Harnessing the Power of Moms on Social Media


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Who are mom bloggers? Where do they live online? Why are they important?

Mom bloggers are natural communicators who wield influence among their peers and hold economic power in their households. Using online tools (Twitter, Facebook, Kirtsy) they have built big audiences and networks of people who trust them.

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Harnessing the Power of Moms on Social Media

  1. 1. Harnessing the Power of Moms on Social Media Dorothée Royal-Hedinger Social Media Strategy NobleTree Media
  2. 2. • Facebook has more than 400 million users (February 2010) • Twitter has over 105 million users (April 2010) • It was reported in 2009 that YouTube received 123 million views in a day. Why Social Networks Are Important:
  3. 3. Who Are Mom Bloggers? •Tech-savvy, college educated •Typical age: 30-40 •Often live with husband and an average of 2 kids •Wield consumer power in their household Photo via Flickr user: MJIPhotos Data collected by: Mom Central Consulting http://www.slideshare.net/thopeross/illuminating-the-power-of-mom-bloggers
  4. 4. Where do mom bloggers live online?
  5. 5. Moms enjoy the social aspect of the internet and use their blogs to share tips, photos, product reviews and stories. They read other mom bloggers & tend to build networks of friends & fans online.
  6. 6. FACEBOOK Mothers, fathers and educators have a large presence on Facebook. For example, this Facebook group for a community called Circle of Moms has more than 200,000 Fans.
  7. 7. TWITTER Twitter is an ideal place for parents to build community, share links with their online followers & update them about their day.
  8. 8. Here are some tweets that came up when I searched for the term ‘bedtime story’: So there is an existing conversation online and we want Planet Fassa to be a part of it!
  9. 9. Why Mom Blogs Matter •Moms hold economic power in their households •Mom bloggers are natural communicators who wield influence among their peers • Mom bloggers have built big audiences and networks of people who trust them Photo from: BlogHer Conference
  10. 10. •Mom & parent bloggers create buzz which ripples through inter-connected communities •Buzz initiates a widespread, ongoing viral effect Inter-Connected Web of Influence
  11. 11. Case Study: “Frigidaire Test Drive Moms” • Frigidaire partnered with Mom Blog Network for promote the brand’s new Affinity Washer & Dryer • Mom bloggers added the badge on the right to their own blogs online • Mentions of the Frigidaire brand increased significantly on Twitter • The campaign resulted in hundreds of reviews of the product, including photos and personal stories from moms across the country
  12. 12. The Influencers • Women’s blog aggregate BlogHer (which has a special section for moms and family), gets over 600 thousand views per month • Influential mom blogger Dooce (Heather B. Armstrong) gets over 200 thousand views per month & she has over 1 million Twitter followers! •A Technorati search for the term “mom bloggers” yields 220 individual blogs that have significant site traffic
  13. 13. A Good Social Media Strategy: • Evaluates where the community lives online • Listens to influencers (in this case: parents, educators and mom bloggers who have a big following & are trusted by their peers) • Reaches out to relevant influencers in an appropriate and targeted way • Creates a brand profile & voice that engages with the community (through conversations, contests, idea sharing, etc.) • Makes lasting connections, increases brand awareness, drives traffic & sales
  14. 14. Dorothée’s Experience: • Working in social media strategy since 2007 • A digital native with extensive experience reaching out to communities online through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and social bookmarking tools. • Some recent social media outreach campaigns I’ve led include: •Fatherhood Initiative for the Ad Council •Outreach to female activists and mom blogs for the Feminist Majority •Awareness campaign about a new study among education blogs for Issuelab
  15. 15. Dorothée Royal-Hedinger Social Media Strategist NobleTree Media Info@nobletreemedia.com Twitter: @DorotheeRoyal