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New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium


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New Hampshire is an aerospace and defense hub, with the nation's sixth largest A&D sector by percent of state GDP. To support the nearly 300 A&D businesses operating in NH today, the New Hampshire International Trade Resource Center helped to establish the New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium (NHADEC).

NHADEC provides programs, technical assistance and expertise to support and expand the export sales of its members, including:

•Export consulting

•Links to local, national and international institutions

•Training activities

•Translations and interpretation

•Legal assistance

•Creation of a common information system

•Assistance in handling transport and logistics

•Assistance with compliance and regulatory issues

•Joint advertising

•Collective participation in exhibitions and trade shows

•Trade missions abroad

•Participation in buyers’ missions;

•Collective hosting of potential clients

•Collective branding, communication, marketing and promotional activities

•Public relations and lobbying activities

•Information on technical developments in the industry sector

•Market research

•Introduction of quality standards

•Identification of distributors and clients

•Establishment of a common distribution network

•Improved processing techniques

•Selection of suppliers of raw materials and equipment for members

•Definition of common purchasing methods

•Consolidated shipping

•Assistance in obtaining certification of adherence to certain standards

•Collective participation in tenders

•Negotiation of preferential agreements with service providers

For more information about NHADEC, including membership, visit, or email: membership [at] NHADEC [dot] com.

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New Hampshire Aerospace and Defense Export Consortium

  1. 1. • • • • • • Unique Structure Started as part of a federal STEP grant Nearly 300 companies identified Nearly 70 members A&D contributes 3.96 percent to the state’s GDP, which ranks NH higher than 44 other states New Hampshire’s average A&D industry wages were the 5th highest in the nation and generated a total payroll of more than $653 million a year
  2. 2. • Well-organized sectors • Fast-growing sectors • Innovative products • Customized solutions • Vast commercial opportunities
  3. 3. Historic gains in growth • 2010: aerospace orders increased 234% • 2011: airplane production reached a record high • 2012: production increased again by 18% Bottom line: • The sector is in the midst of a strong up cycle • Replacement of older fleets • New technologies Investment in skills development, tooling and manufacturing
  4. 4. Attractive Markets: • India • World leader in arms importation since 2011 • U.S. defense supplies $8billion • Public sector drives the Indian aerospace industry • Brazil • High economic growth creating strong demand for aviation services and infrastructure • 2nd largest general aviation fleet in the world
  5. 5. Attractive Markets: Turkey • World’s sixth largest army, second largest army in NATO • Air force is the world’s third largest operator of F-16s • $12 billion market for aerospace products • $4 billion market for defense-related products
  6. 6. Attractive Markets Canada • 5th largest aerospace market • U.S. aerospace exports $6 billion in 2012 • Large OEMs • Bombardier • Pratt & Whitney Canada • Boeing Canada • Bell helicopter Textron Canada
  7. 7. What we’ve done: Organizing export opportunities Five member companies attended the International Paris Air Show New England-wide collaboration to establish aero-defense corridor with Aero Montreal
  8. 8. For more information about NHADEC and to become a member: