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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Actors By Niall Armstrong
  2. 2. Starring… LUKE NEWCOMBE as Hunter Isgrove Image: Description: Throughout the opening sequence, Luke will be attempting to portray a confident character. A character who has a big mouth and is rather pompous. In reality, whilst in the forest and encountering all of the bizarre happenings, he is petrified inside but decides to put a façade on to protect his honour and reputation. Physical appearance: The physical appearance of this character doesn’t matter too much. He’s just an ordinary person but with a narcissistic attitude. His facial features may suggest he is a confident character as well as he is always smiling smugly. Why? Luke is suitable for the role, as he is confident in real life, and he has previously acted a similar role during his time in secondary school, where he also achieved a high GCSE in performing arts. This will be beneficial as he has great knowledge and understanding of how to get in role and stay in role for the entirety of the opening sequence. With his experience, I believe
  3. 3. Starring… BRADLEY SMITH as Dominic ‘Dom the don’ Charlton Image: Description: During the opening sequence, I have purposely chose Bradley Smith to play a character who is loyal, strong and a typical football hooligan who is always up for a fight or a few alcoholic beverages. He has a rebellious attitude. Physical appearance: Despite being small he is still intimidating, especially with his attire. Brad is stocky and looks to have upper body strength. This links with his hooligan persona. Why? I have chosen Brad because he looks like he is from 1980’s Britain, with the typical Ben Sherman, Doc Martens and long Parkas. This is exactly why I have chose him to play a hooligan like character, with a fiery attitude.
  4. 4. Starring… ALFIE MILLAR as the unseen antagonist Image: Description: Alfie will play the unseen antagonist, who is cunning in the opening sequence as he uses the forest and the terrain to hide himself from the protagonists. He acts as a predator, preying on the two young boys. Not only is he cunning, but he is intricate and clever about the homicide. Physical appearance: Alfie is a person with a bulky stature, which is perfect to portray a powerful antagonist. His facial expressions are very monotone, which would further reinforce his malevolent nature. Why? I’ve chose Alfie because he has recently gained a qualification in performing arts, which enables him to be confident in front of camera. I’ve also chosen Alfie because his physical appearance reflects an antagonist.