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Unit plan ASSURE


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Published in: Education
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Unit plan ASSURE

  1. 1. Noah Martin CI 350-202 Harold Blanco 5/8/2014 ASSURE METHOD Analyze the Learner-  The class that I will be teaching to will be a group of high school seniors around the ages of 17-18 years old, of a predominantly white area in West Virginia, who are taking my class out of the necessity for college, and want of the class. This is not a core class that every student has to go through so I know I can teach at a more in depth level because the interest in the subject is higher in these students. However, being teenagers, my students still have the tendencies to get distracted easily, thus, having to make the assignments a little more hands on and less lecture State the Objective- A-Audience-  My students B-Behavior-  Will fully understand how World War I began C-Condition-  By using Voki, Youtube, and an Interactive/Animated map D-Degree-  At 100% accuracy Select the Method, Media, and Materials-  Method- It would be best for this group of students, for me as the teacher to use hands on activities to form a good student/teacher interaction. After finishing the hands on activities, allow the students to learn off of each other in a group based and student centered work environment.  Media- I believe that using Youtube Videos and interactive maps will be the best use of media because they will be the best source of first-hand information. Where Youtube videos can show clips of the actual war and interactive maps can show where and when everything that happened during the war, happened.  Materials- I will be using mainly internet and offline programs to do my teaching, like youtube, PowerPoint, and google. The other portion will be providing poster material for students to do their group presentations at the end of the week.
  2. 2. U-Utilize the Materials- 