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6 Jan 2012 1ID Division Post

  1. 1. HOME OF THE BIG RED ONE THE 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION POST 1DivPost.com FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2012 Vol. 3, No. 52  FORT RILEY, KAN. WinterIN BRIEF New year, new life Correction: In the Dec. 23 1stInfantry Division Post on page 2,the story, “Army regulation re-quires post solicitors to obtain per-mit stated that Families in on-posthousing are permitted to have yardsales. While Families are permitted drivingto do so, Picerne Military Housing,the contractor who manages on-post housing, has certain regula-tions regarding yard sales. requires Private yard or garage sales inFamily housing areas are limited tothe first Saturday of each month.Residents should request authori- cautionzation for a different day by con- By Pamela Redfordtacting their neighborhood office. 1ST INF. DIV. POSTResidents are responsible for get-ting instructions from the neigh- Although Fort Riley has already seenborhood office for locations and some snow, there are still plenty of op-methods of posting and removal portunities to winterize your vehicle toof sale signs. The resale of home- give you more confidence behind thebased business items at yard sales is wheel, according to Dawn Douglas,prohibited. safety and occupation health specialist, Garrison Safety Office. The Tricare Service Center Under severe winter weather condi-will operate under new hours. tions, Douglas said the first questionThe center will be open from 7:30 that drivers should ask themselves is,a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through “Do I really have to be driving rightFriday. For more information, call now?”785-239-7000 “We want vehicles off the road if Financial Peace University class- the weather is really bad,” Douglases are beginning soon. Three classes said, adding if it is possible to wait orare currently schedule, so options consolidate trips to reduce time on theare available. Tuesday evening road, drivers should seriously considerclasses will start Jan. 10. Thursday holding off.morning classes will start Jan 12. TOP LEFT: Spc. Michael Beasley, 1st Bn., 18th Inf. Regt., leans in for a photo while wife, Sarah, If it is absolutely necessary to driveSaturday morning classes will start holds their new son, Braylon, born Jan. 2 at Geary Community Hospital in Junction City. Bray- out in winter weather, planning aheadFeb. 4. For more information or to lon was the first baby born at the hospital in the new year. Sharing the moment with the to allow extra time is crucial, Douglassign up, call ACS at 785-239-9425. parents are Certified Nurse Midwife Terrah Stroda, left, who delivered Braylon, and Deb said. A 15-minute trip is going to take Jacobsen, right, the attending registered nurse. Mike Heronemus | DAILY UNION at least 30 minutes, so drivers should The Geary County Fish and BOTTOM LEFT: Denia Marshall, left, and Staff Sgt. Lenny Marshall, 287th MP Co., 97th MP give themselves at least another 15 min-Game Association is collecting Bn., 89th MP Bde., right, welcome their son Kejriyon Leeontae Marshall, center, at 3:58 a.m. utes of cushion time for unexpectedreal Christmas tree and wreaths Jan. 1 at IACH. IACH’s first baby of the year weighed in at six pounds, 12 ounces and is 19 driving conditions or traffic, she said.to be used for wildlife habitats inches long. COURTESY PHOTO “We want to make sure that peoplein the area. Collection continues BOTTOM RIGHT: Kaarin Lund, left, and her husband, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Christopher are giving themselves enough time be-until 9 a.m. Jan. 14. Trees and Lund, 2nd GSAB, 1st Avn. Regt., CAB, right, hold their daughter, Emelia Grace Lund, who was cause the biggest cause of accidents iswreaths, without decorations, can born at IACH at 3:34 p.m. Jan. 1. IACH’s first baby girl of the year weighed six pounds, 10 driver and discipline; they’re driving toobe dropped off at any time at the ounces and is 18.5 inches long. COURTESY OF EMILY MAHAN-RIGGS fast for the road conditions – and nor-intersection of 14th and Jackson mally they’re driving too fast becausestreets. The Fort Riley Tax Center will Soldiers welcome new year with newborns they’re running late,” she said. “They didn’t give themselves enough time to get to their destination with weatheropen its door to customers Jan. considerations; now they’re late; now19 in Building 7034 at the corner By Mike Heronemus of baby necessities and a couple The tank mechanic, who is as- they’re speeding and now they’re caus-of Normandy and Bullard Street JUNCTION CITY DAILY UNION of stuffed animals donated by the signed to the 1st Battalion, 18th ing accidents. “to prepare 2009, 2010 and 2011 hospital in recognition of having Infantry Regiment, 2nd Heavy And just because drivers aren’tfederal tax returns. The tax center It was the first (of 2012) for the first baby born at the hospital Brigade Combat Team, 1st In- speeding doesn’t mean they are safe.will also prepare state tax returns as Geary Community Hospital, but in the new year. fantry Division, returned from Going at least five miles slower than thea courtesy when completing your the third for Spc. Michael and Sar- The couple, who lives at Fort deployment to Iraq in November. posted speed limit may not be enough,federal return. ah Beasley – a baby. A 2012 New Riley, has two other children: Kae- The Family had been at Fort Riley Douglas pointed out; so you might ac- Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to Year’s baby, to be exact. lyn, 4, and Haylee, 2, but Braylon only about three months before he tually need to drive slower than that,6 p.m. Monday through Friday and Braylon Allen Beasley was born is their first child