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Najath school grand finale


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Inter school Quiz held at Kochi.50 teams battling for top honours

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Najath school grand finale

  3. 3. Question 1 :”India is the cradle of the Human race,the birthplace of Human speech,the mother of History ,the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition.Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of the man are treasured in India only' Which American humorist, journalist, lecturer, and novelist said these words.
  4. 4. Question 2 Name the writer of books like The Great Indian Novel and India from Midnight to Millenium.He was the UN Under secretary general for communication and Public infromation
  5. 5. Question 3 On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's 70th birthday he said "Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth.”
  6. 6. Question 4 What reasons is the freedom Fighter Pingalli Venkayya famous for?
  7. 7. Question 5 In India it officially denotes the end of the Republic day festivities and is conducted on th January 29 .The three bands of Army,Navy and Airforce in a ceremony at Raisina hills perform and march in front of the President? What is the ceremony called
  8. 8. Question 6 Name the Indian Born scientist who won the Nobel prize in 2009 for chemistry with 2 other scientists Thomas Steitz and Ada E Yonath for his studies and function of the Ribosome
  9. 9. ROUND 2Mixed Bag
  10. 10. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag QUESTION 1) What is the name of India's first Super computer developed in 1991 which in Sanskrit means supreme?
  11. 11. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag QUESTION 2) Unity and discipline is the Motto of which organization in India
  12. 12. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag QUESTION 3) The leakage of which gas from Union Carbide caused the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984
  13. 13. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag QUESTION 4) Who became the youngest to enter the current th 15 Loksabha as MP from Mandya in Karnataka
  14. 14. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag QUESTION 5) Name the school for which Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli created the world record partnership of 664 run in 1988?
  15. 15. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag QUESTION 6) In newspapers you keep hearing the KYOTO Protocol ? What is the KYOTO Protocol ?
  16. 16. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag Question 7) Indrani Rehman,Kelucharan Mahapatra,Priyambada Mohanty are famous dancers of which dance form?
  17. 17. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag Question 8) American scientists, many of them refugees from fascist regimes in Europe, took steps in 1939 to organize a project called as the Manhattan project.What was the Project about
  18. 18. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag Question 9) What is the arena where cycling event takes place called?
  19. 19. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag Question 10) Who has won more Oscars than anyone else
  20. 20. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag Additional question 11) What is the Japanese word for Harbor Wave
  21. 21. ROUND 2-Mixed Bag Additional question 12) Who was the first Communist to become Lok Sabha Speaker
  22. 22. ROUND 3
  23. 23. ROUND 3 Question1 What does OPCW stand for which won the Nobel peace prize this year
  24. 24. ROUND 3 Question 2 She ran the largest Indian Food Website and published a Bi Monthly Magazine,Cooking and more and has written more than 100 book.She is a Padma Shri Award winner who died last week and leaves behind a legacy of over 17000 recipes.Who am I talking about
  25. 25. ROUND 3 Question 3 In which country did The Westgate Mall massacare take place recently in which 72 people died in September ?
  26. 26. ROUND 3 Question 4 According to the Census which state in India has the maximum number of Languages
  27. 27. ROUND 3 Question 5 Whose Autobiography is Race of my life released recently
  28. 28. ROUND 3 Question 6 Who won the Dadasaheb phalke award in 2013
  29. 29. ROUND 3 Question 7 Name the Indian Submarine which sank after explosions in August
  30. 30. ROUND 3 Question 8 Who has won this years Booker Prize for her Book the “Luminaries"
  31. 31. ROUND 3 Question 9) Name the new Governor of Reserve Bank of India who took over in September 2013
  32. 32. ROUND 3 Question 10 Who won the Ladies Singles title at Wimbeldon in 2013?
  33. 33. ROUND 3 Question 11 Who has been re elected as the Zimbabwe's president for the fifth time in August 2013.He has been ruling the country ever since Independence in 1980.
  34. 34. ROUND 3 Question 12 Name the RUBCO chairman and the brain behind establishment of State Rubber cooperative who died last week
  36. 36. Question 1 Identify the Person from the clue
  37. 37. 2) Explain the connection
  38. 38. Question 3 Whats common to the following
  39. 39. Question 4)
  40. 40. Question 5) Identify the person
  41. 41. Question 6-Identify the Writer
  42. 42. Question 7-Identify the team for which Sachin is playing
  43. 43. Question 8)Identify the person
  44. 44. 9 Identify
  45. 45. 10 ) Identify the Memorial
  46. 46. 11) IDENTIFY
  47. 47. 12) Identify
  48. 48. Audience :Explain the connection
  49. 49. Audience 2 ) Which is the award being shown here
  50. 50. • Audience 3) Which party has the above symbol
  51. 51. Audience 4) IDENTIFY THE LOGO
  52. 52. Additional question Identify the writer
  53. 53. ROUND 5
  54. 54. ROUND 7- 6 questions in 90 seconds
  55. 55. THANK YOU