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Niyi ladipo presentation share

A Creative Designer and Brand Management Specialist. I Initiate strategic Creative solutions for Businesses (Macro and SMEs), Government, NGOs, Political parties and Faith based organisations.

I also provide strategic leadership for teams that execute compelling Publicity and Branding programme and develop concepts, designs and products for high profile individuals and organisations.

Apart from other employments, I had worked on Freelance basis with some top advertising agencies and Online Retailers as Senior Art Director these includes SO&U Saatchi & Saatchi Limited, Ikeja, TBWA / CONCEPT, G.R.A. Ikeja, Lagos and JUMIA among others.

Currently setting up a coaching programme for new executives that are developing a career in Brand Management and Advertising design on the Fundamental of Branding and use of Adobe Creative suites .

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Niyi ladipo presentation share

  3. 3. BRANDSCOM INTERNATIONAL BRANDING DESIGN PRINTING TV PRODUCTION BRANDSCOM INTERNATIONAL, a company with major skills in Branding, Advertising Design, & Radio / TV Production in Lagos, Nigeria. Adeniyi Ladipo …a versatile creative professional with prolific ideas
  4. 4. MY WORKS
  5. 5. ADVERTISING DESIGN I create 'brand worlds' in which every piece of my visual communication helps to maximize brand impact, increase loyalty, stimulate action and leave the target audience with a positive memorable experience. Take a tour…
  6. 6. Press Advert
  7. 7. Invitation card
  8. 8. Press Advert
  9. 9. Press Advert
  10. 10. Press Advert
  11. 11. Press Advert
  12. 12. Press Advert
  13. 13. 3D Billboard
  14. 14. Billboard
  15. 15. Poster
  16. 16. Books
  17. 17. Books
  18. 18. Event materials
  19. 19. Digital Painting
  20. 20. Brochure design & Printing His Excellency, Lagos State Governor
  21. 21. Calendar
  22. 22. Newspaper/ Magazine Production
  23. 23. Book
  24. 24. Book
  25. 25. Web Banners
  26. 26. BROCHURE
  27. 27. BROCHURE
  28. 28. Magazine cover design IN NIGERIA Stakeholders Speak
  29. 29. PRINTING Talk of offset, Screen or large format printing, you can rely on me for thorough supervision. I will always surpass expectations.
  30. 30. Trade Brochure
  31. 31. Books Cover
  32. 32. Promo Notebooks
  33. 33. Magazine
  34. 34. Professional books
  35. 35. BRANDING
  36. 36. BRANDING Image is Important. Creating one that generates good perception globally for organisations to transform their vision into a visual reality is my core area.
  38. 38. LARGE FORMAT PRINTING & BTL Productions Billboard
  39. 39. Vehicle branding
  40. 40. Roll up Banner
  41. 41. Roll up Banner
  42. 42. Brand Identity – (Logo Development)
  43. 43. Brand Identity – (Logo Development)
  44. 44. Brand Identity – (Logo Development)
  45. 45. Brand Identity – (Logo Development)
  46. 46. Brand Identity)
  47. 47. Brand Identity
  48. 48. Brand Identity
  49. 49. Proposed Internal Memo Template
  50. 50. Proposed Seasons’ Card
  51. 51. INFO GRAPHICS In presenting business facts in a convincing way that effectively captures your audience’s attention and get your point across, you’ll need this special form of art…
  52. 52. Business BROCHURE
  53. 53. RADIO & TELEVISION PRODUCTION My TV production directing is outstanding. I ensure that clients’ commercials and Documentaries exactly project the right tone of voice for its brands. You start to experience the DIFFERENCE right from my illustrated storyboards, creatively captured moments to the actual editing of the footages.
  54. 54. Footages from one of the videos I Produced
  55. 55. “My belief is that all brand strategies, designs and productions should be simple, functional, insightful, innovative and appealing. It should also make a brand desired”
  56. 56. THANK YOU Niyi Ladipo An Associate Member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)
  57. 57. MY CONTACT
  58. 58. Name: Niyi Ladipo Tel: 08023048314 e-mail: Address: 8 Olufeso str. Off Cement B/S, Dopemu, Lagos.