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Monthly Newsletter from 1-1 BSTB

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1-1 BSTB Jan-Mar 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. Defiant Newsletter January-March 2012 Battalion Commander-Defiant 6 It’s hard to be- all, we’ve had a lot of great way to learn your trade, take lieve, but it’s Soldiers and Families come care of the team, and set your- 7410 Bamford Street Ft. Riley, KS 66442 been five and go. self up for advancement. months since we New Soldiers are arriving Finally, we’ve got many op- returned from every Friday afternoon, and portunities in the coming Iraq! After a it’s great to welcome them to weeks to spend some qualityInside this issue: great period of leave and rein- the team. At the same time, time with our Families andCSM Change of tegration over the holidays, we’re seeing a lot of great friends. Many Soldiers withResponsibility 2 we’ve been back at work for Soldiers depart. While it’s kids in school will be taking two months now. Soldiers hard to say good bye – and advantage of some time offAll American Beef Battal- have probably noticed thation Serves Meals to Sol- we’re finding ourselves short during Spring Break. We have there’s a swell building and on experienced leaders – the an Easter Party scheduled fordiers 3 that the tempo of training is rotation of people creates the end of March that shouldCompany Pages 4-8 going to pick up a little more great opportunities for young be great fun for the kids. And quickly from here on out. leaders. Everyone in this all the companies have aCommunity Events 9 We’ve already had over 100 battalion who isn’t already a schedule of open houses, FRG NCOs head out to the Warrior leader should be focused on activities, and fund raisers thatBN Easter Egg Hunt 10 and Advanced LeaderEvent earning the right to become I hope will keep our Soldiers Courses, and we’ll see that one! So when NCOs in your and Families close and in- trend continue. We’ve also company depart, look to the volved. seen each company initiate a young Specialists to take creative and comprehensive Thanks to all our Soldiers andFRG Contact Information: charge. If you’re a young training plan that’s building Families for working so Soldier, show your chain of HHC, BDE the foundation for a well command that you’ve got hard to make the Defiant Vacant trained unit. And through it what it takes! That’s the best Battalion a winning team! HHC, 1-1 BSTB Andrea Viegas CSM Corner ing relatives back home or have some fun. Information is 816-797-7848 staying in the Fort Riley area available through your Family Defiant SoldiersAndrea.j.viegas@us.army.mil be safe and enjoy the time Support groups. and Families I together. In the very near fu- Lastly I want to thank the for- am honored and A Co: ture the Defiant Team opera- mer "Defiant 7" CSM Tonia humbled for the Yasmine Tumey tional tempo will start to in- Walker and her Family for opportunity to 785-223-7029 crease as training progresses their dedicated service and serve with such a mrs2meuav@yahoo.com from basic Soldier skills to support to this great Battalion. great team. My wife Marie and team and unit training in the The work that CSM Walker our family James and Jessica B Co: process of becoming techni- has done for this command have been busy settling in and Vacant cally and tactically proficient will certainly leave a lasting exploring the Fort Riley com- in our profession of arms. positive impact. I know you’ll munity and the unit. We are all C Co: very impressed with the I do want to invite all to the all join me as we wish her the Rachelle Stuart friendly people and offers of annual Battalion Easter festivi- best of luck in her future as- 580-706-0896 help at every turn, thank you ties on 31 March. There will signment.mrsrachellestuart@gmail.com for the warm reception we are be Easter egg hunts, games My Family and I are very receiving. and good food for adults and happy, honored, and excited to BN FRSA kids of all ages; I also hear that Helen Day It’s March and Spring Break join the Defiant Team and the Easter Bunny is planning look forward to our tour here. 785-240-4337 will be upon us with the kids on making an appearance. This helen.day@us.army.mil out of school, I encourage all Defiant 7 was a huge success last year to take advantage of this time and plans to be bigger and CSM Naamon J. Grimmett to plan some quality Family better this year. Come out and activities, whether it be visit-
