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1-1 BSTB Avenger Times Monthly Newsletter


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Avengers and Friends,

Attached is our monthly newsletter.

Our next Avenger Family Meeting is on the 17th of October at the USO at 1800. See the last page of the newsletter for details.

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1-1 BSTB Avenger Times Monthly Newsletter

  1. 1. A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST ABCT, 1ST ID Aveng er times Volume 2, Issue 8 12 October 2012 Avenger s Roc k INSIDE THIS ISSUE Since the latter part of September the competitions that companies send teams to ● ACRGIS TrainingAvengers have had a lot going compete in every month. The individualson. On 14 September we had that won us this great honor are SGT Jaeger, ● Miss You SSG Jacksona company rock climbing day SPC Pavlich, SPC Reynolds, SGT Bigorra, andat Craig Gym. Several soldiers SGT King. Thank you for putting your best ● Welcome SSG Minterwere previously certified to effort into the event and teaching everyonefulfill duties as belay masters else to ‘NEVER QUIT’. ● We Love Inventoriesfor the day. Everyone had fun This month on 11 and 12 October we watching 1SG fall were given the opportunity to assist Junc- off the wall sev- tion City Middle School, our battalion eral times. This sponsored community school, with land event was part of our resiliency navigation classes. This was a lot of fun for training and serves as part of our the children to learn a new skill and gave alcohol and substance abuse alter- soldiers an natives program. Don’t drink, opportunity climb a rock instead. to get in- FACEBOOK AND On 19 September the spouses met to volved with PHOTOS:do a gun safety class and shoot some rounds, the commu-the count was over 1500 in about two hours. nity. SGT  Follow us on FACEBOOK:We had a lot of fun shooting Jaeger did a everything fabulous job AlphaCompany11BstbAven- from hand coordinating gers guns to lever the event. There were over 16 soldiers in-  As usual you can find all these action pistols volved with assisting hundreds of students to semi auto- refine their skills. photos and more at : matic rifles. This month has been an overwhelming Avengercompany Pictures from feat of property accountability in both wres- the event are  Photobucket Albums for this tling with PBUSE and the increased invento- posted on ries. As we pre- month are: the photobucket website. pare for the 2012 Avengers Sep and Oct On the 28th of September we held a change of com-suicide awareness stand down during which mand we will 2012 Avengers Shoot Nightwe had several classes focusing on how to assist continue to con-those in need of help. duct and refineWe also participated in the inventorya brigade run during process allwhich our company through Novem-was awarded the ‘devil ber. Great job so far, keep up the excellentstakes’ streamer for a detainee. This Never Quit!was one of several Avenger 6
  2. 2. PAGE 2 AVENGER TIMESISR Platoon1st Platoon continues to lead the way dees from 1st Platoon qualifying and com-showing what the Avengers are truly ing home victori- capable of ous. Then finish- doing. ing up the month Starting of September with from the a bang, 1st platoon 7th to the had the honor of 21st of Sep- leading the Com- tember, pany as the 1st CPL Lough- Avenger, Captain lin and SPC America, in a Bri- Pavlich gade run that was both com- followed by a Sui- end by having to say our goodbyes to pleted cide Prevention Stand Down and SHARP SGT Crawford as he begins a new jour- WLC training, of which we had 100% account- ney forward by leaving us on 14 October where CPL ability. 2012 to Ft. Sam Houston, remember to Loughlin Already the month of October wish him and his family luck on their fu- made us has been busy with SGT Schira, SPC ture endeavors.proud by being the Distinguished Rabun, and PFC Gerhardt stepping for-Honor Graduate for the training. The A to Z!!! ward by starting ARCGIS training as the24th of September was a big day for the rest of the platoon works hard preparingAvengers Company, completing a for the Pre-Change-of-Command inspec-100% APFT. And of course performing tions and inventories. New to our familynot only 1st in the Company, but 1st in is SGT Terry, a 35G coming to us fromthe Battalion, the ISR Platoon is on top Korea, welcome him as he brings newwith an average score of 267 points. thoughts and ideas to the ISR team.Furthermore, on the 27th another Sadly, all good things must come to anrange was carried out with all atten-MSG PlatoonOctober? Holy crap! It’s official! Time sure flies when you are hav-We’ve been back from Iraq for a ing fun.year! And to celebrate our re-deployment anniversary MSG pla- In addition to Army-sponsoredtoon spared no expense planning fun, MSG has kept themselvesand executing a most-excellent pla- busy during September by con-toon resiliency day, consisting of ducting the following: cyclic in-both a gourmet breakfast at IHOP, ventories and inspections; STGand a bowling extravaganza that training; preparations for the up-lasted three-whole hours! Whew! coming Red Test; Drivers training for PFC Washington; Field Sanita- As sure as the changing of the tion class for Sgt. Jacq- leaves, and the steady onset of freez- Pow; a Crossing Guard ing temperatures, so it is that MSG detail for Sgt. Scaife; Sgt platoon has lost another excellent Boyce hung out at Division Non-Commissioned Officer. On the for a week providing an 24th of September, MSG platoon said NCO for Access Control; goodbye to Staff Sergeant Jessica and last but definitely not Jackson, as she left in pursuit of eve- least, IEW squad was in rything the civilian world has to offer. class for weeks doing all An effective leader, generous with sorts of intensely technical her time and knowledge—she will be stuff, with super-awesome sorely missed, but we take solace in Top Secret systems that no knowing that she is in a better place. one can know about. Live in Peace SSG Jackson.
  3. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 8 PAGE 3 uav platoon The TUAS Platoon has conducted split and Laser opera- shift flight operations in an effort to pro- tions. Dress uni- gress operators to form inspections Readiness Level (RL) where conducted 1, and to maintain so that deficiencies currency those op- could be rectified erators already RL1. prior to the Ball. Split shifts allow for PFC McChesney the progression of and PFC Hebert day and night tasks received AAMs for with the shadow stopping an individual from driving continue to stay busy for the remainder of system without vio- home while he was drunk. The platoon the month. lating crew rest stan- also con- dards. Soldiers of 3rd PLT TUAS partici- ducted pated in classes this month including: pool PT at Ball eti- long gym. quette It has class, DPW been a class, Spe- busy cial Forces month selection thus far (SGT Crista) and it will HUMINT PlatoonTo start the month of September, 4th Pla- top with ease during the Company Resil-toon competed against 1st Platoon in iency Day. SPC Marketon-Snowden and SPCbowling During the intense bowling Vassalli attended both graduated from WLC. competi- The platoon also worked on improving their tion, SSG writing skills during a week-long class, which Newland is essential to their MOS. The platoon also beat both spent countless hours on inventories ensur- the 1SG ing everything would be ready for the Pre and the Change of Command Inventories in Octo- XO. CW2 ber. Davis re- ceived certifica- tion needed to start the Live Envi- ronmentTraining Mission for 4th Platoon, which isset to start within the next couplemonths. This training will develop and more to the team. PFC Saez didimprove perishable MOS skills for the not let pregnancy get in the wayPlatoon. The platoon then said goodbye as she climbed the rock wall liketo SPC Jennings and welcomed SGT Gil- a true Spiderman reaching the
  4. 4. A COMPANY, 1ST STB, 1ST ABCT, 1ST ID A Company, 1-1 STB Avenger Upcoming Events: Building 7243 Bamford Oct 17– Avenger Family Group Meeting (Chocolate Drawing Commander: CPT Priscella A. Nohle; and Dress/Tie Exchange) at the USO (1800) 785-340-2863 1SG Pete Olynick Oct 19– Avenger T Shirt Day Fundraiser 785-307-4857 (suggested donation E grade or O grade+10) Courtney Kunze– Avenger Family Group Leader Nov 16– Avenger Ball! Clarion Manhattan 1730 419-310-1870 Nov 21– Avenger Change of Command Trudy Bloomquist– Funds Custodian/Assistant Leader Dec 12– Battalion Holiday Party (Ogden Community Center) 757-969-7840 Potluck– share a family recipe. AVENGER SAFETY MESSAGE avenger DON’T’s… DON’T DRINK and DRIVE Avenger Family Group hosts…. DON’T DO DRUGS Chocolate Give Away and Ice Cream Social DON’T DECK your DARLIN Wednesday 17 Oct 2012 at the USO This month is domestic violence prevention At the meeting we will go over ball eti- month. There are multiple agencies such as quette for the upcoming Avenger Ball. An- ACS, family advocacy, and the chaplain’s office swer any questions about the event, child- that can assist families dealing with this issue. care, and chat about future events. Speak up! There is help! Encourage others to POC for the event is Trudy Bloomquist at look for signs of abuse and report it. 757-969-7840Check out the emails from the avenger family group for events around town, these are only a few going on this month...