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Methodology Madness: The Origins, Issues and Advantages of AGILE

Over the years, methods for buildin solutions have gone from Top Down, to Rapidly Development, to Agile, to Design Thinking... and on and on. The Best method depends on your problem.

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Methodology Madness: The Origins, Issues and Advantages of AGILE

  1. 1. v Methodology MADNESS: ADDIE, SAM, Agile, and More presented by Lou Russell Russell Martin & Associates (317) 596-8022
  2. 2. How Has Work Changed Ten Years Ago… • Work on 1 project at a time, sometimes alone. • No email. • Less or no multi-tasking. • Functions / roles were clear • Governance was clear – the boss was the boss • 8 – 5 work and rare overtime • • Present… • • • • • • • Copyright Russell Martin & Associates2
  3. 3. Projects are Flash Mobs Copyright Russell Martin & Associates3
  4. 4. How frustrated ARE YOU??? Copyright Russell Martin & Associates4
  5. 5. What is the Return on Investment? Performance Gap: Why Intervene? • Increase Revenue • Avoid Cost How do we build it? = Performance Change Start With a Need Copyright Russell Martin & Associates5
  6. 6. Content • Managing the Project • What is a methodology and why do I need one? • Customer Need determines the Methodology Copyright Russell Martin & Associates6
  7. 7. Methodologies are… Cheat Sheets ▪ An alternative to figuring out the tasks to do yourself ▪ A standard generic approach PROS CONS Template / Quick Start Too many tasks to choose from Worked for Others May not be appropriate for your specific project Philosophical / Cultural Change Changing culture hurts Copyright Russell Martin & Associates7
  8. 8. Design Thinking Projects are either… Puzzles or Mysteries • A RIGHT answer • Clear, unchanging requirements • More people is better • Small, less complex • Never been done • Unclear, changing requirements • More people is worse • Innovative, strategic and complex Something In Between What would be the difference in your approach? Copyright Russell Martin & Associates8
  9. 9. ADDIE: Waterfall / Top Down PROS: • Easy to understand • Good for fixed requirements, basic compliance training CONS: • There’s no good way to ‘go back’ • Each edit adds bugs Puzzle Copyright Russell Martin & Associates9
  10. 10. Project Charter WHY are we spending money on this? Project Schedule 1 Task 1 Owner 1 Due Date Analyze the Need Design the Solution Build the Solution Launch the Solution Measure the Results = Performance Change Plan Well: Project Schedule/Plan aka Methodology Copyright Russell Martin & Associates10
  11. 11. What TASKS do I need to do? Brainstorm the tasks PROS: • You don’t need to ask anyone else • Shortcut if your projects are really similar CONS: • You’ll miss tasks • You’ll figure out big problems at the end Alternative: use the same basic tasks you used before Copyright Russell Martin & Associates11
  12. 12. Use a Methodology (aka cheatsheet) ADDIE Spreadsheet available at Copyright Russell Martin & Associates12
  13. 13. Mysteries: The Need to Iterate and Collaborate • Get the Right People • Get FOCUS TIME • Don’t lock on, iteratively discover throughout • Divergence and Convergence • Governance (clear decision making) at appropriate places • Focus on PERFORMANCE not CONTENT • Focus on PERFORMANCE not TOOLS Copyright Russell Martin & Associates13
  14. 14. Iterative (L&D) Alternatives SAM AGILE Copyright Russell Martin & Associates14
  15. 15. (SAM) Successful Approximation Method Copyright Russell Martin & Associates15
  16. 16. SAM Project Charter Sketch/ Draft Savvy Start Summary Report, Project Charter Refined/ Draft Project Plan (Charter and Schedule) Project Go/No Go Roles Matrix, Test Plan, Governance Content/ Objectives/ Treatment Matrix Design Proof, Content Grid Template Alpha Beta Gold (done) PROS: • Customer engagement • More milestones • Prototype CONS: • Never stop prototyping • Too many milestones • People don’t show Copyright Russell Martin & Associates16
  17. 17. AGILE Copyright Russell Martin & Associates17
  18. 18. Copyright Russell Martin & Associates18