since Michael deployed. she said.9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays. Walk- Jan. 2 at the Martha K. Hoover joined the Army. The couple met in high school Fort Riley accomplished 387 daysins appointments are welcome, but Women’s Health Center in Junc- He said the couple hadn’t really after Sarah moved from her home without a privately owned vehicle fa-appointments are encouraged. You tion City. He was a hefty deliv- decided on a name for their future in Maryville, Tenn., to Richmond, tality – but that all changed Dec. 20can make an appointment either ery, weighing in at 9 pounds and son when they moved to Fort Ri- Va., where Michael was attending when a 25-year-old Soldier was killedin person or by calling 785-239- stretching to 21 inches. ley, but they eventually decided on high school. in his POV on the way back to post.1040. Appointments will be avail- Daddy was holding Braylon Braylon because, Michael said, he Braylon’s grandparents are Terri Douglas said even though he’d done aable Monday through Friday only. when hospital officials arrived at had never heard of anyone named and Mark Watson of Maryville, travel risk planning system assessment,Saturdays are strictly walk-in days. about 10:15 a.m. Jan. 2 to pres- Braylon, and he wanted a unique Tenn., and Fred and Trina Beasley ent the Family with a basket full name for their son. of Richmond. See WINTER DRIVING, page 7 A warrant officer recruitingteam from the U.S. Army Re-cruiting Command will be at Lt. Col. Christo-Fort Riley Feb. 7 to 8 to conduct pher Kidd, com-briefings. Briefings will be at 10 mander, 2nd Bn.,a.m. and 2 p.m. in Building 8388 34th Armor Regt.,on Armistead Street. For more left, and Com-information, call Chief Warrant mand Sgt. Maj.Officer 3 Michael A. Grinter at John McDwyer,502-626-0458 or michael.grinter@ command ser-usarec.army.mil. More information geant major, 2ndalso can be found at www.usarec. Bn., 34th Armorarmy.mil/hq/warrant. Regt., case their unit’s colors in a Fort Riley residents and per- transfer of author-sonnel are reminded to call 911 ity ceremony Dec.in the event of an emergency. The 23 with the 3rdMilitary Police number, 785-239- Sqdn., 71st Cav.MPMP (6767), should only be Sgt. Melissa Stewart | TF SPARTAN Regt., at FOBused in non-emergency situations. Sarkari Karez. in Lt. Col. Mike Katona, commander, 4th Sqdn., 4th Cav. Regt., left, Kandahar Prov- and Command Sgt. Maj. Charles Cook, command sergeant major, ince, Afghanistan. 4th Sqdn., 4th Cav. Regt., right, case the unit guidon at a trans-SAFETY HOLIDAY fer of authority ceremony Jan. 3 at FOB Pasab in Kandahar Prov- Sgt. Melissa Stewart ince, Afghanistan. By casing the unit colors, they have officiallyAs of Thursday, Jan. 5, TF SPARTAN transferred authority to Soldiers in 5th Bn., 20th Inf. Regt., and016 ended the unit’s deployment.days have passed since the ‘Dreadnaughts’ hand over ‘Pale Riders’ transfer controllast vehicular fatality on FortRiley. With 95 more, the postwill celebrate with a safety authority of Sarkari Karez of Pasab to ‘Sykes’ Regulars’holiday to take place at each By Sgt. Melissa Stewart emony, the outgoing unit cases its col- By Sgt. Melissa Stewart which is currently deployed to theunit’s discretion. TF SPARTAN PUBLIC AFFAIRS ors, symbolizing the end of their time TF SPARTAN PUBLIC AFFAIRS birthplace of the Taliban in southern in Afghanistan. Afghanistan. For the past 10 months, KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Af- Commander Lt. Col. Christopher KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Af- Soldiers with the 4th Sqdn., 4th Cav. The next USAG Resilience ghanistan – Soldiers with the 2nd J. Kidd and Command Sgt. Maj. ghanistan – “Sykes’ Regulars” Sol- Regt. have adapted their fighting Day Off will be: Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, 1st John McDwyer, 2nd Bn., 34th Armor diers with the 5th Battalion, 20th techniques to fit the mission in Zha- Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Regt., cased their unit’s colors dur- Infantry Regiment, assumed com- ray District, Afghanistan, through Infantry Division, passed responsibil- ing the ceremony. After the 2nd Bn., mand of one of the most kinetic areas multiple air assaults, dismounted JAN. ity of Forward Operating Base Sarkari 34th Armor Regt.’s colors were cased, in Afghanistan Jan. 3 from the 4th combat operations and a partnership Karez and the surrounding battle space the 3rd Sqdn., 71st Cav. Regt., 10th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st with Afghan National Army Soldiers. 13 to the Soldiers of the 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment Dec. 23. In a transfer of authority ceremony, the departing unit forms up behind Mountain Division, 3rd Brigade Com- bat Team officially assumed command of Sarkari Karez in Kandahar Province. Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st In- fantry Division, at Forward Operat- ing Base Pasab in Kandahar Province. The “Pale Riders” fell under “What was originally a heavy (cavalry) squadron, adapted, over- came and transformed into a light, the guidon or unit colors. In the cer- See SARKARI KAREZ, page 8 Combined Task Force Spartan, See PASAB, page 8 1DivPost.com
