15 FEB 2012 1HBCT Weekly News Update


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15 February 2012 1HBCT Weekly News Update, please pass along to Soldiers, Family and Friends of 1HBCT. You can always stay up to date with local events by going to 1st Infantry Division page at http://www.riley.army.mil/default.aspx or if you are having issues reading this you can click on this link to read the weekly news. http://www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?unit=1bct. And we are always up and posting new information on FaceBook! Join us on the Official 1HBCT FaceBook Page at www.facebook.com/1HBCTDEVILBRIGADE?v=wall&ref-sgm

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15 FEB 2012 1HBCT Weekly News Update

  1. 1. 15 February 2012 1HBCT Weekly News Update, please pass along to Soldiers, Family and Friends of1HBCT. You can always stay up to date with local events by going to 1st Infantry Division page athttp://www.riley.army.mil/default.aspx or if you are having issues reading this you can click on this linkto read the weekly news. http://www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?unit=1bct. And we are always upand posting new information on FaceBook! Join us on the Official 1HBCT FaceBook Page atwww.facebook.com/1HBCTDEVILBRIGADE?v=wall&ref-sgmPost offers several options for receiving severe weather alerts: Fort Riley has several means forSoldiers, Family members, civilians, retirees and other community members to learn of severe weather
  2. 2. advisories and updates, current road conditions, closures, early releases, late arrivals and communicatormessages. They include: ONLINE: To view weather updates online, visit www.riley.army.mil and clickon the “Advisories (Road Closures and Delays” link on the top left of the page. Local weather also isavailable by clicking on the "Weather" link on the top left of the page. BY PHONE: To receive updatesvia telephone, call the automated communicator board at 785-239-3700 or toll free 866-562-7319. BYTEXT: Through an emergency alert service, AtHoc, subscribers can receive up-to-the minute updatesinstantly on their cell phones via text message. For instructions on how to subscribe to AtHoc, visitwww.riley.army.mil and click on the “Advisories (Road Closures and Delays” link on the top left of thepage. Instructions can be found in a link under "Related Items." Account set up requires a CAC card. ButFamily members may contact a Family readiness group liaison for a sign-up form if Soldier is deployedand unable to set up alerts for him/herself or his/her Family. Subscribe to AtHoc text messaging forsevere weather alerts: At your work PC (on post only), Any Department of Defense computer withdual common access card readers, Laptop kiosks located at : Army Community Service, Building 7264,Replacement Company, Building 208, In-processing, Building 210, ID Card Center, Building 212, SoldierReadiness Processing; Building 7673. BY TELEVISION/RADIO: Updates can be heard/seen on: Radio:Angel 95 - 95.3, Clay Center Radio - 100.9 FM, KJCK - 1420 AM and 97.5 FM, KQLA - 103.5, KMKF - 101.5K-Rock, KXBZ- 104.7 Hot Country, KSAL- 1150 AM, KSAL - 98.5 Oldies Radio, KBLS - Sunny 102.5, WIBWRadio - 580 AM. Television: WIBW, Kansas First News, KWCH (Wichita), KAKE (Wichita), KSN (Wichita).For updates of on-post schools: Stay in the know and out of the snow with Unified School District 475Geary County Schools – With winter weather here, its important to remain informed on any schoolclosing and late start due to inclement winter weather. USD 475 offers text alerts about emergencyschool announcements by enrolling in its free text messaging service. To enroll, visithttp://my.textcaster.com/ServePopup.aspx?id=1290. For updates in the local community: Sign upprocesses for emergency notifications are available for Riley county at www.rileycountyks.gov andGeary county at ks-geary.manatron.com or by calling 866-894-5474. For information on how toprepare for any emergency, including severe weather, visit www.ready.army.milFeeling like you need to talk to someone??? Did you know that Military One Source provides over thephone opportunities to talk with a counselor… check out their website. Military OneSourcewww.militaryonesource.mil Military OneSource supports every phase of military life includingdeployment, parenting, financial management, education, child care, spouse employment, moving, andmore. For immediate help 24/7 call 1-800-342-9647. Staff Development Day - No school for grades K-12 on FridayFebruary 17, 2012.
