Inception analysis


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Inception analysis

  2. 2. The inception trailer uses a variety of methods tokeep the audience engaged . The trailer tries toappeal to the audience by displaying the differentgenres such as action, psychological thriller andthe use of the different shots . Inception has avery original/unique idea it breaks away fromgenre. It has a massive audience it appeals toteenagers (15+) but also has an adult audience.The target audience for this film are young adultsand teenagers. Inception appeals to this audiencewith the use of fast-paced action scenes withcreate a fun buzz surrounding the film, and alsothe complex narrative and themes within thefilm. e.g (LEONARDO DICAPRIO)
  3. 3. The opening shot shows Leonardo DiCaprio’scharacter Dom Cobb in a dark setting with onlyparts of his body lit up. This shot engages theaudience because it establishes the maincharacter, because the main character is a famousactor the audience will be engaged because theywant to see him. The use of lighting is also darkand mysterious, this again engages the audiencebecause they are drawn in by the mystery andleaves the audience questioning.
  4. 4. The 2nd image: The audience is also drawn in bythe way in which the dream world is nothing likeanything in the real world. The image aboveshows the world folding over, this is somethingthat could not happen in the real world because itis not physically possible, because it can be donein the dream world the audience is drawn in bythis new world.Towards the end of the trailer more and morequick shots are used to create tension andexcitement as these scenes are usually actionpacked. As the pictures below display a lot of thepictures are action based and hook the audiencebecause it is fast paced.
  5. 5. All of these pictures engage the audiencebecause they are very fast paced and it keeps theaudience interested. The scenes vary betweenshooting from a car to being at a cafe with theworld exploding around the main characters. Theaudience wants to find out what is happening andwhy it is happening. These quick cut actionscenes are a good way to engage the audienceand leave them wanting more.The 7th image: This shot shows a close up of aspinning top that DiCaprio has spun, from thisfirst clip we learn that DiCaprio is a keycharacter/ main prtoagonsit in the film becausehe is the first person we see. The shot aboveshows the spinning top, because the camera isfocused on the top it suggests that the top alsoplays an important role in the film, however weare unable to conclude what the top represents.
  6. 6. While this scene is on the screen DiCaprio canbe heard narrating over the visuals for 30seconds. He says, “What is the most resiliantparasite? An idea.A single idea from a human mind can build a city.An idea can transform the world and re-write therulesWhich is why I have to steal it”This non-diagetic dialogue in the opening 30seconds of the trailer are important because theyare the first words that the audience and helpgive the audience about what the film is about.By mentioning an idea and its power implys thatan idea will be an important part of the film andthe last line suggests that he will be trying to steala single idea.
  7. 7. Each line in the trailer is linked the visuals onscreen. The first sentence is played over the topof DiCaprio spinning the top, from the use ofthe words and showing DiCaprio the audiencecan link that he is somehow associated with anidea.The next line, ” A single idea from a humanmind can build cities” is supported by the visualsshowing a city being folded over. As you can seein the picture below you can see the city foldingover on itself.the 2nd image is a good representation of thesci-fi nature of the film :The way in which thecity is being altered defines the law of physicsand is not real. By linking this visual image to thedialogue being spoken over the top suggests thatthis bending of the city has come fromsomeones imagination and is simply an idea. Thisalso helps convey the narrative by suggesting thatyou need to be able to escape the laws of physicsin order to construct a city like that, and that thesubconscinous is the only place to go to be ableto do that.
  8. 8. the 8 & 9 image: From the two correspondingimages we can see the continuation ofsubconsciousness and its importance with thenarrative and film. By using text the audiencegains more information about the film, learningthat the mind plays an important part of the filmand that the words “scene of the crime” suggestsomething illegal is going to take place in the lastplace you thought was accessible.The last scene in the trailer however does notcarry on the narrative and is used more inhooking role, it is used because it is dramatic andout of the ordinary and the audience will want tosee what is going on and why it happening.
  9. 9. The final picture: The final image is this, and itshows the word Inception built into a maze. Thisis done because the mind is like a maze and whenentering someone’s dreams it is not a simplewalk, it is a maze and it takes a lot of skill andcunning to work your way through the maze andfind out what is in the middle. The mazerepresents different dimensions .Film trailers do not only include famous directorsthey also include the names of some of theactors. Inception’s leading man is LeonardoDiCaprio. He is famous for his roles in manyfilms such as Titanic and Romeo and Juliet.Having a world-famous actor in your film willattract many fans who like his acting and want tosee more. Big names also reflect a big budget andif a film has a big budget it means the can dobetter special effects and have more money tospend then small independent film companies.The picture below shows Leonardo DiCaprio’scredit in the trailer. (FROM THE DIRECTOROF DARK KNIGHT) WARNER BROS