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Customer Experience Analysis (CEA)


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This here is a game changer, folks. The CEA combines quantitative and qualitative analysis of your brand to highlight what your customers think and say about you. Included in the analysis: focus groups, sentiment study, website usability and heat mapping tests, secret shoppers, and much more. You'll get a complete report with information you never imagined, outlining the implications for your business's bottom line.

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Customer Experience Analysis (CEA)

  1. 1. CustomerExperience Four stepsAnalysis to a better bottom lineWhat you don’t know will surprise you
  2. 2. Step One What They Say About You74% of consumers choose brands We will analyze all online chatter based on other regarding your name (i.e. Twitter, customers’ experiences Facebook, Yelp, Press Mentions, Blog shared ONLINE *Get Elastic Comments, etc.) to sort Positive, Neutral, and Negative sentiments and to identify trending topics specific to your brand.
  3. 3. Step Two Secret Shopper MissionUnbiased consumers willbe sent to your business fora first-hand customerexperience. Both qualitativenotes and quantitativesurveys will be reviewed todetermine the good, the badand the ugly. 86% of consumers STOPPED doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience *Harris Interactive
  4. 4. Step ThreeTracking Website Study Eye Using innovative technology, we will execute an Eye Tracking study for your website, generating custom Heat Mapping reports so you can know how people use your site. People CANNOT find the information they seek on a website 60% of the time *
  5. 5. Step Four Consumer Surveys A tailored group of consumers from your target market will be assembled to examine and provide 97% of consumers usefeedback on their perception of your brand, including the Internet to a Five Second Website Usability Test. You will also RESEARCH local products / have the opportunity to customize questions based services *Kelsey Group on your current business needs.
  6. 6. 86% of consumerswill pay more for a better customer experience *2011 CEI Report
  7. 7. CustomerExperience How it all comesAnalysis together Upon completion of all four steps, our mad scientists will spend some time in the lab analyzing all the numbers and feedback, resulting in a clean and clear CEA Report. The Report will cover all results and, most importantly, identify the implications for your business. Then, when you’re ready, we can talk about creative and effective ways to kick your customer experience program into overdrive.