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Hotel contracts


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Some basics of "Hotel Contracts"

Nitin Sharma
+971 559544635
Manager (Hotel Contracts)
(A div of Satguru Travel & Tourism LLC), Dubai, UAE

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Hotel contracts

  1. 1. Hotel Contracts
  2. 2. Contract NegotiationStrategies/Setup/Plan/Platform
  3. 3. Negotiation Strategies1. Centralized Reservation System2. Maximum bookings at same Hotel3. One Point of Contact4. Suitable Approach as per Hotel’s demand/standard -Profit Sharing Partner @ room night - Profit Sharing Partner @ guest’s expenses in hotel -Sales & Marketing Agent -Online Travel Portal (B2B) -Online Travel Portal (B2C) -Travel Agent/Tour Operator5. Offer hotel to participate in Different Promotional Schemes
  4. 4. Hotel Promotion for Better RatesExample:1
  5. 5. Hotel Promotion for Better RatesExample:2
  6. 6. Hotel Promotion for Better RatesExample:3
  7. 7. Negotiation Tips (I)(pre contract preparation for best rate/deal)1. Set Hotel’s Priority for our group2. Review Last Year’s Contract for reference3. Deep study of past data, specially room nights provided to the specific hotel or its competitor (in case of fresh contract)4. Set hotels profile on basis of past record (what we have provided maximum to this specific hotel) No of rooms or No of room nights or No of guest or Sale amount5. See/Examine the different promotional schemes that are being followed by others for this specific hotel.6. Set Approach to be followed
  8. 8. Negotiation (II) 1. Warm Introduction This includes your personal & our group’s introduction both
  9. 9. Negotiation (II) 2. Presentation Info/figures/awards/of our past achievements in different areas.
  10. 10. Negotiation (II) 3. Shopping at different portals Front shopping
  11. 11. Negotiation (II) 4. Complementary Room On the basis of past records connected to No of rooms, No of room nights, No of guest, Sale amount (whatever applicable in our favor)
  12. 12. Negotiation (II) 5. Re-negotiate contract for Shoulder Dates Always try to renegotiate rates in low season & get the contract revised in our favor.
  13. 13. Negotiation (II) 6. Future Rates If rates are not definite yet, confirm the formula to be used.
  14. 14. Thank You -Nitin Sharma taj_nitin@yahoo.comContracts Manager @