What is an abi


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The 'hidde' disability outlines what aquired brain injury is.

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What is an abi

  1. 1. Brain Injury Matters What is an ABI?
  2. 2. Brain Injury Matters● Aquired Brain Injury occurs after birth.● Most frequent occurrences are from stroke, Parkinsons and Huntingtons disease, multiple sclerosis, substance abuse (drug/alcohol), anoxia (near drowning), physical injury (described as Traumatic Brain Injury)
  3. 3. Brain Injury Matters● Traumatic Brain Injury is caused from infliction to the head such as accident, many car accidents can cause traumatic brain injury, fall, severe blow to head, concussion .
  4. 4. Brain Injury Matters● Traumatic Brain Injury is caused from infliction to the head such as accident, many car accidents can cause injury, fall, severe blow to head, concussion . Sports injury can lead to concussion through tackles to unprotected head. Research shows repeated mild concussion can lead to severe ABI
  5. 5. Brain Injury Matters ● Closed TBI happens when the brain is hurt without anything (like a knife, a bullet, or other. object) going through the skull. There are many ways the brain can be injured in a closed TBI. Car accidents and falls are the most common causes of injury. ● Open TBI happens when something goes through the skull and hurts the brain. Things like a gunshot wound to the head, a stab wound, or a severe skull fracture can cause an open TBI.
  6. 6. Brain Injury Matters● Non-Traumatic Brain Injury● Causes include lack of oxygen, blood or glucose that can occur through stroke, heart attack, near drowning, strangulation or chemical reaction from alchohol or drug overdose
  7. 7. Brain Injury Matters How do you view disability?
  8. 8. Brain Injury Matters
  9. 9. Brain Injury Matters● Not all people with acquired brain injury have a physical disability. Many seem like any average person.● That is why it is often called the hidden disability.
  10. 10. Brain Injury MattersOne of them has a hidden disability
  11. 11. Brain Injury Matters● The most common result of abi is loss of memory and concentration.● Difficulty in finding words to form sentences.● Long term effects are different from person to person.
  12. 12. Brain Injury Matters● People with an abi may have slurred speech and different physical movements.● People with an abi may seem average, most of the time.● ABI is sometimes very difficult to notice.● It is advisable to get to know the person by building rapport.
  13. 13. Brain Injury Matters● An example may be a care giver is called to an individual who has failed to pay rent.● Develop rapport and the possibility may be that I forgot to pay the rent and now my money has run out● Work with the person and help develop a reminder plan.
  14. 14. Brain Injury Matters● A person with an abi may be a drug or alchohol related injury.● Build rapport and seek the persons interests and previous activities.● It is always preferable to build a friendship to understand the cause of the injury,