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Reimagining HR - An Inqubex study


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We spoke to CHROs across industries on the trends shaping HR and their priorities for 2018. It looks like a time to revisit our traditional outlook and #reimagineHR

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Reimagining HR - An Inqubex study

  1. 1. How future trends in HR are shaping its 2018 priorities Change before you have to. Jack Welch “ “ Reimagining HR
  2. 2. HR will never be the same again “VUCA , “Millennials , “AI … Management wisdom is never short of buzzwords. However, scratch the surface, and one often finds confusion. At a crossroads today, HR needs to actively reimagine itself to stay relevant and contribute in an environment of constant, often disruptive, change. About the Study In this IN3X Study, we interviewed CHROs to understand how dynamic business & environmental factors are shaping HR’s role. We also asked them to share their 2018 priorities in line with this future reality. “ “ “
  3. 3. 3 Themes shaping the future of HR Shift in HR’s role, form and function – from transactional to Business Advisor Increasing emphasis on data driven decision making, using strong Talent Analytics Unprecedented business focus on Productivity Technology adoption across the HR Value Chain HR Capability Development in line with the above realities
  4. 4. The Changing Role of HR 4 Over 70%of CHROs believe that HR’s role will change in the medium to long term, with: Administrative/ transactional responsibilities increasingly outsourced/ automated HR teams to shrink in size – future teams focused on strategic consultation innovative workforce engagement, & subject matter expertise ,
  5. 5. Technology Adoption across the HR Value Chain 5 100%of the respondents believe that Technology will impact all aspects of HR. Interventions being implemented/ planned for 2018 include: Automation of HR Ops towards Employee Self Service Use of Selection Science/ Hiring Tech for more efficient and accurate hiring Digital Learning: Anytime, anywhere, On- the-go
  6. 6. Analytics based Decision Making 6 Over 50% CHROs think Analytics will bring a fundamental shift in the way HR supports business objectives 3 out of 4 CHROs will focus on strengthening HR Analytics in 2018
  7. 7. 7 Business Focus on Productivity Enhancement Over 80%of the CHROs believe workforce productivity enhancement will be a key success imperative in 2018
  8. 8. 8 HR Capability Development Over 85%of the CHROs believe HR teams need to build their own capabilities in line with business and environmental changes Learning how to engage the new age workforce Ability to use HR Tech effectively and derive value through Outsourcing Building capabilities in people to manage themselves Build ability to manage industrial relations in traditionally non unionized environments
  9. 9. Continuing Focus Areas for 2018 Additionally, all the CHROs shared focus areas that will continue to be relevant in their own organizational context: - Key Talent Attraction, Engagement, Retention and Development - Enhancing the Employee Experience & Engagement - Building leadership capabilities in Managers needed in an “intelligent workplace - Establishing uniform operating/ service standards & values and aligning the workforce to them “
  10. 10. ABOUT IN3X IN3X (Inqubex) Consulting is a niche HR advisory firm. We drive organizational success through interventions in organization design, talent management, people strategy and processes. W: E: RESPONDENT PROFILE The respondents to this study comprised CHROs across BFSI, IT/ITES, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and other services organizations. 35% 23% 18% 12% 12% BFSI IT/ ITES Manufacturing Healthcare Other services