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  1. Food Truck Presentation Submitted To Mr Purushottam Kainth Submitted by:- Nitish Kumar Sriwastava, Badal Sharma Md Rashid, Sanjeev Kumar (2000811)
  2. Introduction of Food Truck ▪ Food Truck is such an earning outlets from which customers buy different type of food items at reasonable prices. ▪ Most of the food Truck are seen standing on the roadside beach, intersection and outside the complex or society. ▪ Food Truck can never be kept as multicuisine because multicuisine requires a large space while food truck has very limited requires a large space while food truck has very limited space. ▪ Food Trucker who do not ensure the location and keep changing the location. It difficult for them to keep the arrangements of the fine dining in the truck.
  3. Budget ▪ We have made a limited budget for this start up because through the principal of management we came to know that even the biggest industrialist ensure a budget boundary for any new start up. Our budget into four parts 18 to 20 lakh. ▪ We have divided the budget into four parts. 1. Truck 2. Equipment 3. Raw Material 4. Other Requirements
  4. Truck ▪ It is very important to have a truck for the start up of a food truck. According to the to the report of , the truck of TATA Ultra T.7 model is around 13 lakhs. ▪ Container size 14 feet long, 6 feet wide, 7 feet high. ▪ According to TATA Group provides loan on term and condition 1. Loan Amount :- 13,01,000₹ 2. Rate of interest :- 7% 3. Intrest in Amount :- 91,070₹
  5. 4 Tenure :- 84 months 5 Intrest in amount :- 91070₹ 6 Total Amount Include Intrest :- 13,92,070₹ 7 Equted Monthly Installment :- 16573₹ Equipment ▪ Non Electric Stove(TATA Three burners- 34225₹) LPG Cylinder, Utensils, Container, Solar Panel.
  6. Other Requirements ▪ Comes in other requirements like Electricity connection. Gas connection. ▪ Electricity and gas are required to start any type of food related business... ▪ Commercial Electricity Connection cannot be done in food Truck in any way. So we will use Mini Generator and Solar System to generate electricity. ▪ Although there are many vehicle companies that sell ready –mate food trucks, but due to their limited space, we planned to convert the normal trucks into NBN food trucks.
  7. Location ▪ The location we selected for the food truck is as follows: Sarswatti Chauk, Galli No- 18 Katra, P.O- Umandgaon Reyasi (JAMMU), pin code- 182311 ▪ We have selected the location after extensive study and research. This place is near to the temple of Maa Vaishno Devi located in Katra. ▪ According to the report of Times of India, about 92 lakh people visited Mata Rani in 2022.
  8. Planning & Operation Various Food & Beverage Outlets 1.Prepare Program Guide ▪ Title of the project ▪ Title is necessary for any type of start up, but if you prepare your start up in partnership, then you have to pay special attention. ▪ If the business is done on a partnership basis, then as a partner we should take care that No partner should have any sense of dissatisfaction.
  9. Reason of the project ▪ These are basically two reasons behind choosing a food Truck. ▪ If try to start any type of multicuisine restaurant then a very heavy budget will be required which can possibly create disruption in our business. ▪ The business of food truck is a bit easier as compared to other businesses and the budget is likely to be less as compared to other businesses.
  10. Adjective of the project ▪ One Speciality of the food truck is that it is not tied to any particular location. If your locality is not giving proper revenue then you can easily change the location.
  11. Policy Guideliness of the project: ( ▪ What are the licenses required by food truck in India (a).Fire Certificate: you will to get NOC from the chief fire offices. This is because food trucks use. Gas appliance and cooking equipment, which needs to be regulated by the Chief fine Officer.
  12. (b).Commercial Vehicle Licence ▪ As the food is cooked and sold from a vehicle, the vehicle require proper registration... (c). Non Objection Certificate ▪ You will need a NOC. Permitting you to set up the license business premises of your food truck in your desixed Incation. ADC. Must be obtained from both the local Muncipal Corporation and the RID.
  13. (d).GST Registration ▪ If your business has a turnover of above ₹40 lakh, you will need to register for GST. (e).FSSAI License ▪ Any food business operating in india, and having an annual turnover of ₹12 lakh must obtain a license from Food Safety & Security Authority of India (FSSAI).
  14. ▪ Types of FSSAI certificate for food truck ▪ Depending upon the annual turnover and the number of vehicles, you must apply for one of the following. (I). Registration ▪ if the business has only one vehicle and an annual turnover of less than ₹12 lakh. The food truck business just needs to register itself with the FSSAI. The cost of registration would be ₹100 per annum.
  15. (II).State License If the business has up to 100 vehicles and an annual turnover between ₹12 lakh to ₹20 crore, a state license will be required. It would cost ₹2000/annum. (III).Central Licence If the food business has more than 100 vehicles and an annual turnover above ₹20 crore, a central licence is needed. For a central licence, you will need to pay ₹7500/annum.
  16. 2. Planning Team (a). Owner and administrator, or director, is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of a business. Their duties include hiring staff members, leading department meeting and communication with upper management to implement new policies and procedures among daily operations.
  17. (b).Food Service manager or director of food & beverage, food truck does not require excessive staff,but we have to run with a proper team planning so that the business can move forward smoothly. (c). Driving For driving, we can hire only those who know how to drive properly and must also have a driving licence
  18. 3.Conduct A Through study On going trends There’s a trends Today, whenever we walk on the road. We get to see mini food trucks on the side in the road, in which items like ice cream, tea or coffee. Chole bhoture are sold. Competition in the area Direct Competition :- Direct Competitor can be business that (i). Offer the same products and services as you offer your customers.
  19. (ii). Have the same targeted demographic of customers, Example- A direct competitor for a food truck is another food truck ar fast casual restaurant that sells the same styles of cuisine. Indirect Competition:- Indirect competitor are a little more difficult to categorise in the food truck industry although a restaurant may sell the same type of cuisine that you if they’re classified as a fine-dining establishment, you likely won’t be competing for the same customers.
  20. Thank you