  19. 19. Agile is a Mindset not a Methodology AGILE Waterfall Mindset change Each person is making the best impact they can Build what the Project Manager and Plan asked for Commitment Share everything, open your kimono Restrict information to the people who need it to build their piece Collaboration and Consensus All voices are equal: invite and listen Functional areas own their contribution Curiosity Copyright Russell Martin & Associates19
  20. 20. Agile Roles are different Project Sponsor Project Manager Decentralized Governance in a Centralized Organization Copyright Russell Martin & Associates20
  21. 21. The Scrum Master ▪ Remover of Obstacles ▪ Protector from Distraction (aka leave my developer alone) ▪ Enforcer of Events (aka start/end on time) Doing Agile vs. Being Agile Copyright Russell Martin & Associates21
  22. 22. wnloads/scrum_process.png •Using an iterative, incremental and evolutionary approach •Focusing on value- driven development •Delivering production- quality applications •Using barely sufficient processes •Automating everything •collaborating with the customer •Encouraging self- organizing and self- managing teams •Having the flexibility to accommodate existing PM structures and methodologies Copyright Russell Martin & Associates22
  23. 23. AGILE PROS: • Customer driven • Clear roles • Clear priorities • Flexible CONS: • Multitasking work world is opposite of this • Budgeting process is difficult Transition to AGILE: A new simulation available in 2018 Copyright Russell Martin & Associates23
  24. 24. The Simple Project Management Process Dare to Properly Manage Resources! Define Plan Manage Review 1.Set Business Objectives 2.Establish Project Scope 3.Set Project Objectives 4.Mitigate Risks 5.Establish Constraints 6.Plan Communications 7.Establish Governance Plan 1.Determine Milestones 2.Schedule Task Dependencies 3.Adjust for Resource Dependencies 4.Create Budget START 1.Control work in progress 2.Provide status and feedback 3.Leverage Governance 4.Resolve conflict 1.Close the project 2.Turn over deliverables 3.Hold Project Review 4.Celebrate accomplishments initiate plan monitor close END A Project Charter template can be downloaded at Copyright Russell Martin & Associates24
  25. 25. Start Well: WHY? Project Charter DEFINE 1. Set business objectives 2. Establish project scope 3. Set project objectives 4. Mitigate risks 5. Establish constraints 6. Plan communications 7. Establish governance plan Scope Diagram Copyright Russell Martin & Associates25
  26. 26. Choices Chicken or Egg? 1 • Use a methodology and remove what you don’t need • Audit your list against your arrows on the Scope Diagram to see if you’ve missed anything 2 • Use your Scope arrows to brainstorm tasks (Post-its) • Use a methodology to organize into milestones Charities Sponsor: CEO Volunteer Day Project Catering Volunteers Food Budget Schedule Budget Available Corporate Communications Employees Communication Plan Status Training Governance Needs Copyright Russell Martin & Associates26
  27. 27. The Stakeholders the project The Sponsor Experts (SMEs) Finance Customers Functional Leaders The Project Manager The Dedicated Project Team Copyright Russell Martin & Associates27
  28. 28. Role: Project Sponsor Project Sponsor ▪ Represents the best interest of the organization that is funding the project. ▪ Provides resources ▪ Makes critical business choices (governance) Copyright Russell Martin & Associates28
  29. 29. One of the most common reasons why projects fall short is a lack of executive sponsorship and management buy-in, according to the KPMG New Zealand Project Management Survey 2010. - Project Management Institute (PMI) solutions/executive-engagement.pdf Copyright Russell Martin & Associates29
  30. 30. Your Real World What You Need Risk of Occurrence (H, M, L) How Will You Do It? The Right People Focus Time Realistic Performance Goals Governance / Quick Decisions + Priorities Copyright Russell Martin & Associates30
  31. 31. Where to Get More Help At •Purchase books in the Book Store •Get our LEARNING FLASH e-zine for more tips and tools •Find out about workshops, webinars, e-learning and virtual alumni communities • @nolecture Lou Russell Copyright Russell Martin & Associates31