14 no tube dissemination and showcases [compatibility mode]


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14 no tube dissemination and showcases [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. WPs 8, 9 Showcases, Dissemination Showcases DisseminationWP Leader: Lyndon Nixon, STI International with thanks to all partners for their dissemination  activities, and RAI, BBC & Stoneroos for the showcases
  2. 2. Overview of NoTube activitiesOverview of NoTube activities• Web site http://www.notube.tv eb s te ttp:// . otube.t – Online and printed Showcases materials• Other Web channels• Dissemination activities – Presentations – Publications – Events• Standards & recommendations• Outlook post‐NoTube 26‐27 March 2012 NoTube 3rd review 2
  3. 3. Web site notube.tvWeb site notube.tv