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Çizgi Network Profile 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Çizgi Network Profile 2012

  1. 1. 20 12 (H1)
  2. 2. Company Information Company Name Founding Date Current Capital Reserved Capital Credit Limits Number of Employees Total Settlement Çizgi Elektronik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. August 1992 4.700.000 USD 1.750.000 USD 12.500.000 USD (Banks) 58 (12 Engineers) 2300 M2 : : : : : : :
  3. 3. Organisation Chart
  4. 4. Mission With the power we gained from the sectoral experience, C izgi’s aim is to provide the best service to our customers. Our mission is to reflect the lates development in Information Technologies to our country simultaneously with the world and to give confidence to our customers in the circle of Reliability , Support and Solution .
  5. 5. History C izgi Electronic was founded in 1992 by Maide and Niyazi SARAL. Cizgi focused as System integrator for the first 5 years and gained great power in the sector. C izgi decided that; to be a distributor and a system integrator at the same will damage the customers. So in 1998, Cizgi stopped to be a System Integrator. From that time till now, Cizgi imports and distributes desktop PC Products to Turkey. In 2001, C izgi started to give L1 level RMA service in Turkey. C izgi, started a new project called TURKNOTE in 2003 spring. Our aim is to support our customers on local production.
  6. 6. Products Monitos Network Products Keyboard/Mouse Motherboards VGA Card Optik Products Cases PSUs
  7. 7. Distribution Channels
  8. 8. Internet / Web Sites
  9. 9. RMA Lab C izgi Electronic started RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) service in Technical Service Department in 2002 March. Apart from L2 level(testing & finding defective products) service,which most of the distrubutors have, Cizgi also has L1 level (replacement of all SMD, DIP & BGA components) service which only big distributors have.
  10. 10. Çizgi Tagem (Non-Profitable Company)
  11. 11. Cizgi Capabilities - Good Capital - Gives flexibility for competition ( 12 .5 million USD, captial+credit lines) - Strengths of Cizgi - Technical Support, Hot Lin e - CRM program - RMA advantage - Engineering (Problems solved in any case) - Distribution Facilities - Good reputation / image - Past experince with vendors (Long term partner) - Cizgi is the market maker
  12. 13. Thank you!