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Willem boom "Casos de éxito moodle en grandes corporaciones"


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Willem boom "Casos de éxito moodle en grandes corporaciones"

  1. 1. “Casos de éxito Moodle en  grandes corporaciones”grandes corporaciones
  2. 2. Introduction & Gracias! A little about me: Willem Boom Bend, Oregon USA, g Totara Learning, Inc. (Totara LMS) Vice President – Partner Solutions
  3. 3. di t ib ti f M dla distribution of Moodle
  4. 4. • Totara LMS is commercial open sourceTotara LMS is commercial open source • Totara is a distribution of Moodle • an extended version with a workplace focusan extended version with a workplace focus • skills and competencies, learning plans, reporting, classroom management, and more… • Totara is a global partnership • Joint venture between Kineo (City & Guilds),( y ), Catalyst IT, and Flexible Learning International • Global partner network, over 65+ so far
  5. 5. • Vision:Transform the global LMS  marketplace.  • Current situation; Low Adaptability + High Prices = Low  SatisfactionSatisfaction • Totara is a disruptive technology, offers High Adaptability +  Low Prices = Better value, greater satisfaction.  • Key Differentiators:  Lower cost through subscriptions not licensing E f i ti d t i ti OEase of innovation and customization. Open source. Peace of mind from commercial support.  Totara Subscriptions ensure clients have latest securityTotara Subscriptions ensure clients have latest security  releases, patch updates, + new feature releases.
  6. 6. d h fconventional investment  weighted on technology Minimises risk, greater success paradigm shift
  7. 7. • Individual development plans Totara Specific Enhancements • Audience Management • Classroom management • Team management • Competency management L i th• Learning paths • Program Management • Dashboard reportingDashboard reporting • Roles and Organisations  • HR system integrationy g • Open Badges
  8. 8. The standout feature! Open Badges Integration with Mozilla’s Open Badges  g p g Infrastructure Issue badges at site level or activities within courses Display badges in Totara Push to external display sites Smart metadata behind the imageSmart metadata behind the image  provides validity
  9. 9. • Totara LMS is available by subscription Subscriptions y p • Code is 100% GPL • You can take, use, and reuse the code • Annual subscriptions provide: • Product support, new releases and updates • Access to subscriber portal with forums and p documentation • Priority consideration for new features
  10. 10. • Largest Deployments (Client & # of users) Totara Statistics g p y ( ) • Kohls – 250,000 • Safeway – 200,000 • Oriflame 250 000 mo ing to 1M+• Oriflame – 250,000, moving to 1M+ • Tesco – 250,000, enterprise global roll‐out of 450,000 • Smallest, 40% of clients have less than 500 usersSmallest, 40% of clients have less than 500 users
  11. 11. Totara Subscribers Sample
  12. 12. Case Study:  • Migrated from Moodle to Totara • Customer facing teams in Retail Enterprise &• Customer facing teams in Retail, Enterprise, &  Customer Operations • Key Totara features:y • Learner Experience • Control over Development Paths • Enhanced Reporting • Manager ViewManager View • Fully Branded site called Learning Lounge &  Implemented in 2 months
  13. 13. Case Study:  • UK Based Hotel Chain  • 1 900 Employees• 1,900 Employees • 35 locations • Distributed workforce with a young demographicy g g p • Focused on new employee training to start • Course Completions started at 3,125 per month & growing • Succession Planning using Competencies &  Learning Plans as well as Program ManagementLearning Plans as well as Program Management
  14. 14. Case Study:  • UK Retail Chain • 400 000 Employees (250 000 on Totara LMS)• 400,000 Employees (250,000 on Totara LMS) • Tesco requirements met by Totara: • Learning Paths • Online Course Booking• Online Course Booking • Waitlisting • Manager Approvals • Course Feedback • Sophisticated Reporting• Sophisticated Reporting • One need not met – Program Management • 3 month build for this new feature (now standard in Totara LMS
  15. 15. Case Study:  • USA based retail organization • 250 000 users on Totara LMS• 250,000 users on Totara LMS • Migration from Sumtotal to Totara LMS • Requirements included:q • More advanced Audience Management • Additional Face to Face features • Built quickly by the Totara Development team • Client highly satisfied with growing usage
  16. 16. Screenshot Examples – Courtesy of Nivel Siete
  17. 17. Totara growth strategy Extend product line – Totara Social Continue roadmap of new features e gContinue roadmap of new features e.g.  Performance Management Capabilities (Totara 2.5  in late 2013).  Improve and refine existing feature set
  18. 18. New features with 6 month release cycle I ‘l k t ’ ith M dl l lIn ‘lock step’ with Moodle release cycle  Regular ‘micro‐enhancements’ &  refinementsrefinements Totara Social Performance ManagementPerformance Management Certifications Totara LiteTotara Lite
  19. 19. Totara Social An enterprise/corporate ePortfolio System based on Mahara Stand alone or integrate with Totara LMS g Extends open badges workflow: o Totara LMS as issuer, Totara Social as displayer of badgesp y g Social capabilities; activity stream, status updates, groups Search and recommendation technology for workplace usegy p
  20. 20. Future work planned for display in Mahara‐ ’Totara Social’
  21. 21. Performance Management Due for 2.5 Release Create performance appraisals Link appraisals to company and personal goals Align to Learning Plans and My Learning Gather 360º feedback from peers Report through ‘progress tracking’ and ‘metrics’
  22. 22. lAppraisal overview screen
  23. 23. Certifications Extend program management ‐renewable programs (certifications) Management of recertification paths Historic (other) training upload Designed to be pluggable in future for course and competency  certificationscertifications Custom Manager View
  24. 24. Totara Lite • App‐based Totara – focus on smartphone use • Lite = stripped down functionality, learner rather than  AdminAdmin • Kineo developing with Moodle (therefore Totara) • A first step to an offline player• A first step to an offline player • See proposals at Moodle site:
  25. 25. Questions & Discussion
  26. 26. Willem Boom Totara LMS Contact Info Willem Boom Vice President – Partner Solutions  Totara Learning, Inc. Bend, Oregon USA 541.647.2633 – Office 541.373.0622 – Mobile Skype – willem boomSkype – willem_boom