  2. 2. Page 2 Defiant Newsletter 1st BSTB BIDS FAREWELL TO ITS FIRST CSM…By Sgt. Summer Woode1st HBCT Public AffairsFORT RILEY, Kan. –After nearly three years of having Command Sgt. Major Tonia Walker as their senior noncommissioned officer,the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, bid her farewell during a change of responsibility ceremonyat Building 727, February 10. Standing before a formation comprised of the ‘Defiant’ companies and the Headquarters Company, 1 st HBCT, Walker passedthe guidon to Lt. Col. Samuel Calkins, commander, symbolizing her relinquishing her authority to incoming Command Sgt. Maj.Naamon Grimmett. “When the Devil Brigade transitioned to an HBCT and – BSTB organized as a battalion, Sgt. Maj. Walker was there, at thebeginning,” remarked Calkins. “She and the previous commander had the unique and daunting opportunity to mold this battalion intotheir image of excellence and, as a result, the excellence this battalion has repeatedly demonstrated, both at Ft. Riley and in Iraq, isthanks to Sgt. Maj. Walker.” “When I arrived (to this unit) we had 105 Soldiers on the books with no motto, no unit identification code, virtually no identity,”said Walker. “Our first tasks were to organize the battalion… and figure out how we could best support the Devil Brigade and we havecome a long way in 31 months.” The ‘Defiants’ recently returned from its first deployment in support of Operation New Dawn where its Soldiers operated theMayor Cell, supervised day-to-day operation of Contingency Operating Site Warrior, provided communication support, network andintelligence and conducted route clearance patrols. “I remember, in the beginning, when some tried to dismiss the need for a special troops battalion because we were still new tothe Army,” recalled Walker. “But now, everyone realizes how valuable the contributions of this organization are because of each one ofyou standing in formation.” Looking at the Soldiers before her, Walker said she was proud of them and for them to not allow anyone to minimize their con-tribution to the fight. Calkins, in his final statements, accredited Walker’s guidance and vision as having carried the battalion along its path of excel-lence. He also wished her well during her participation in the Congressional Fellowship Program, saying she will represent ‘all of usexceedingly well in that exciting position.’ Walker was recently one of two command sergeants major chosen to represent the Army in the Congressional Fellowship Programand her next assignment will take her to Washington, D.C. (picture to left)FORT RILEY, Kan. – Command Sgt. Maj. Tonia Walker (left), Lt. Col. Samuel Calkins (middle), and Command Sgt. Maj. Naamon Grimmett (right), stand before the ‘Defiants’ formation of the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, during a change of responsibility ceremony at Building 727, Feb. 10, 2012. Walker, the outgoing senior non- commissioned in charge, relinquished her authority to Grimmett. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Kerry Lawson, 1 st HBCT PAO) (picture to right) FORT RILEY, Kan. – Com- mand Sgt. Maj. Tonia Walker (left), Lt. Col. Samuel Calkins (back), and Command Sgt. Maj. Naamon Grimmett (right), stand before the ‘Defiants’ formation of the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, during a change of responsi-bility ceremony at building 727, Feb. 10, 2012. Walker, the outgoing senior non-commissioned in charge, relinquished her authority to Grimmett.(U.S. Army photoby Sgt. Kerry Lawson, 1st HBCT PAO)