  3. 3. Fort Riley Custer Hill Golf Course Update - Presidents Day Feb. 20; Custer Hill Golf Course will be openfrom 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Presidents’ Day Feb. 20. Social media misuse punishable under UCMJ: February 9, 2012 By CherylRodewig FORT BENNING, Ga. (Feb. 9, 2012) -- Soldiers who use social media must abide by the termsoutlined in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. "Commenting, posting or linking to material thatviolates the UCMJ or basic rules of Soldier conduct is prohibited," said Staff Sgt. Dale Sweetnam of theOnline and Social Media Division, Office of the Chief of Public Affairs. "Talking negatively aboutsupervisors or releasing sensitive information is punishable under the UCMJ. Its never appropriate to bedisrespectful of superior officers or NCOs (noncommissioned officers), no matter if youre in thecompany area or posting to FaceBook at your desk at home." Five articles in the UCMJ deal specificallydifferent aspects of inappropriate behavior in public. They are Articles 88, 89, 91, 133 and 134. "It isimportant that all Soldiers know that once they log on to a social media platform, they still represent theArmy," Sweetnam said. "The best way to think about it is, if you wouldnt say it in formation or to yourleaders face, dont say it online." The specified articles cover contempt toward officials, disrespecttoward superiors, insubordinate conduct toward superiors and conduct unbecoming of an officer and agentleman. Examples of this last include posting an obscene photo or linking to inappropriate material.Article 134 is a general article covering offenses such as disloyal statements and anything to theprejudice of good order. "Probably the most common example of an inappropriate post is a Soldiertalking negatively about a superior," Sweetnam said. "Some Soldiers think that once they go home andput on civilian clothes they are free to vent on social media platforms. Thats just not the case. You dontstop being a Soldier at the end of the duty day." But its not only about being respectful. Operationalsecurity is another consideration. "Soldiers using social media need to know that the enemy iswatching," Sweetnam said. "Releasing sensitive information on social media platforms can put Soldiersand their families in harms way. You have to be careful. Acting disrespectful and damaging thereputation of the Army on FaceBook is no different than acting inappropriately in the local shopping
  4. 4. mall. Soldiers are expected to conduct themselves appropriately no matter where they are, includingsocial media platforms." Determining how to punish or reprimand Soldiers for social media misuse is upto command leadership, he said. "Every case is handled on an individual basis," said Fort BenningsCapt. Steve Szymanski, Senior Trial Counsel with the Criminal Law Division of the Office of the StaffJudge Advocate. "If a Soldier has committed a violation under the UCMJ, the punishment can rangeanywhere from a letter of reprimand to an Article 15 and up to a court-martial, depending on theseverity of the violation." Social media has some unique aspects as compared with traditionalinterpersonal relations. Though it may be more difficult for the command to monitor something postedon a website than something stated in the units area of operations, Szymanski said, the effect of postingin the digital world can be far-reaching. "Just because you delete it, doesnt mean 1,000 people haventalready seen it," he said. Szymanski suggested that Soldiers should pause and ask themselves threequestions before posting something of a dubious nature. "Would this be perceived by my commanderand or the general public as something a Soldier should or should not do?" "Does it comport with theArmy Values?" "Would it be of a nature to bring discredit upon myself, my unit or the Army?" Soldiersare still free to express themselves through social media based on their First Amendment rights,Szymanski said. However, Soldiers should be aware that they are subject to the UCMJ at all times, andthat ill-advised postings that violate the code can result in legal action. "We are expected to be Soldiers24/7, whether it is in formation, in the bars and restaurants off post, or on Twitter and FaceBook," hesaid. "We are expected to be Soldiers and we are held to the standards, without compromise. Thebottom line is that Soldiers should be careful about what they post online because once its out there,its out there."Fort Riley Youth Sports Update - Youth and Adult Sports: Upcoming youth and adult sports deadlinesare approaching. They include: Youth sports registration deadlines: Feb. 15 – Snow tubing, $50 perChild. Open to grades 3-12. Feb. 24 – Spring soccer, $40 per Child. See flyer. Open to grades K-8. Feb.29 – Running club, $20 per Child. Open to Grades 1-6. For more information, call 785- 239-9223. Adultsports registration deadlines: Feb. 24 – Kickball and Frisbee seasons. Open to active-duty Soldiers only.Feb. 24 – Community life flag football. Open to all Department of Defense card holders. For moreinformation, call 785- 239-2148.
