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  1. 1. sT LEGER & Vrr{EY (PTY) LTn Reg. No. 1951/003351/07 P.O. Box 55508 Northlands,2Ll6 Transvaal South Africa 30 March 2005 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This letter serves to confirm that Miss Nivera lshwarlall has been employed by St leger & Viney (Pty) Ltd trom 'tr1 February 2000 to 31 March 2005. She leaves the Company of her own free will. Nivera was initially employed in the capacity of Tracking Clerk. ln April 2001 she was promoted to the position of Foreign and Local CreditorJ Clerk and in March 2004 she was promoted to the position of Creditors Supervisor where she was given responsibility for the entire creditors function. Nivera-consistently proved to be a diligent and dedicated employee. She delivered work of a high standard in terms of detail and accuracy. Nivera was always prepared to work additional hours and on weekends, without ad'oitional compensafiLn, in order to ensure deadlines were met. Nivera combines intelligence with ambition, and honesty with loyalty. I wish Nivera all the best for her future. HEAD OFFICE St. Leger & Viney House 8 Kramer Road, Kramerville 2 148, Sandton +27 lt 4446722 +27 lt 4446759 HEAD OFFICE P. O. Box 55508 Northlands, 21 I6 South Africa CAPE 28 A Kildare Road Newlands 7700, Cape Town Tel + 27 21 683 5233/4 Fax: + 27 21 683 1413 NATAL Donna Plater Agencies 176, 9tr'Avenue Morningside 4001, Durban Tel : + 27 31 312 4208 Fax : +21 31 312 3204 EASTERN CAPE PC Enterprises 48 Villiers Rd Walmer Port Elizabeth, 6001 Tel:+27 41 581 3710 Fax:+27 41 5813128 T.I Fa-r DIRECTORS Gary St. Leger Searle (Executive) - John-Andrew Ovenstone (Executive) - Andrew Ovenstone - Graham Viney Email : Yours faithful
  2. 2. TESTIMONIAL By: Milinda Wrieht In Favour o* Niveralshwrlall rt$ry my yeanl at st Leger & viney, Nive,ra was promoted, fiom being a purchasing assistant to take over my role thec as the Credito* M*go. I-g"u-r.9 on to a prcmoted position to manage a sister roipany of st Leger calld "The World Oftryhfte". I found that she had an affinity for workiog with figrres, ra&ich is an advantage i1 any accountiag environment. Her skifl at beiagmeticulous and ahauds-on indivijual arributd to her taking control rather qpeedily aad she was soon able to rxrork exceptionally well wi$out sqretision" Hen completo Ttaining took three months, and she yas porforming above and beyond expectation by the sixtl month. Shehad already imp^lemented neur systerns, which cut costs and time for filing, tirue and resoxd keeping frr claims and rewrittances, among other impmvemerts. Yo +_tlity F {|Pt to chaege and fio imprcve in her enviroruneut proved ro yield fruitfiil results all round in ft,e creditors eepartutemt -overthilPerrgd_of emplolment at St hgeq sup,pliers who had prcviorxlyregarded St Leger as being'tsad-Payers" had changd theiiperceptions andLad beg11g to"have tn$t h St Lqger as their Dcbtor. It was rryorted that by the eqd of that year Niveia had rranaged to resolve g0% of queries and claims ryhich had been geirerated over a three to foru year period prior to heremploymeirt in e€ ceditors deparhnort. . lince th-en oy involvemeut with her was not on a day-to-day basis. Ft93 The Training I had givenher and fioa the g*uot Liaisonbetweenus as colleagucs I can say tlrat she bas the following quatities, Deterodnd, PaYS attentioo to detail, does notprocrastinate, does not leave ajob ircormplete, is meticulouq accnffite, can work-well rmdapres$re, car impru-vise arrd make sound. husiness decisions, is able to learn any give$-task *a pur6n- *"U ur that function over a reasonatle time period will ecoiomise, does uaryt fs change, witl make deoisions which b€oefit " **p*y, and woUld uttiU,t to the success of any compary. Shehx arequirement forrecognrtion and appreoiation forha efforts and achievEmeat She is very dedicatd m her work and in achieving success in herjob fimction, I" *yopinioa it would be safelo say that stre would prove to be an asset to any compafly. Miliqda Wrighr {q tq3ss c"72 tt*l1t-7 I :ds sluau0dtx0"l siJ (*) Ga0 t 'd t986'01'l it:gt ?002 'co,l'6