  3. 3. Page 3 Defiant Newsletter 1-1 BSTB SOLDIERS RECEIVE AN OUSTANDING MEAL FROM APPRECIATIVE VOLUNTEERSBy Sgt. Kerry Lawson1st HBCT Public AffairsFORT RILEY, Kan. – On a cold and windy day, Soldiers of 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1 st Heavy Brigade CombatTeam gather in their motor-pool bay for a different reason other than to fix their vehicles. On Feb. 11, 2012 Soldiers congregatedfor a free meal, prepared by volunteers, who wished to thank them for their service. Soldiers of the 1st BSTB brought their loved ones to this feast, where they were able to enjoy eating – steaks, hotdogs, corn,cheesy-hash browns, cookies and a variety of beverages. “I think it was awesome that these people are willing to give up their time to come cook a meal for us,” said Kelly Gillespie,an operations sergeant in 1st BSTB. “It was my first time coming to one of their cook outs for the troops.” “I love talking to these volunteers and hearing their appreciation for us,” said Kelli Jo Coughnour, the battalion schools non-commissioned officer for 1st BSTB. “I also appreciate them for donating their time to visit our post, and provide us with good foodand a good atmosphere.” The volunteers, part of the “All American Beef Battalion,” prepared a grand feed for the Soldiers and their Families to enjoy.The AABB is a non-profit organization established in 2007, began as the vision of fourth generation cattle-man Bill Broadie, whowanted to extend his gratitude to today’s Soldiers through hearty steak feeds across the country. Jon Fort, senior vice chairman, AABB, has worked with Broadie since the beginning. “We love to show our support for the troops and we enjoy what we do,” said Fort. The AABB are a group of individuals involved in the United States beef cattle industry working to support our brave troopsfighting the global war on terror. In its first year of serving juicy steaks to returning and deploying troops, Broadie and his crew have served over 10,000steaks to service members and their families. The AABB has traveled to 17 states and has now fed more than 100,000 Soldiers and family members since its inception. “The most that we have served in one visit was when we visited Fort Bliss, Texas, Feb. 2011, and we ended up feeding over5,000 people,” said Broadie, a Vietnam veteran. “You may be a cowboy, you may be a soldier, or like Bill Broadie, you may be both – but at the end of the day, you all havemy greatest respect and gratitude. Thank you for all that you do,” said Broadie. “It is a privilege for me to be able to show our gratitude for the great service our troops do for this country through steakfeeds,” said Fort. “Thank you for all that you do. God bless the American rancher and theAmerican Soldier.”(picture to right) FORT RILEY, Kan. - Jon Fort, senior vice chairman, All American BeefBattalion and Bill Broadie, chairman, All American Beef Battalion, go over a last few min-ute ideas before getting ready to start feeding the troops, Feb. 11, 2012 on Fort Riley, Kan.Jon Fort and Bill enjoy what they do and the happiness a good meal can bring to a Soldier’slife. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Kerry Lawson, 1st HBCT Public Affairs) (picture to left) FORT RILEY, Kan.-Volunteers of the All American Beef Battalion serve Soldiers of the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion Feb. 11, 2012. These volunteers give up their own time to come and feed troops on the weekend because they have their own jobs to do during the week. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Kerry Lawson, 1st HBCT Public Affairs)
  4. 4. Page 4 Defiant Newsletter Regulators Reconstitutes FRG Commander’s Corner Greetings, ity Chairperson, Fundrais- BDE’s responsibilities for Since taking Command in ing Chairperson, Activi- the BSTB Easter Party December of 2011, we ties Coordinator, and Pub- scheduled for 31 March have had a complete turn- licity Chairperson. from 11 am to 1 pm. over of FRG personnel. March looks to be an ex- The Company is responsi- At this time, we are look- cited month for the Regu- ble to provide an egg hunt ing for volunteers for a lator FRG. Our March lane and age appropriate Regulators FRG Leader, Key Caller, meeting will be on 13 activities for the age Informal Fund Custodian March at 6 pm in the Bri- bracket of 4-6 years of and Alternate Informal gade Operations Center. age. Eggs will be pro- HHC, BDE Fund Custodian. These We will discuss the state vided by BSTB, but we positions are required for of the FRG and look for are responsible for pro- a functional FRG. At this volunteers to fill the viding the individually time, due to the lack of an needed positions. We prepackaged candy to put Informal Funds Custo- will also discuss HHC in the eggs. dian, we cannot conduct This looks to be a very any fund raising and the fun event. There will be account is currently fro- face painting for all ages zen. and the children will be There are several other broken down by age Company Volunteers volunteer positions avail- group. Come out and have Needed: able: Recorder, Hospital- fun with the Company.  