  5. 5. KSU Rodeo: FREE KSU Rodeo tickets for the Finals on Feb 19! Pick up your tickets starting Feb 1 at theLeisure Travel Center. For questions, call 785-239-5614.The Casino Royale Basket Auction is a way for the Fort Riley Officer and Civilian Spouse Club (OCSC) toprovide a fun venue while raising money for worthy causes. Open to anyone to include military,civilians, and members of the local community. The will take place on the evening of March2, 2012 at the Fort Riley Conference Center. I have tickets available for sale in the Brigade S-6 Office for$15 each which includes a meal and one drink. POC in Brigade is MAJ JOHN C. DRAKE 785-240-0815,CELL: 785-307-0107 john.c.drake.mil@mail.mil See Flyer
  6. 6. Morale Welfare and Recreation Update - Auto repair classes: The Automotive Skills Center offers abasic automotive repair class *from 6 to 7 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month. Anadvanced repair class is offered from 6 to 7 p.m. the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Formore information, visit http://rileymwr.com or call 785-239-9764.Fort Riley Outdoor Recreation Update: As weather permits, Fort Riley’s Skeet and Trap Range is openfrom noon to 8 p.m., Wednesdays and Thursdays, and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays.For more information on the range, call the Outdoor Recreation Center at 785-239-2363.IBEX CLIMBING GYM: Feb 25, 9am-5pm, $35 per Person. Are you craving fun, physical activity? OutdoorRecreation and IBEX Climbing Gym are teaming up to offer you an exciting escape from your regularroutine. IBEX Climbing Gym is an indoor climbing facility that offers over 6,900 square feet of climbingarea to challenge anyone from beginner to the most advanced climbers. Cost includes Belay class,admission, and harness. Pre-registration is required.Fort Riley has a new automated check-in-out system, iSportsman. Staff members will be present toassist with registering in the new iSportsman system. Individuals wishing to register prior may do so atthe Fort Riley iSportsman webpage: www.fortriley.isportsman.net All persons recreating in a trainingarea at Fort Riley will use the iSportsman website while accessing Fort Riley. Activities include hunting,fishing, hiking, canoeing and kayaking, mushroom collecting, fuelwood cutting, biking, horseback riding
  7. 7. and other activities. Check-in and Check-out may be done with any personal device with Internet accessor visit the iSportsman Kiosk located at 1st Division and Vinton School roads or visit the EnvironmentalDivision Office, Building 407, during normal business hours. Fort Riley iSportsman is the new standardand must be used by all persons recreating in a training area at Fort Riley in accordance with FR 210-15.The hunter card check-in-out procedure will be phased out during the fall 2011. For more information,contact the Environmental Division at 785-239-6211. 2012 K-State Baseball season tickets on-sale now! Choose between Reserved Chair backin Sections 1, 2, 3 and 7, General Admission Chair back in Sections 6 and 8, and a GA Bleachers. Seats willbe assigned after the renewal deadline in January. Click here to purchase http://ev12.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/SEGetEventInfo?ticketCode=GS%3AKSU%3ABS12%3ABS%3A&linkID=kansuse&shopperContext=&pc=&caller=&appCode=&groupCode=BS&cgc=, or call 800-221-CATS for more information.February 10, 2012 Military Community and Family Policy Weekly: Welcome to the Military Communityand Family Policy (MC&FP) Weekly eNewsletter, providing you with access to the blog post of Robert L.Gordon III, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy), the latestQuality of Life news and information from the Department of Defense, and dates for upcoming Guardand Reserve onsite sales. The link below will open up the MC&FP Weekly eNewsletter in your browser.If the link above does not work, please copy and paste the entire link into your browser window.http://apps.mhf.dod.mil/mcfp/weekly . A PDF version of the newsletter is also available for downloadfrom the link above. Your MC&FP Team! Military Community and Family Policy, Office of the Secretaryof Defense. Providing policy, tools, and resources to further enhance the quality of life of servicemembers and their familiesHome Buying Training Seminar - Mar. 15, 1-4 p.m. at Rileys Conference Center:
  8. 8. Housing Services Office page on the 1st ID and Fort Riley website has been updated:http://www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?unit=DPW.RCI&nav=FRSvcs.RED ROOF OFFERS MILITARY DISCOUNT: Always ask for the military discount, even athotels and when traveling. Not an endorsement or sponsorship of any individual ororganizations. When I am asked for identification to make a credit cardpurchase, I have started using my military ID card to remind myself to ask forthe discount. I had a local store offer me a discount on the spot when they sawthe ID card. Even online companies offer military discounts, you may have to usethe 800 number to get a code to type in when you make your purchase. We arecurrently running a drawing on Facebook welcoming home our troops who have servedus with dedication and bravery. If you are able to share this information withyour base personnel and families, I would greatly appreciate your efforts.In honor of our returning service men and women, Red Roof Inns has launcheda special drawing at a new Facebook page titled "Red Roof Welcome Home" - orclick http://www.facebook.com/#!/redroofwelcomehome?sk=app_106171216118819Red Roof is offering a Nationwide 15% Discount in honor of our returning Troops.The discount is available to all Active Duty Military and their friends & familymembers who book and stay before March 31, 2012. Travelers can click thefollowing link to make reservations:http://www.redroof.com/partners/government,-leisure,-and-friends-and-familyAlso, many of our Red Roof Inns are in the Military Travel Voucher programavailable through your MWR/ITT offices. Please inquire about these locationssince the rates are the best we offer to the military leisure travelers!With Kind Regards, Ardy~ Ardyth Edgerton | Senior National Account Executive
  9. 9. P 610.367.0997 | F 614.225.5288 | C 610.367.0997 Red Roof Inns, Inc. .National Sales – Government. 52 Henry Avenue. Boyertown, PA 19512aedgerton@redroof.com | redroof.comStill time to sign-up for the 5th Annual Women’s Conference!!!!
  10. 10. The Water Coolers bring you a CLEAN musical comedy about the things weshare around the water coolers of America every day. They have military discounts and a special runningfor buy 3 tickets get the 4th ticket free. Come check them out at the C.L. Hoover Opera House 135 W.Seventh Street Junction City, KS 66441 Friday, February 24, 2012 - 7:30 pm, website:http://jcoperahouse.org/buyoperahousetickets.html or you can go to the box office at 135 W. SeventhStreet in Junction City Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5pm. You may also purchase by phone at 785-238-3906 Army OneSource - Virtual World: Step into aVirtual World Explore the new Army OneSource Virtual World and stay connected toFamily and friends! This virtual environment allows you to collaborate, learn,socialize, host or attend training sessions, and participate in daily events. Byusing a customizable avatar, a virtual self-representation, participants canaccess a variety of Army services by simply exploring the virtual world. ArmyOneSource programs are also at your fingertips in this three-dimensionalenvironment. The Army OneSource Virtual World was built specifically to serveSoldiers and their Families and features each Army Resiliency in their ownvirtual region. As part of Army One Source Virtual World, the Virtual ResiliencyCampus offers Community members engaging and enjoyable ways to build strength inthe five areas of Resiliency: Spiritual, Family, Social, Emotional and Physical.Army Community * Attend an outdoor conference within the amphitheater * Obtain information regarding Army groups * Access external resources through direct linking to Army-related websites * Collaboration * Participate in real-time training sessions and meetings while immersed within an interactive virtual environment * Spiritual Resiliency * Strengthen spiritual beliefs, principles or values * Resources include a Faith Group Locator, Chaplain Finder and a Meditation Center * Family Resiliency * Families can feel safe in a supportive and caring atmosphere