  3. 3. whnoturo HEAD OTFICE/SHOW ROOM: 3rd FloorSKromer Rood, Kromerville Sondton P.O. Box 130836 Bryonston 2074 q I o s t fo I5 June 2006 ToUhom-it m d)/-cone e rr- Re: Job Reference for Nivero lshworloll This letter serves to confirm thol Ni vero wos employed by whotnot Noturol fobrics from I April 2O0S - 3l Moy 2006. Her dulies included Debtors, creditors, foreign creditors documents, supplier lioison, Client lioison. coshbooks, pelly cosh, credit cords, goroge cords, journols, PAYE, SDL, RSC, UtF, Sqtories ond woges, Vot returns, loon occounts, the lnler compony occount, GL recons, finolizotion of occounls. Audit Journols os insfructed by the compony occounlont, ond fulfilling the functions required for the yeor ending procedures, os well os other generol office functions required of her. Nivero performed her functions in on orderly ond porliculor monner. For further informotion pleose conloct Sondie Borbour on 0824654455.. bric t CC Tel:0ll 4442722 Fox:01 1 4442723 Emoil:whotnol@worldonline. co.zo Kind regords, ,Ns/Sondie Borbour Director
  4. 4. Reg. No.56t12181t01' . A MEMBERoFTHE REBHoLD cnoun Fi[ DrvrsroNs CROWN MINES Comer Main Reef & Crownwood Roads Crown Mines. P.O. Box 786 Crown Mlnes 2025 TEJ;83o-4440n FNC 8394002 E-nail : TO WHOM TT MAY CONCERN . * .DEYLAND East Road . Devland ;1 P.O. Box 42909 Fondsburg 2033 TEJ:933-2126n 9332858 FAX:9334005 E*nail : devhnd@f .unbo. co-za PIEIERSBURG 28 Nikkel Skeet Supervia Pietersburg P.O. Box 2570 PietenbrLrg 0700 TEri p512) 292-1A97/An F$( 0152-292-1357 Ernail : pk{ DURBAN 22 Umgeni Road Durban P.O. Box 37914 Gerport 4067 TEL (031) 3094010 {031) 309-4466 FA}c (031) 3091921 E-rmil , BLC}EMFONTEIN Comer Alexandra & Blignaut Streets Hilton, Bloemfontein. P.O. Box 1487 Bloemlontein 9300 TErj [0514] 30]20U4!81 FA)( (0514) 302099 Efl : t/oernicntein0irrfio. o-za JUMBO CIGARETTE WHOLESAT.ERS Comer Axle & Traction Roads Devland, JFIB P.O.Box 42909, FonCsburg,2033 TiJ.-p|:,93&14&/1nfi/4 FAX: (0111 9334005 This is to certify that r have worked with Nivera rshwarrallfor the past seven months. Nivera started as a cashier and b6cause of her committmentshe was promoted as a receptionist. Her duties included liasing with the customers, cu6tomdrqueries, $nswering the telephone and passing of credlts. . r have found Nivera to be honest, diligent and har.d working.she has a pleasant disposition. she was punctual at workand always went therrExtra Mile'r . ?n" erbil*:handle pressure and works without supervision. she she leaves us on her own accord and we wish her everythingof the best. Kind Regards A-.*- ,l.t '--- R.I{ P.AMJEE I'IANAGER . ,. DIRECTORS : S-M. Levenberg fChotrecni: D A. A. Cangat rS.G.; Seetha &fonogiag Dfr6clo4 ; Y. Moolla ; J.G Kerpe n ; W, Ne.rioo ; B. Tiil
  5. 5. -ferts 1Pgfit-G,D a+<- NrVs{cn Yfyvlt4eQ nL d ^^ t4 frt{h CdJC*xJ- ts 4 Ca,qr ry alWr a UJ tn* f.[ t ver<rq 1- f#] LJq rLu-Lt* fn", WVg,-l t*lor-tt t+1" A &ldtan_ tu-t6) Co Yt' tzt p€nn {fu- flo*lryro-rrJ{ Jf . +f.ed€- €ou Lr f7k | ** t w€-*.t t'*tg &61217 t " T ftw W IE,L *1 Ar $qaa Wr{) 6IJU 6v*{b.{?b1 P ke+*asa lrJb fru^68{) U'cL Wn*" tu c,L),*o€-{> Lim i4 4yyg- AaSfth€^a y UAS{nh^6p tRuU Et Fa 4*"" a*f,{wu* t^,o 0*ttu f 6{- Wa €tw,-p Nf Dlrlaa"t ND fta*swnt Vs pog1toil. SH€ ".trau {rt1ary {,W i,;;68-fiL ft*J D pJ-pr.+-O kE r,-Z ng€ _ rt txqnrs Mt;a a cd,U llWOte t*d,u*-€* *To 6;gt-aq UJflIw,N $*fU,-trsroJ .. fw S kL-t hzrrzTtV,rftYrA. fr+r- i@hws ilO{Ax* htD^ l)A tL Tn$_ Itw tcts &u L,TE* il{'t&r k'l€d- ", Kr "p kea+*> t Ao EE tl,tt u*r, Da{,{ttJf- h"W- t4t Yvt"AxJ 4s &E ^.-
  6. 6. 2;1 July 1$!9 T* ldh*nr It M*y f,nncern Tiri:: Lell*r Is to certify tlrsl liiv*ra Ish,,+arlall Fr*'di*usly *mplry*ri b:u Th* M*rket $p*r. l.i*nil,arcrrtlr s$ a 5up*rvi*or" She has h**n fi uery repehl* amcj pfrsfin lind ,"if gr*at vclu* ti: u$" Y* s sirrc*rly Mr t! - wards i{*n*ge fet l1a - t"t4E 7 [,]*rk*t $p*r H*n f*rn*r 'r,i*irr &nd H*nilr^i*rth J*henn*$hi;rg ?L!fl ilr+nrti'r fi*rtha 5lr*ets !,i8S *i'fit:ierrt