FRG Leader  Key Callers  Secretary  If you are interested in helping the Company with the above First Sergeant’s Corner positions please contact the Co Commander at 785-239-8755 or The Regulator Family has SGM Larson, MAJ Wa- congratulate the newest carlos.g.garth.mil@mai.mil and is going through ters, MSG Fraser, SSG promotions in the Regula- many changes since our Cavanaugh, SSG Dan- tor Family. SGT Woode, return from Iraq. We lost dridge, SSG Jordan, SSG SPC Darby, SPC some outstanding Soldiers Kenderish, and many StLaurent, and SPC FRG Information: and Leaders through PCS other new faces that will Woodruff. REGULA- and ETS but we still have make a huge impact. TORS!!!” You’re either Company Commander: to continue the mission. With all the loses we have with us...or hunted by CPT Martin Small With losing such storied been through, I still feel us!” 785-239-4501 Leaders as SGM Stanton, safe saying we’re in great Martin.e.small.mil@mail.mil CSM Jones, SFC Simp- hands. With the person- son, SFC Walker, SFC nel we have Lane, SFC Cogdell, SFC in place it’s Special points of interest: Company 1SG: Ream, MAJ Kiser, CPT exciting to  Company FRG Meeting 1800, 13 1SG Darvin Williams Gallagher, and SFC Ad- think about 785-239-4499 MAR 12 in the BDE HQ Brigade ams, to name a few, this how strong Darvin.t.williams.mil@mail.mil Operations Center. Company will have a lot our FRG will of key spaces to fill. become. Last  BN Easter Party 1100-1300, 31 FRG Leader: : However, we plan to re- but not least I MAR 12 at the BSTB HQ. load with the best like would like to Vacant
  5. 5. Page 5 Defiant NewsletterHHC Company - Commander’s Corner Soldiers and Families of anticipation for the next mission. I urge you FRG Information: HHC/1-1BSTB, all to begin networking and making friends Company Commander: Thank you for support- throughout the unit. Events like the chili CPT William Viegas ing ‘bring your Family to cook-off are opportunities to make friends 785-240-6808 work day’, and special that will support you through deployments, William.h.viegas.mil@mail.mil thanks to Nancy Fra- and training events.gassi, and Meagan Noranbrock for volunteer- We will continue to educate Families on Company 1SG:ing to serve the Havoc Families as key mem- available resources like ACS (Army Com- 1SG Brian Gentrybers of the FRG. Meagan and Nancy will munity Services), but ACS alone cannot 785-240-6807serve as the Primary and Alternate Funds replace the value of a caring FRG. Brian.a.gentry4.mil@mail.milCustodians, and without their help we cannot If you have any questions, concerns or sug-access the nearly $1,000 in funds available to FRG Leader: : gestions to improve the FRG, feel free to Andrea Viegasprovide food and drinks to the FRG at future email me or my wife atevents! Additionally, Nancy volunteered to 816-797-7848 will.viegas@conus.army.mil, or an- Andrea.j.viegas@us.army.milbe a key caller. If anyone is interested in drea.j.viegas@us.army.mil.serving as a key caller please contact mywife, Andrea, the FRG Leader. The role of - CPT Will Viegaskey caller is extremely important during de-ployments and training events. Company Volunteers Upcoming FRG Events: Needed:Next month well be hosting the much antici-  Chili Cook Off/FRG Meeting 1800,  Key Callerspated Chili Cook-Off!!! Mark your calendarsfor March 16th, and start gathering your reci- 16 Mar @ BLDG 7270 BN Annex  Secretarypes.  