  2. 2. 2 | JANUARY 6, 2012 HOME OF THE BIG RED ONEDPW employee has ‘Snowburst’ down to exact scienceBy Pamela Redford the four levels of Snowburst the “The faster we arrive, the SNOWBURST LEVEL ACTIONS ROAD STATUS1ST INF. DIV. POST garrison commander activates faster we get on the roads. If we When it comes to clearing – one representing minimal impact and four implying es- get out there fast enough, before the traffic, we try to have the I. Spot icing/snow dusting Light spot sanding Green | No safety threat to the public due to weather conditions Amber | Difficult to hazardous roadroads of snow and ice during sential services only – DPW will roads open by approximately 3extreme winter weather condi-tions, Burton Shepherd, roads act based on information in the road condition report from the or 4 a.m. for incoming traffic,” Shepherd said. II. Light icing/packed snow Focus on bridges conditions. Roads are icy or snow packed, but clearing operations are making roads passableand grounds supervisor for FortRiley’s Directorate of PublicWorks for the past 31 years, has Fort Riley Operations Center, Shepherd said. DPW also works with the FROC to activate contrac- III. Icing/snow up to 2” Plow and grader call-up Red | Most intersections present difficult or no stopping conditions. Weather forecast calls for continued precipitation with below freezing “It all depends on mother tor clean up at child develop-the process of handling morethan 440 lane miles of roads, nature, how severe the storm is, how bad the roads are and how ment centers, Child, Youth and School Services, the Water IV. Sustained icing/snow above 2” All available assets temperatures. Clearing operations have not kept priority number one roads passable. Road Closed | Restriction of all vehicle trafficparking lots, range roads and the much snow we think will come,” Treatment Plant facilities andairfield down to a science. Shepherd said. “That affects the the Medical and Dental Activity snowfall, however, they will Shepherd said, recalling it’s been who live off post have enough Shepherd works in one of size (of the) crew we bring out.” facilities. Picerne Military Hous- need more equipment and man- a few years since Fort Riley has time to safely commute to Fort21 difference agencies involved Using about 1,000 tons of ing is responsible for clearing all power, and it will usually take a experienced a level four. Riley is a good reason for sacri-in providing critical services to sand and salt mixture per major Family housing areas of snow full five business days to recover. But when the weather report ficing the comforts of home, heFort Riley during a “Snowburst” Snowburst event, as many as 33 and ice. With a major Snowburst of looks “gnarly,” Shepherd said he said.operation – the process of coor- drivers and operators bring out Shepherd said given a minor 10 inches or more, all available sometimes has to put in more “You’ve got to think aboutdinating all activities conducted seven to 12 plow trucks, up to snowfall, like the precipitation assets will be used, and DPW than the normal day shift. those people. They’ve got toon the installation related to re- four scoop loaders and six road Fort Riley had the week before will help to clear additional areas “When it gets real bad, I travel through the road condi-action and recovery before, dur- graders during two 16.5-hour Christmas, DPW can be pretty on post, like the motor pools. come in and camp in the office,” tions, and that’s what takes time.ing and after a storm. shifts until Fort Riley’s roads are well squared away within a cou- That would take longer than Shepherd said. Being able to get Safety – that’s the most impor- Depending on which one of green again. ple days. With a four- to 6-inch a week to fully recoup from, on the phone early so employees tant part,” Shepherd said.Riley AT office reminds postto report suspicious activityBy Dena O’Dell The eight signs of terror- crossing, impersonation of1ST INF. DIV. POST ism can include: law enforcement officers, mil- • Surveillance – Someone itary personnel or company Fort Riley’s Antiterror- recording or monitoring ac- employees.ism Office is gearing up for tivities, which may include • Rehearsal – Putting peo-its second quarter theme, the use of cameras, note tak- ple in a position and moving“Suspicious Activity Report- ing, drawing diagrams, an- them around according toing,” which reminds Soldiers, notating on maps or using their plan without actuallyFamilies and Department of binoculars or other vision- committing the terrorist act.the Army civilians to report enhancing devices. An element of this activitysuspicious activity to thwart • Elicitation – People or also could include mappingpotential terrorist attacks. organizations attempting to out routes and determining “The main purpose is gain information about mili- the timing of traffic lights andto focus all the efforts with tary operations, capabilities flows.our civilian workforce, Fam- or people, which can be made • Deployment – People Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Troth | CABily members and our military through mail, email, tele- and supplies getting into posi- Lt. Col. Edward Vedder, commander, 1st ARB, 1st Avn. Regt., disembarks the air-members into a heightened phone or in person. tion to commit the act. At this craft after his last flight in the new Apache Block III helicopter at Boeing’s facil-awareness and vigilance to • Tests of security – Any step, this is the last chance for ity in Mesa, Ariz.prevent and protect the Fort attempts to measure reaction anyone who sees this type ofRiley community and all ourcritical resources from anyacts of terrorism – whether times to security breaches, at- tempts to penetrate physical security barriers or monitor activity to alert authorities be- fore the terrorist act occurs. Along with pre-existing CAB 1st Army unit to receive fleet of Block III Apachesit be international or more procedures in order to assess ways to report suspicious ac-of a domestic home-grown strengths and weaknesses. tivity – by calling the AT of-extremist,” said Chris Hallen- • Funding – Suspicious fice at 785-239-6303/6044 orbeck, Fort Riley AT specialist. transactions involving large 1-800-CALL-SPY; Fort Riley Suspicious activity on post cash payments, deposits or Police Department at 785- By Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Troth pilots get 28 hours of academ- nity to come out here and learncan include, but is not limited withdraws, which are com- 239-MPMP (6767); or by CAB PUBLIC AFFAIRS ics, 24 hours in the new simula- and see everything; get to seeto: People drawing or measur- mon signs of terrorist fund- email at rile.iwatch@conus. tor and eight and a half hours the other side where the aircrafting buildings; strangers asking ing. Collections for dona- army.mil – anyone who sees A new helicopter is coming flying time in the Block III he- came from,” said Chief Warrantquestions about security or tions, solicitation for money something out of the ordinary to the block. The 1st Attack licopter. Maintenance test pilots Officer 2 Shawn Witt. “You getbuilding security procedures; and criminal activity also are on post also can now use a Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st get an additional 22 hours of to see the people behind thebriefcases, backpacks, suit- warning signs. mobile device to scan a QR Aviation Regiment, Combat academics and three additional scenes, who put in a lot of timecases or packages left behind; • Supplies – Purchasing or code located on any iWATCH Aviation Brigade, 1st Infantry hours in the aircraft. and energy, so that we can havecars or trucks left in “No stealing explosives, weapons flyer to instantly access the Division, is the first unit in the “The training is packed into this piece of equipment in orderParking” zones; intruders in or ammunition, which also suspicious activity report on Army to have its entire fleet of a busy three-week schedule,” to do our job.”secured areas where they are can include acquiring mili- the iWATCH page. AH-64 Apache Longbow heli- said Shawn Hopan, training The new Apache has a cou-not supposed to be; a person tary uniforms, decals, flight Those reporting suspicious copters replaced with the com- lead, Boeing Apache program ple added features which willwearing clothes that are too manuals, passes, badges or the activity should report when prehensively upgraded Apache manager’s office. “We only train allow Witt and other Apachebig or too hot for the weather; equipment to manufacture the activity occurred; what the Block III, beginning in Febru- currently qualified Apache pi- pilots to do their job in inclem-people asking questions about such items and any controlled type of activity was; where it ary. lots.” ent weather. The helicopterssensitive information; or items. occurred; what was seen; how “There are new components Even for the experienced pi- now have the capability to flysomeone purchasing supplies • Impersonation – People many people were involved; to the aircraft. There is a new lots like Vedder, who has flown in weather conditions that pre-or equipment that can be used who don’t seem to belong how many vehicles were in- head tracker, a new helmet and Apaches since 1995, the new viously would have groundedto make bombs or weapons, in the workplace, neighbor- volved; and, if pictures were new flight pages,” said Lt. Col. Block III took some getting them.as well as someone purchasing hood, business establishment taken of the suspicious activ- Edward Vedder, commander, used to, he said. “In the past, if we had touniforms without having the or anywhere else. This also ity, they should be provided to 1st ARB, 1st Avn. Regt. “It “A Block II, it has a certain get somewhere, we had to waitproper credentials. can include suspicious border the reporting agency as well. takes some getting used to.” level of power when you pick for the weather to clear. Now The Apache Block III incor- it up. This is totally different,” we have capability, much like porates 26 new technologies de- said Vedder, who has flown in the (UH-60) Black Hawks and CRIME REPORT RECENT RESULTS OF COURTS-MARTIAL AT FORT RILEY signed to enhance the aircraft’s capabilities. It has received an all three predecessors – the AH- 64A and the AH-64D Long- (CH-47) Chinooks, to launch aircraft and fly in the clouds,” updated communication sys- bow – Block I and block II – to Vedder said. “The Block III tem, engine, transmission and the Block III. “When you pick has an instrument package thatOn Dec. 20, 2011, Spc. Regiment, 2nd Heavy and using K2, one drive shaft. The rotor blades this aircraft up, you are going rivals a 747. It is fantastic andJustin Bailey, Brigade Combat Team, specification of failing also have been reworked to to immediately feel the power very intuitive to fly.”Headquarters and 1st Inf. Div., was tried at to obey a lawful general make them more efficient and difference, and when you go But the new Apache has theHeadquarters Company, a General Court-Martial regulation by wrongfully produce more lift. into forward flight, it wants to ability to do something the 7472nd Battalion, 16th and was found guilty of driving a privately owned “It doesn’t take additional go about 150 MPH. It has a lot cannot.Infantry Regiment, 4th one specification of vehicle, one skills to fly it, but the aircraft is of power, and by far, the most “The Block III is able toInfantry Brigade Combat absent without leave, specification of driving significantly different,” Vedder powerful and most impressive communicate with unmannedTeam, 1st Infantry two specifications of drunk, one specification said. of them all.” aircraft; the pilots are able to seeDivision, was tried at a willfully disobeying a of unlawfully striking aGeneral Court-Martial lawful command from person on the torso with Because of these differ- While at the Mesa facil- the UAV’s video,” Hopan said.and was found guilty of his superior a closed hand, one ences, pilots with the 1st ARB, ity, the pilots not only became “To my knowledge, no otherone specification of commissioned officer, specification of 1st Avn. Regt., are