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No Gambling Presentation


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No Gambling Presentation

  2. 2. What is gambling ?Gambling is the wagering of money.Gambling is a game of chance.
  3. 3. Types of gambling ?There are many types of gambling such as Bingo , Gambling machines ,Lotteries and Raffles .
  4. 4. Bingo
  5. 5. Gaming machines
  6. 6. Lotteries
  7. 7. Raffles
  8. 8. Why do people gamble ?Feeling lucky : Many people gamble because they are simply feeling lucky.To have fun : Its not always about the money.Financial need : Gambling as a means of trying to satisfy a financial .
  9. 9. Escape: Sometimes life can become very boring and mundane and we lookfor ways to escape the reality of our lives.Relaxation: As a means of relaxating and letting ones hair down,gambling can be a great way to unwind from the many stresses of life.To win money: Gambling presents an excellent means to win easy money.
  10. 10. Worthwhile cause: Wagering to support a good cause can be all the motivation one needs to place a few innocent bets.Socializing: The pleasant and relaxing atmosphere of the casino is a greatplace for friends and family to socialize.
  11. 11. How do we stop Gambling ?
  12. 12. 10 Ways To Help Quit Gambling1. Make a decision on a given day when you wake up that you will not gamble.2. Find something at that time to replace your gambling.3. Remember the feeling when you leave the casino or lost a lot of money in an online casino or through sportsbetting.4. Read as much as you can about gambling addiction.5. Purchase self help for gambling addiction books, or courses, or just regular books about gambling addiction.
  13. 13. 10 Ways To Help Quit Gambling6. Attend your nearest Gamblers Anonymous meeting so you can receive support .7. Have a close family member handle your money.8. Make a list about how your gambling problem has affected your life in a negative way.9. T to a debt counselor about your gambling debts to relieve financial pressure alk10. See a counselor that specializes in addictions, especially gambling, and talk to this person about yourproblem.
  14. 14. Thank you for you attention...