If you are interested in helping the  BN Easter Party 1100-1300, 31 Company with the above positionsAlthough there is no deployment on the hori- MAR 12 @ BLDG 7270 BN Annex please contact the BN FRSA at 785 -240-4337 orzon, your Soldiers will be steadily training in helen.day@us.army.mil. First Sergeant’s Corner The Havoc Family has been very busy a great company. Many changes will supporting the battalion during reset. I occur in the next quarter as old Soldiers have seen great efforts to establish the transition out and new Soldiers join our Defiant maintenance team that will Family. Two online resources with ensure that battalion equipment is ready helpful information are: myarmyone- for any mission. I have seen a new source.com and militaryhome- found excitement in the eyes of the front.dod.mil. They provide various mechanics as they have begun to work resources on relocation and Army life in in their MOS. The same excitement general. I recommend all Family mem- can also be seen in the Defiant cooks. bers check out the Army Family Team The cooks have risen to the challenge Building (AFTB) courses found on the of keeping the Devil’s Den open for My Army One Source online courses. operation working twelve hour days My wife and I have completed these often 10 days in a row to ensure Sol- courses and found them very informa- diers can eat. Our military police pla- tive. As always, I thank you for the sup- toon has completed law enforcement port you give our Havoc Warriors. training that will allow them to assist in - 1SG Brian A. Gentry any mission that might arise at Fort Riley. It makes me proud to lead such
  6. 6. Page 6 Defiant NewsletterAlpha Company - Avengers News! Avengers, The month of January saw the Avengers get back into the business of training Soldiers in basic War- rior skills. We trained several essential skills including map reading, land navigation, crowd control, and individual movement techniques. We will continue to train these skills in February and test our knowledge at the two day Avenger Challenge. I know that the NonCommissioned Officers and Sol- diers of Alpha Company are putting an immense amount of effort into making this training the best it can be and I am proud to see Avengers out in the field putting the skills they learned in the classroom into practice. Keep up the good work and always stay prepared for any mission that comes your way. Avengers Assemble! Avenger 7Lifesaving Training We had some excellent training on lifesaving steps taught by 2nd Platoon. Buddy carries, burn victims, and blood; oh my! This training helps prepare us for the Validation Exercise AKA the Avenger Challenge that was on the 22nd and 23rd of February where each squad demonstrated the War- rior Skills they had learned up until that point. The top squad was recognized for their ability at the end of the training after recovery on Friday the 24th. This is the time to show everyone your Avenger War- rior Skills. FRG Information: Company Commander: CPT Priscella Nohle 785-240-6797 Priscella.a.nohle@us.army.mil Company 1SG: Company Volunteers SFC Stephen Barthelme Needed: 785-240-6798 Upcoming Events: Stephen.barthelme@us.army.mil  Key Callers  Secretary  5 March-Record APFT FRG Leader:  14 March Buffalo Wild Wings Fund Raiser Yasmine Tumey  If you are interested in 785-223-7029 helping the Company with  19-23 March Max Leave for Spring Break mrs2meuav@yahoo.com the above positions please  BN Easter Party 1100-1300, 31 MAR 12 @ contact the BN FRSA at BLDG 7270 BN Annex 785-240-4337 or helen.day@us.army.mil.
  7. 7. Page 7 Defiant Newsletter Bravo Company Blackjacks The last few months have been marked by transition FAREWELL HAIL for the Blackjacks. We have seen almost ¼ of the 1LT GRAMS 2LT VELASCO company realigned with the Brigade Headquarters CW2 REES SGT COVER Company as part of an Army organizational change 1SG ANDERSON SPC VANDYKE for manning Signal units. Simultaneously, several MSG BRONSON SPC PAXTON Soldiers have departed to continue the pride and traditions established SFC COPAS SPC BENSON during their time as part of the Big Red One. We wish those Soldiers SFC GARLAND SPC THOMAS Godspeed and continued success in their future endeavors. Likened to SSG BATTLES SPC ASHLEY cultivating new soil, as those Soldiers depart the next Blackjack gen- SSG HARRELSON PFC YOUNG eration begins with the arrival of new Soldiers to the company. I take SSG KELLNER PFC BEDERKA this opportunity to welcome these Soldiers and their Families to Team SSG DANDRIDGE PFC BRYANT Blackjack. The proverbial train refuses to slow down as our training on SGT ADAMS PFC ADAMS Army Warrior Tasks draws to a close yet the focus on Signal specific SGT FRIERSON PFC SHULTS SGT LATIOLAIS PFC HOENIG fielding and training begins to heat up with the spring season. As al- SGT TERWILLIGER PV2 TOY ways, I am honored to lead this masterful group of Soldiers and look SGT JENKINS PV2 PARSON forward to the challenges the future holds. SGT RIPSAM PV2 HIPES Soldiers First SPC HAMPSON PV2 LEE SPC MCCOLLUM Blackjack 6 SPC MCKNIGHT SPC PAL Company Volunteers Needed: CPT Garth SPC MUJADIDI  FRG Leader PV2 JONES  Key Callers  Secretary  If you are interested in helping the Company with 1SG Corner the above positions please Thank you Blackjack Soldiers and Family members. I have had an contact the Co Commander amazing and unforgettable experience being a First Sergeant. I have at 785-239-8755 or car-FRG Information: to say that being First Sergeant has been by far my most challenging los.g.garth.mil@mai.milCompany Commander: assignment yet it is my favorite. I have been fortunate in my careerCPT Carlos Garth to have some incredible assignments but the most significant will785-239-8755 always be at Fort Riley, as the First Sergeant of Bravo Company. For the Platoon Sergeants,Carlos.g.garth.mil@mail.mil thank you for your patience and your determination in striving to always be a better company. Your camaraderie will always stay with me. To the Soldiers, never settle and always try to beCompany 1SG: the best. Some of you will make a career out of the Army and I hope you will have as much of a1SG Ruth Anderson785-240-4879 great time as I am having. Some will resume a civilian life but both, those who stay and thoseRuth.l.anderson.mil@mail.mil who go served their country. Be proud of yourself and this company. I wish you all the best. Soldiers First.FRG Leader: Blackjack 7 Upcoming FRG Events:vacant 1SG Anderson  BN Easter Party 1100-1300, 31 MAR 12 @ BLDG 7270 BN Annex
  8. 8. Page 8 Defiant NewsletterCharlie Company - CHAOS NEWS As your Soldiers’ new Company Commander I’d first like to say how thrilled myself and Rachelle are to STB work with each of you and your Soldiers. In the short time I have been with the company, I have been tre- 1 mendously impressed by the Soldiers’ work ethic and desire to train. As we all know, life in the Army has many twists and surprises, the Soldiers of Chaos Company have worked through any challenge presented C with flying colors. Over the last two months we have been training on “individual tasks” these are basic tasks that every Soldier must knowthat serve as a building block to succeeding in acting as a team. The most prominent being small arms ranges throughout themonth of March. Everyone has been working hard to build their individual level proficiency, and looking forward to more trainingin the future. Over the next couple of months the Soldiers of C Co will be training on Engineer team tasks, and most notably trainingon our Bradley’s. From March to April the Bradley crews (myself included) can expect to work some long hours. Then in May thecompany will go to the field for about two weeks to qualify on the Bradley’s. Unfortunately as we’ve already seen, we have quite a few people moving on, fortunately though we have several newpeople coming in and in some cases they’re already here. These are exciting times for the company.FRG Information: Upcoming FRG Events:Company Commander:  Spin City Skate Event Junction City:CPT Justin Stuart Time (TBD); 15 MAR 12785-240-1103Justin.r.stuart.mil@mail.mil  BN Easter Party 1100-1300, 31 1SG CornerCompany 1SG:1SG Harold Cole Friends and Family of Charlie Com- that your experience in Chaos Company785-240-1102 pany, will be enjoyable and memorable and thatHarold.j.cole2.mil@mail.mil It has been an action packed your stay here in the Fort Riley area is com- couple of months here at Chaos. Our fortable. To the Soldiers of Chaos who areFRG Leader: Soldiers enjoyed Christmas and New getting ready to move on to new posts IRachelle Stuart Years with their Families and have since would like to thank you for your hard work580-706-0896 come back here to Fort Riley to prepare both down range and state side. Continuemrsrachellestuart@gmail.com to train hard through 2012. Over the doing great things at your