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Lanna contemporary | San Pee Sue project | Niwat Architects


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Niwat Architects was founded on 1972 by Dr.Niwat Tantayanusorn. With a focus on Lanna culture, Niwat Architects has designed dozens of buildings, mainly residential and otel&resort.The cultural and environmental based designs are spread all over the Thailand, mainly in northern part of the country.

Apart from our passion on Lanna culture, we specialize in green and sustainable design, by exploring passive design techniques and alternative energy and material usage.

Our purpose is to bring a high quality of work that blends with the surrounding nature; therefore we believe that our job is to design the architecture and the surroundings.

We believe that it’s our duty to preserve the environment while designing a building. We care about all the trees, especially the existing ones on site.
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Lanna contemporary | San Pee Sue project | Niwat Architects

  1. 1. Lanna contemporary | San Pee Sue project | Niwat Architects The San Pee Sue Project is oneof ourcurrentwork at NiwatArchitects. The site is locatednotfar from chiang mai, along the river Ping.The client contactedusfew monthagoandwantedustodesign accommodationsfor hishealth centerproject.As with themajority of ourprojects,we focusonthe processtobind contemporaryandtraditional lannaarchitecture.Howto getthe functionality andclarity of moderndesign withoutforgetthe rootsofoursecular Localarchitecture ? LocalLandscape Lanna identity is not onlyaboutarchitecture,ourfirst processwasto introducethelocal knowledgeonthebigger scale : master planning andlandscapedesign.By observingthe variety andqualities of northernthaivillages organizationwe drawnthe main lines of theprojects.Therby we getinspire by villages circulations, access, emptyspacesorcourtyards.In parallel, we adapted thosemodels tothe modernfunctionsandcomfort of a resort (services, privacy …). Inorderto accentuatethelannaspirit ofthe whole projectswealso developeda landscapedesign close to thelocal traditionsby using specific tree species andplanting practices. Lanna contemporary
  2. 2. Designprocess Theproject consist of severalbuildings organizedaroundsmall courtyards(‘’Kuang’’ in lanna language).We developeda model ofbuilding withtwo roomsfor longstay clients. Inorderto create a village feeling and cosyatmospherein thewhole site, this building respect a housescale by itsproportionsandorganization.Ourmain purposewasto createa modernarchitecture inspired by thelanna traditionalart ofconstruction.So we hadto design betweenthecontemporaryfunctionsandexpectations(high ceilings, large openings,comfort standards…)andourdesire towork withthe lanna elementsofarchitecture (materials, roofing, patterns…).The result is a project wheremodern andlanna architecture are only one.Butthe keyissue ofourapproachis notabout appearance,is notjust aboutstyle.Inorderto design aninteresting mix of old andcontemporaryarchitecture,wehave to understandwhatislanna culture in termsof spacesanduses.That’showwe can createa building thatnotjust lookslike lanna but is deeply lanna in each facet ofits conceptionanduse.
  3. 3. Tags: Chiangmai Lanna, Lanna Architects,Lannacontemporary, local architecture _______________________________________________________ Contact Us: NiwatArchitectCo.,Ltd. WebSite : FaceBook: