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Noelia amadori stage 1


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Noelia amadori stage 1

  1. 1. In 1976, the military forces of Argentina staged a coup against President Isabel Martinez de Peron. This brutal dictatorship was led by General Jorge Rafael Videla and lasted 5 years. During this time, the world’s most important championship took place. For Videla, football was the best screen to hide the Dictatorship’s atrocities; deaths, disappearances, kidnappings and tortures.
  2. 2. “Mundial de Football 1978. La película oficial” Matches are described thoroughly Detailed information about footballers is given Players are seen as idols and national heroes There is an objective and unattached view of what was happening in Argentina
  3. 3. “El mundial 78 – La historia paralela” Shows how military forces decided to use the World Cup as an element of distraction to withdraw the world’s attention towards football. We are able to see how the media was highly manipulated and controlled by Videla Footballers are shown as victims of a process were deception was predominant over the sport
  4. 4. The hidden truth The FIFA World Cup was used as a political propaganda; an attractive entertainment that blinded us from seeing the horrific events that were taking place in our country.
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