next unit, make past few months we have undergone us proud and keep in touch. numerous important changes as an or- Winter is finally coming to an end Company Volunteers ganization as we constantly prepare for and we are ready to get into the full swing Needed: any mission the Army asks us to exe- of Engineer training. Our troops will be  Alternate Funds Custo- cute. drawing Bradley Fighting Vehicles soon The most important changes of and will conduct training necessary to pre- dian the year so far have been our numerous pare them for full spectrum combat opera-  Key Callers personnel transitions. We are very tions. We are excited to get back in to ac- happy to welcome our new Commander, tion as a team and to sharpen our Engineer  Secretary skills. Captain Stuart and his Family. The  If you are interested in outgoing Commander, Captain May and Until next time, helping the Company his Family will be missed greatly. We 1SG Harold Cole Jr, with the above positions wish them the best of luck and success First Sergeant, US Army please contact the BN as they explore new places. Also, we FRSA at 785-240-4337 have recently received a group of brand or new Soldiers to our organization. I Live Free or Die Fighting helen.day@us.army.mil. would like to welcome them and their Families to the Army Family. I hope
  9. 9. Page 9 Defiant Newsletter Great Escapes Expo Great Escapes Expo Spring is right around the corner Mark your calendars, March 31st March 31, 2012 and it is time to start planning 10am-3pm. Sponsored by Armed 10:00am—3:00pm that outdoor ADVENTURE. Forces Bank, County Stampede, Whether it is horseback riding, USAA, Quantico, Briggs Auto, Come out to Rileys fishing and hunting trips, or a Navy Federal and Picerne Hous- Conference Center getaway for the whole family, ing. Sponsorship does not imply and see what great you don’t want to miss Ft Ri- endorsement. outdoor and travel ley’s Great Escapes Expo 2012, adventures are wait- Saturday March 31st. Doors ing for you. open at 10am at Riley’s Confer- ence Center. This all day event will have out door travel ven- dors, outdoor recreation gear displays, demos, competitions and much more. There will be food and fun for everyone! USO FORT RILEY “NO DOUGH DINNERS” USO Fort Riley No Dough Dinners in 2012 will be from 5 toLittle Short 6:30 p.m. at Building 7856 on Drum Street on Custer Hill. Someon cash before dinner locations may change. For information, call 785-240-5326payday then or email usofortriley@uso.org. USO Fort Riley also is on Face-USO is the Book at www.facebook.com/usofortriley Click on “Events” toplace to go for see the most up to date information for No Dough Dinners. Dates“NO DOUGH for dinners are: Feb. 29, March 14 and 29, April 12 and 30, MayDINNERS”! 14 and 31, June 14 and 28, July 12 and 31, Aug. 14 and 30, Sept. 13 and 28, Oct. 12 and 30, Nov. 14, Dec. 13 Manhattan’s Aggieville St. Patrick’s Come join the the Web @ www.aggieville.org. Reg- 7:30AM grand celebration. ister and course maps are available on 10am Start of the Shamrock 2 mile Fun It’s the 34th run- the race Web site: Run and 2 mile walk ning of the St Pat’s www.LetsGoRun.com races in Aggieville. Register online at www.letsgorun.com 10:45am Start of St Pat’s 10K Road Plan to spend the for these events or print you a brochure Race, day in Aggieville. on the site and mail to: St. Pat’s Road Don’t miss the annual St. Patrick’s Pa- Race 12:15pm Race awards in Triangle Park. rade, organized by the Aggieville mer- 2604 S. Brookglen Cir. chants. The parade is for young and Manhattan, KS 66502 1pm St Patrick’s Day Parade, Aggie- old and marks the opening of the day’s with payment. ville activities. Those interested in partici- Event Schedule: pating in the parade should contact the Saturday, March 17, 2012 For more information contact the Ag- Aggieville Business Association at gieville Business Association at (785) (785) 776-8050, or visit Aggieville on Blarney Breakfast @ Kite’s Bar & Grill 776-8050.
  10. 10. Page 10 Defiant Newsletter “This is the newsletter for 1st Special troops Battalion, 1st BCT, 1 ID that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG newsletter has not increased the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD 4525.8-M.”