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Contoh PowerPoint Final Test G3 (Story Telling)


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Contoh PowerPoint Final Test G3 (Story Telling)

  1. 1. Somewhere, in the wonderland, live a boyname Redcop. He has a beautiful andlovely unicorn named Purpy
  2. 2. Redcop really loves Purpy. They spent all day playing together.And Purpy always there for Redcop. Both of them are Best Friend Forever
  3. 3. Someday, suddenly Purpy gets strange desease. He got sick
  4. 4. Redcop has to go to Sacred Mountain to find the cure for Purpy
  5. 5. After struggling, finally Redcop find the cure in the deep of Sacred Mountain
  6. 6. Purpy has get well know. They can play again