Guide to new Twitter for brands


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Twitter has rolled out a lot of new features and also enhanced Twitter pages for brands. What are the new features and what does this mean for brands?

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Guide to new Twitter for brands

  1. 1. A guide to…New Twitter&Twitter pages forbrandsPage 1 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  2. 2. New version of Twitter“Discover what’s happening now” Page 2 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  3. 3. New version of Twitter Home – your personal Connect – get in on collection of Tweets, the conversation. See featuring the latest news, who has followed, mentioned commentary and information you, retweeted or favorited from the sources you care your tweets about Discover – tap into a New profile – Others stream of useful and can Tweet directly to entertaining information, you, view your lists, customized just for you favorites, followers & photosPage 3 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  4. 4. Enhanced Twitter profile pages for brands“Create an even more compelling destinationon Twitter for your brand” Page 4 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  5. 5. Enhanced Twitter pages for brands Make a bigger impression Be more in control – – use a large header image change the message visitors for displaying your logo, see when they first come to tagline, and any other your profile page by visuals promoting a Tweet to the top of your timeline Be more visually engaging Manage your tweets – – set video or photo tweets @replies and @mentions to open and make them are now separated to help appear as large icons on you manage responses your pagePage 5 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  6. 6. When will this happen? o  Twitter has already rolled out twitter pages for brands for 21 marketers including Coca-cola, Dell, Nike and Disney. The ability to see these pages is also being tested at the moment and only available to a select few.Page 6 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  7. 7. What s everyone saying? “By differentiating brands’ pages from those of users and by offering more options for content, Twitter is no longer just a place to have conversations and handle customer service queries; it’s becoming a media platform in its own right.” Make no mistake about it then as Marketingweek soon as the new branded Twitter pages are available to ALL brands and marketers, they key will be - as it is in EVERY social media platform, to create compelling and engaging content. Steve Olenski, socialmediatoday.comPage 7 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  8. 8. What s everyone saying? “ The question for each one of these marketers is what is the interesting, compelling, provocative content that they can be putting out to a larger audience to keep that engagement high." Adam Bain, Chief Revenue Officer of “Twitter is planning to be Twitter huge. Both in terms of worldly significance and company size. That’s why it’s making a product that anyone and everyone can use.” Dan Frommer, Splatf.comPage 8 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  9. 9. What do we say? •  These 2 steps that Twitter has taken suggests it wants to become more mainstream: the aim of the new features is to encourage wider use, whilst the implementation of distinct pages for brands will draw attention to the space as fundamental, such as Facebook and Google+ already have. •  Twitter was once a key space for brands to listen and respond to customers. Now, however, the focus has broadened and Twitter has recognised the importance of making this easier for brands. •  Brands will have to step up and the creation of an engaging content strategy for Twitter is highly important to engage with this potential new audience.Page 9 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011
  10. 10. What next?•  Checkout NixonMcInnes Academy for more information on how Twitter should be used as part of your strategy to help you reach the right people and achieve your corporate objectives.•  Our course will help your business use Twitter effectively to maximise your marketing and PR efforts but also to learn from the industry and your customers.• academy/Page 10 | Guide to new Twitter for brands| Dec 2011