going back qualified on the new Apache, aircraft has this capability.”knowingly possessing one specification of transporting in a vehicle to school and receiving three but also got to meet the Boeing “Teaming up with the UAVchild pornography and failing to obey a lawful upon a highway or weeks of training at Boeing’s fa- people who designed and are is essentially another aircraft outone specification of general regulation by street an open alcoholic cility in Mesa, Ariz., where the building the aircraft.knowingly possessing failing to register his beverage, and two aircraft is manufactured. The “It is an excellent opportu- See CAB, page 8child erotica. The privately owned weapon, specifications ofmilitary judge sentenced one specification of unlawfully carrying on or TRAFFIC REPORTBailey to be confined for failing to obey a lawful about his person a13 months and to be general regulation by concealed weapon, to CLOSURES to facilitate Estes ACP Trooper/Henry: 24/7discharged from the wrongfully transporting wit: a handgun. The closure. Rifle Range: 5 a.m. toservice with a bad- a loaded privately owned military judge sentenced Estes Access Control 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 to 8conduct discharge. firearm in his vehicle, Gillum to be confined for Point is closed for about ACP HOURS OF p.m., Monday to Friday, one specification of 15 months and to be 12 to 18 months for OPERATION closed on federalOn Dec. 21, 2011, Spc. failing to obey a lawful discharged from the major construction. holidaysDavid Gillum, 1st general regulation by service with a bad- Traffic will be re-routed The Directorate of Estes: ClosedBattalion, 18th Infantry wrongfully possessing conduct Discharge. to Four Corners on Emergency Services 12th Street: 5 a.m. to 7 Vinton School Road. Rifle would like to bring p.m., Monday to Friday Range Access Control attention to the Grant: 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., Cruise On In HOUSE FILL AD Point is open from 5 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and from 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., available access control points for normal and federal holiday hours. Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays, closed Sundays and on TO THE CLASSIFIEDS Monday through Friday, Four Corners/Ogden/ federal holidays. 222 W. Sixth St. • (785) 762-5000 Family owned business since 1983 Custom Embroidery Assemble Your Troops and Assault the Outlet Today Custom Screen Printing Custom Art Reg. Guidons & Minis www.collegeheightsbaptist.org www.militaryoutlet.com The Soldier’s Store 115 E. 7th St. • Junction City, Kansas • 66441 • 762-3081 HOurs: MOn-Fri 9 - 6 & sAT 9 - 5 785-238-2050 • 785- 238-3497 (FAX) • 722 n. WAsHingTOn www.screenmachinesports.com
  3. 3. HOME OF THE BIG RED ONE JANUARY 6, 2012 | 3 NCOs: The Backbone of America’s ArmyLESSONS IN LEADERSHIPArmy leaders should model themselves after field manual definitionBy Sgt 1st Class Nathaniel York ship includes by doing whatever it takes to are, where they come from and strong role models for younger Mentoring Soldiers into1ST BN., 5TH FA REGT. striving to do get the job done. As a leader, it what makes them tick. This Soldiers. A successful leader leaders will help increase the your best in is necessary to create camarade- involves setting aside time to is one that not only leads, but success of the leader becauseT he Army Field Manual every mission rie, cohesion and trust within get to know them, writing up builds and empowers other it improves their unit’s ability 6-22 states, “An ideal and task given, your unit. One way to do this counseling statements pertain- leaders. When you are a good to successfully perform a wide Army leader has strong regardless of is to participate with them in ing to good performances, as leader, it shows in your troops. variety of tasks. You cannotintellect, physical presence, who it im- completing tasks. This allows well as bad, and acknowledging When a leader’s focus is be a successful leader withoutprofessional competence, high pacts. Soldiers to see that you are their contributions by writing dedicated to the completion Soldiers willing to follow andmoral character and serves as a For ex- Sgt. 1st Class not too good or too important up awards when warranted. of tasks and taking care of trust you. In a large part, it is Yorkrole model.” ample, leaders to work on the same level to One type of leadership Soldiers, over time, this type the Soldiers that make you a Modeling good leadership should work complete the mission. This style is not going to work for of experience will strengthen successful leader.behaviors allows Soldiers the hard by maxing physical fitness shows Soldiers respect, which a whole platoon, and know- them as leaders. This allows It also is important to noteopportunity to develop as lead- tests and being knowledgeable will build their respect of you ing the Soldiers allows a leader the leader to more efficiently the more you shine as a gooders. Successful leadership in- on all Army standards and in return. to tailor their leadership style and effectively accomplish leader, the more tasks youvolves an ability to accomplish policies. Leaders must main- Another key to successful to more effectively work with tasks and take care of Soldiers. will be given. There is only sothe mission and dedication to tain competence in their field leadership is taking care of Sol- those Soldiers. By mentoring, Good Soldiers look for strong much one Soldier can handletaking care of Soldiers. and live by the Army values to diers. To do this, a leader must training and guiding Soldiers leaders and gravitate to them. at one time. That is the reason One of the keys to success- be good models. Leaders also know their Soldiers – not just