOS, and ber of US Army Officers managed at HRC, you quickly realize the large notifies officers approximately 180 days before orders are to be published. number of electronically examined RFOs that key leaders must approve 2. Proposed assignments are forwarded to the Senior Professional Manage- every day. ment Advisor (SPMA) for recommendations. Depending on the size of the population and number of officers moved dur- 3. Once the position for the officer is identified, a Reserve Electronic Assign- ing an assignment cycle, each AO typically has 20-50 RFOs pending at any ment Coordination (REAC) packet is produced. This packet contains, at a given time. The process may be time consuming, however in every situation minimum, your ORB and last three OERs. the AO must examine and validate every factor of your pending assignment 4. Each packet is reviewed by the AO and the Branch Chief. Nominative or and ensure all policy guidelines governing the RFO process are met. complex assignments will require coordination and consent with all agencies (RC) The RFO Process concerned. Reserve Transfers 5. Assignment Instructions (AI) are entered into AGRMIS. Approximately 5 1. The RFO is processed in AORS by the AO for IRR-IMA, IMA-IRR and days after the AI is generated, AGRMIS allows orders to be cut. IMA-IMA transfers from the DA Form 4651-R. 6. Orders are sent to the officer. 2. The RFO is then approved in AORS and the order is published. The RFO Process for IRR to WIAS Tours Please feel free to contact Ms. Laura Hahne or myself on any 1. The RFO is processed by the HRC Reserve Mobilization Operations office questions you may have at the phone numbers below. (AC) The RFO Process 1. The AO builds the assignment instructions in TOPMIS against a valid CPT Matt Mount requisition. USAR Assignments 2. AO provides the 5Ws of the PCS, attaches all documentation required (502)613-6072 (SECDEF waiver, EFMP approval, etc.) and submits for staffing. 3. TOPMIS identifies each officer/person that must concur with the assign- ment based on officer‗s information in TOP-MIS. CONTACTS PAGE 13