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300 Seconds Brighton - Genuine Fake Watches by Caz Yetman


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In this presentation, I talk about a World where businesses reconnect with their true purpose and start delivering meaningful work, connect with its people and become more profitable as a result.

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300 Seconds Brighton - Genuine Fake Watches by Caz Yetman

  1. 1. @cazyetman Genuine Fake Watches @cazyetman
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  5. 5. @cazyetman Why How What Starting with why
  6. 6. @cazyetman
  7. 7. @cazyetman Companies with an authentic purpose do 1025% better than the S&P 500 -- Firms of Endearment
  8. 8. @cazyetman What you DO and SAY = What you actually BELIEVE AUTHENTICITY
  9. 9. @cazyetman DEFINEDEFINE “Buy a HALF-GALLON of soda – with 800 calories from 56 SPOONFULS OF SUGAR – for $2.99 and a buck goes to juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation”
  10. 10. @cazyetman What if … • Barclays: Helping people achieve their ambitions – in the right way • Starbucks: To inspire and nurture the human spirit - One person, One cup, and One Neighborhood at a time • Nestlé: To achieve a profitable business as well as balance the needs of the employees and communities we share
  11. 11. @cazyetman From this…
  12. 12. @cazyetman To this…
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