to accomplish their missions Successful leaders are those that it is so critical to model leader-ful leadership is being compe- must be willing to perform their name, rank and social se- and tasks, they will become become leaders to all Soldiers, ship and develop multipletent to accomplish the mission. tasks outside of their personal curity number. A leader needs better Soldiers and better not just to those to which they effective leaders, so tasks can beBeing a good model for leader- military occupational specialty to know who their Soldiers leaders. They will then serve as are assigned. spread out. Maj. Gen. William Mayville, 1st Inf. Div. and Fort Riley commandinggeneral, awards Spc. JonathanMcCormick, 3rd AHB, 1st Avn. Regt., CAB, the Command Sgt. Maj. William Wooldridge Leadership Award Dec. 16 at BarlowTheater. Phillips was one of more than 50 Soldiers who completed the two-week course designed to 4TH IBCT prepare them Command Sgt. Maj. Matthew McCready, WLC commandant, congratulates the to be NCOs. graduates of the Warrior Leader Course, Class 703-12. McCready served as the commandant for the Dec. 16 graduation ceremony honoring the more than 50 junior enlisted Soldiers who completed the course. 4TH IBCT More than 50 Soldiers pass Warrior Leadership Course By Stephanie Hoff them advice on how to prop- sonal courage, commitment 1ST INF. DIV. PUBLIC AFFAIRS erly serve the Soldiers they will and individual condition in soon lead as NCOs. what they have learned. The 1st Infantry Division The course requires the Sol- Before the class received its and Fort Riley honored its diers to successfully complete diplomas, two graduates were future leaders Dec. 16 at the two weeks of training in areas recognized for their exception- post’s Barlow Theater by con- including leadership, military al performances throughout gratulating more than 50 Sol- values, war-fighting skills and the course. diers for their successful com- physical fitness training. Spc. Cameron Phillips, pletion of the Warrior Leader Lessons the junior enlisted 601st Aviation Support Bat- Course, Class 703-12. Soldiers learn throughout the talion, 1st Aviation Regiment, The course is designed to two weeks helps to prepare the Combat Aviation Brigade, prepare Soldiers to become Soldiers for a career as a NCO was awarded the Sgt. 1st Class the noncommissioned officers by teaching them basic warrior Francis R. Webb Distinguished who will continue to lead by tasks, including combat opera- Honor Graduate and Spc. Jon- the examples shown to them tions in an occupied area, how athan McCormick, 3rd Assault by their course instructors. to give commands, how to lead Helicopter Battalion, 1st Avia- Command Sgt. Maj. Mat- a squad in various environ- tion Regiment, CAB, received thew McCready, WLC com- ments, management skills and the Command Sgt. Maj. Wil- mandant, congratulated the much more that made each liam Wooldridge Leadership graduates, as well as provided Soldier demonstrate their per- Award.
  4. 4. 4 | JANUARY 6, 2012 HOME OF THE BIG RED ONENew workspace streamlines PEBLO FACES OF IACH Irwin Army Community Hospital’s goals are to provide health care for warriors, military Families and retirees; support theBy Katherine Rosario leaders and commanders who “The caseload amount has “We normally send our Sol- deployment of medically ready forces; andIACH PUBLIC AFFAIRS need to contact PEBLOs. since decreased to 40 cases per diers up to the fourth floor of remain agile to meet diverse requirements. “If, for example, 4th (Infan- every PEBLO and allows PEB- the hospital, but with the in- One IACH employee who assists in The Physical Evaluation try) Brigade (Combat Team) LOs to give each Soldier’s case flux of cases and the extra load accomplishing that mission is spotlightedBoard liaison officers at Irwin has 129 cases, then we have the attention it requires,” he on the doctors up there, it just each week.Army Community Hospital four PEBLOs all in one build- said, adding the reduced case- made sense to send them to the STAFF SGT. DAVID WALKER Staff Sgt.recently relocated into a com- ing working on those cases. It’s load allows cases to be submit- VA, where they have the same Walker NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER INmon workspace that allows better for the Soldier, unit and ted quicker. resources to help us get the CHARGE OF ORTHOPEDICSSoldiers going through the section to always know who Last year, 340 cases were Soldiers through the process Hometown: Wichita, Kan.Medical Evaluation Board pro- they need to contact should submitted through IDES, he quicker,” Rivera said.cess easier access to their as- they have a question,” Rivera said. Since June 2011, IACH Along with the PEBLO Start date at IACH: Jan. 9, 2009signed case manager. said. has submitted more than move, the MEB Clinic, which Years in area of specialty: Nine years The PEBLOs and lawyers The brigade-centered teams 1,200 cases. changed its name to the IDES What do you like most aboutwho assist Soldiers throughout are similar to IACH’s patient- To help speed up the pro- Clinic, moved from its first working for IACH? “I enjoy thetheir MEB process relocated to centered medical home teams, cess of backlogged cases, West- floor office Jan. 4 to the second people here, and for the most part,the 671 series portables behind he said, and offer continu- ern Region Medical Command floor of the hospital and is now everyone is friendly.”the hospital. ity throughout the Integrated sent a team of narrative writers occupying the space originally What should patients know about you? “I enjoy “We used to be split up be- Disability Evaluation System to IACH for 12 weeks this past used by the MEB selection helping people in any way I can.”tween the main hospital and process. fall to help