  11. 11. * Resources include meeting rooms, library and information center, and friendly neighborhoods ready for personal in-world Family gatherings or events * Emotional Resiliency * Approaches lifes challenges in a positive, optimistic way * Resources include a Zen Rock Garden, Tai Chi, and meditation platforms * Social Resiliency * Develop relationships that are personally fulfilling * Resources include a coffee shop, disco and lounge, carousel and more * Physical Resiliency * Participate in activities that promote exercise, nutrition, andstrength. * Resources include a stadium, interactive cafeteria with a Nutritiongame, and obstacle course.The Army OneSource Virtual World regions are open to Army Soldiers, staff,volunteers, Veterans, Family and friends. All you need is an existing ArmyOneSource login! To get more details, visit the Army OneSource Virtual WorldToday https://www.myarmyonesource.com/CommunitiesandMarketplace/VirtualWorlds/ArmyOneSourceVW/default.aspx. If you need any additional help and assistance,please use one of the Army OneSource support channels:* Get Live Technical Support by calling 877-811-ARMY* Click the Live Chat Supporthttps://www.myarmyonesource.com/skins/aos2/manage.aspx?moduleid=a359686b-948f-41ba-844e-95f137d617e7&mode=User&NLID=28a7cc8f-c7ee-4abb-a96e-ce2466b25cf4&ObjectID=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&IssueID=6a573134-a99c-41f7-924e-8740d2f8bb56 link at the top of any page on Army OneSource to chat onlinewith a Support representative. Hours of operation for these two support channelsare 8AM-8PM EST M-F. Contact Ushttps://www.myarmyonesource.com/Redirects/SiteAdmin/ContactUs/ to send questions,comments or suggestions to us anytime. Your opinion is important to us! Pleaseremember to send us your feedback so we can continue to make improvements whichwill benefit you and your Family! We hope you enjoy the new additions.Army OneSource - http://www.myarmyonesource.com ARMY FAMILY STRONG!
  12. 12. Upcoming Nutrition & Health/Resource Management Classes presented by K-State Research & Extension – Ft. Riley: Register for any of the following classes by calling 785-239-9991or email ftriley@ksu.edu. All classes can be found on our facebook page – K-State Research andExtension – Ft. Riley. There are space limitations on most of our classes, so please register in advance. Ifyou won’t be able to attend class for which you register, please let us know so someone else will be ableto use your seat. Please call in advance to confirm location of the classesSmall Steps to Health and Wealth: 21, 28 February & 6 March (3 Sessions) Tuesdays, RSVP by 20February 10am-12pm, ACS, BLDG 7264 Normandy Drive: This three part series of classes will provideinformation to help participants take charge of their future. Strategies for behavioral change will begiven that allow participants to take action in meeting health and wealth goals.Compost on Post, 5 March – Monday, RSVP by 29 February 1-3pm, Resiliency Learning Center, BLDG7285 Normandy Drive: Learn how to compost food and yard wastes to recycle nutrients, build your soilto grow healthier plants, and keep organic matter out of the landfill.Organize Your Important Household Papers; 13 March – Tuesday 3-4:30pm, ACS, BLDG 7264Normandy Drive: Do you have a hard time finding your necessary paperwork at tax time or otheroccasions when you need them? This class is for individuals wanting to improve their system of sortingand finding important household documents. See Flyer
  13. 13. Family Fun In The Kitchen; 15, 22, 29 March & 5, 19 April (5 Sessions) Thursdays, Class is currently fullbut please continue to RSVP for any cancellations and for future classes. 1-3pm, ACS, BLDG 7264Normandy Drive Parent and child will learn to prepare simple nutritious snacks and meals, safe ways tocook as a family & how to make your food budget go further & make it funner! See Flyer
  14. 14. Worst Cooks of Ft. Riley – Cooking 101 (6 non-competitive series of cooking classes)13, 20, 27 March &3, 17, 24 April - Tuesdays, RSVP with payment of $50 by 1 March. 1-3pm, ACS, BLDG 7264 NormandyDrive: Unlike Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America,” this non-competitive series of cooking classeswill help Fort Riley’s worst cooks lose that reputation. You’ll learn basic cooking skills as you prepareand sample a variety of dishes. Learn money saving and healthful eating tips so eating out becomes atreat, not a necessity. *Payment confirms a seat in the class. Cost of $50 includes cookbook, chef’sknife, cutting board and teaching materials.* See Flyer!
  15. 15. 2nd Annual Midnight Madness Basketball Tournament – sign your team up today! See Flyer