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1st day powerpoint


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1st day powerpoint

  1. 1. Warmup (5 minutes) Level 0 Write exactly what is on the board to the right side of the room ---->
  2. 2. Go over the Warmup (Level 0) (5 minutes) - I’m checking for correct position of all items on the page Discuss the Agenda (Level 2) Pick out keywords in the sample objectives (Level 1) – discuss the keywords among each other Write down and go over what is for homework. (Level 1)
  3. 3. Guided Practice (10 minutes) • Tardy = not in your chair when the bell rings • Rules/Procedures will be posted in the room soon where everyone can see. In order to make your parents and administration proud, you need to abide by them. • Sharpen your pencil within the first 5 minutes of class (that is…during “Warmup”) • Once you are seated, stay there unless you are called to my desk or to the board • Level 1 – Let’s talk about a procedure that has not been mentioned. (Think about what you did today in an earlier class period). Let’s write it down.
  4. 4. Independent Practice (10 minutes) • Level 0 - Open your school handbook and look for the school rules and procedures areas. • Level 0 - Write at least 3 rules and at least 3 procedures that are most important to you. In other words, which ones do you think would be most beneficial to your comfort level in the classroom or while your on school property. • Level 2 – Let’s talk about a rule then a procedure from each of you. • Level 0 – Now jot down the extra curricular activities that mean the most to you personally. • Level 2 – Let’s talk about it if you feel comfortable doing so.
  5. 5. The Student Handbook (10 minutes) • Level 0 - It’s time to read parts of the handbook that are most important.
  6. 6. Closure (5 minutes) • A. Problem/Solution • Your homework today is to give your parents all of the required paperwork and other documentation handed to you in class. What are those items? (Level 2) – I will call a random name. • B. Write down 1 thing that you learned today. Level 0 • C. 3-2-1 Exit Strategy Level 0 – Clear your area (put all loose paperwork away) – Turn in necessary materials (homework/classwork) – Stand beside your desk and I will check for any trash on the floor ** I’ll stand at the door and call you to leave one row at a time.