complete the sum- team. How are you dedicated to wellness and inspiringBuilding 610. We were divided During the PEBLO hiring maries required for each Sol- The move brings the narra- trust? “I am a people person, and I strive to beand the functionality didn’t phase, cases transferred be- dier in the IDES process. tive summary writers together the most complete, fully rounded person I can be.work,” said Mark Rivera, PE- tween PEBLOs often resulted “The team wrote 129 sum- in one space, rather than scat- I smile and speak to people, and most the time, itBLO supervisor. in Soldiers being assigned dif- maries that averaged five to tered throughout the hospital, is contagious. For a person without goodness is a person lost.” It took 10 months to get ferent case managers on a reoc- six pages a piece and greatly Rivera said.the new offices ready, and so curring basis. reduced the backlog and extra The staff is starting to seefar, the move has been well re- “We understand that this workload,” Rivera said. signs of stabilization in theceived, he said. “We are more efficient and may have caused some frustra- tion with the Soldiers, but we Soldiers also were bussed each day for a month to To- process, he said. “Where we only submitted IRWINFORMATIONself-sufficient, and we don’t only transferred their cases to peka’s VA hospital to com- 340 cases in Fiscal Year 2010,have to rely on as many depart- better serve them,” Rivera said. plete their examinations to in the past three months, we “If the post has a two- has not changed. Patientsments in the hospital for help,” “Now they have a PEBLO who help eliminate the backlog at have submitted 163 cases,” Ri- hour delay because of also can check the IrwinRivera said. can handle the caseload and IACH. vera said. “We can successfully weather, should I still Army Community Hospi- The co-location and recent give them the individual atten- About 120 Soldiers were meet the established standards come in for my appoint- tal’s Facebook page for theaddition of PEBLOs allowed tion they deserve.” seen at the VA, where all for processing medical boards ment?” most up-to-date informa-for a realignment of how PEB- IACH is now staffed with medical claims in the Soldier’s and get the Soldiers on their tion on hospital operations.LOs take on new cases, he said. 29 PEBLOS with three more medical record were looked at way, either back into the fight- When a two-hour delay If you believe you will notCases are now split up by bri- expected to come on board in during daylong appointments, ing force or out into civilian is issued at Fort Riley, it be able to safely drive togade to make it easier for unit the new year, he said. he said. life sooner.” doesn’t necessarily mean the your appointment, please hospital also is operating on call the appointment line at a delayed schedule. Make 785-239-DOCS (3627) toSTRESS RELIEF sure to call the clinic your cancel and reschedule your appointment is in to verify appointment. Always makeA vacation does the mind, body soul good your appointment time safety your first priority. If you have a question for IrwINformation, send it to IACHInformation@amedd.army.mil or call 785-239-8414.By Sharon D. Ayala life, planning their life and do- Sadly, some people are • Vacations stave off burn-WRMC STRATEGIC ing things.” simply reluctant to take time out. Workers who take regularCOMMUNICATION AND EXECUTIVE But in today’s technological- off because they feel a sense of time to relax are less likely to BEAT THE FLUSERVICES ly advanced world, it is nearly obligation to the job. experience burnout, making impossible to ignore the Black- “We all know that if some- them more creative and produc- Tricare offers vaccines forI n today’s fast-paced work berry and its luring sounds. thing happens, the Army is tive. environment, Americans are “We’re all guilty of it, but going to go on,” Edwards said. • Vacations can keep us working harder and longercan ultimately take a toll on a we’re in that age where evenhours, which, if left unchecked, though we’re home, we’re still on our Blackberry, we’re still “There’s no emergency that’s going to happen to cause the world to stop, and as much healthy. Taking regular time off to recharge your batteries, thereby keeping stress levels influenza, pneumoniaperson’s physical and emotional checking our Blackberry, still as we don’t want to believe it, lower, can keep you healthier. By Tyler Patterson diseases. Be sure to visit www.health. looking at our Blackberry and there will be someone to step in • Vacations promote overall TRIWEST HEALTHCARE ALLIANCE tricare.mil/vaccines to see the Taking a vacation or even still responding to our Black- and take our place when we’re well-being. One study found full list. Ijust a few days off every month berry,” Edwards said. gone.” that three days after vacation, t’s flu season, and you Once you’ve made thecan make a huge difference in The solution is simple – And, there are conse- subjects’ physical complaints, know what that means: decision to get the shot,a person’s attitude, energy level turn it off, he said. quences to not adhering to their quality of sleep and mood time for your flu shot. finding a network retailand physical appearance. In “You got to have that time self-care measures. According had improved as compared to You probably already knew pharmacy couldn’t be easier.fact, behavioral health experts where you say ‘I’m officially on to Edwards, not recognizing before vacation. These gains Tricare covers seasonal flu, Find a pharmacy online orhighly recommend taking regu- vacation and officially off my or simply ignoring the signs were still present five weeks H1N1 flu and pneumonia call 1-877-363-1303. You’lllar vacations and time off to Blackberry or laptop, and I’m of emotional exhaustion and later, especially in those who vaccines at retail pharma- also want to get in touch withrefresh, regroup and re-energize not going to worry about work, burnout can have negative ef- had more personal time and cies. And you probably also the pharmacy itself to makethe body, soul and mind. but instead focus on myself and fects on a person’s physical and overall satisfaction during their knew that Tricare covers those sure it actually carries the shot “You’ve got to have that my Family,’” Edwards said. emotional health. vacations. vaccines at 100 percent, with you need.time away from work where For individuals who just Some of the physical signs • Vacations can strengthen no co-pay. Combined, thatyou essentially give yourself, can’t take a week or two off that a person may need to take bonds with loved ones. Spend- means you and your Family EVEN MORE NOand allow yourself, permission because of the level of respon- some time off from work might ing time enjoying life with can get any of those shots at CO-PAY BENEFITSto not worry about work,” said sibility associated with their include fatigue, restlessness and loved ones can keep relation- any retail pharmacy in the Don’t forget, vaccinationsDr. Lawrence Edwards, chief, position, Edwards said there are dark circles and/or bags under ships strong, helping you Tricare network. It’s conve- aren’t the only no co-pay pre-Behavioral Health, Western other options available. their eyes. enjoy the good times more and nient and there’s no co-pay. ventive care benefits. TricareRegional Medical Command. “Take a day once a month, “They may also find them- helping you through the stress So how can the benefit get covers most recommended To fully take advantage of or a day or two once a quar- selves being short-tempered, of the hard times. any better? health screenings, too. Checkthat advice, Edwards said indi- ter – even consider giving irritable and hard to stay on • Vacations can help with It’s a tough question, but out TriWest’s Screening Guideviduals must make a concerted yourself a three-day weekend,” task without getting really job performance. The psycho- one Tricare’s got an answer to see what screenings areeffort to disengage themselves he said. “The military has Days frustrated,” Edwards explained. logical benefits that come with for: they’ve added more vac- recommended for you. Keepfrom work and instead engage of non-scheduled activities, or “In the military, we may see more frequent vacations lead cines to the list. in mind while the care itself isin other activities. DONSA, so we know there’s people being insubordinate to increased quality of life and covered, you may still need to For the chronic workaholics a three- or four-day weekend with the people they work with, can lead to increased quality of EXPANDED pay a cost share or co-pay forwho rarely take a break from coming every month. So, if you perhaps saying things that they work on the job. VACCINATION the office visit. Check yourthe office, the idea of not being can take that time off, take it.” otherwise wouldn’t have said.” • Vacations relieve stress in COVERAGE Tricare plan for details.at work for one or two weeks According to a 2009 On the other hand, some of lasting ways. It should come as Now, in addition to flu While you’re online, youcan be a frightening thought. National Public Radio story, the immediate and long-term no surprise vacations that in- and pneumonia vaccines, you also should visit www.tricare. “That’s the challenge,” Europeans embrace the idea benefits of taking regular vaca- clude plenty of free time bring also can head to any Tricare- mil/homedelivery and findEdwards said. “When you tell of taking a vacation almost tions and time off could have a stress relief, but research shows network retail pharmacy out how to have 90 days ofpeople they have two weeks to religiously. In countries like dramatic impact on one’s work a good vacation can lead to the to get immunized against most generic prescriptiondo nothing, that’s almost devas- Germany, the United Kingdom performance and their psycho- experience of fewer stressful measles, mumps, shingles drugs delivered right to yourtating for them,” he said. and the Netherlands, employers logical and physical health. days at least five weeks later. and many other preventable door, with no co-pay. For these people, Edwards are required to provide up to Below are some additional So, if you have been think-said, “I advise them to have 20 days of paid leave. Ameri- benefits of taking a vacation: ing about taking some timeone or two planned days to do cans, on the other hand, get an • Vacations promote creativ- off from work, don’t wait anysomething fun, and then have average of 12 days every year. A ity. A good vacation can help longer. Remember, when youanother day or two where they study conducted by the Familiesdo nothing,” he said. “So this and Work Institute found that us to reconnect with ourselves, operating as a vehicle for self- give your mind and body a break from the stresses of work, LL CA AY HOUSE FILL AD 76 50 2- 00 Dway, they at least feel that they less than half of U.S. employees discovery and helping us get you return to work refreshed, TOare somewhat in charge of their take the full vacation. back to feeling our best. rejuvenated and re-energized. x NatioNal award wiNNiNg theatre YOU HAVE THE POWER an evening of laughter, slapstick, • Open enrollment; 8-week terms WON’T JUST and multiple projectiles! • Acceptance of military training and credits • Approved for TA/VA benefits SETTLE FOR • Financial aid available GREAT. When you find out you need the best, it’s good to know that you already have it. Our spray-on truck bedliners and protective coatings are engineered to work overtime. 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