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Finding Medical Billing Companies with the Right Vision for your Practice


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It's easy to find medical billing companies, but identifying the right medical billing software and an affordable, reliable biller is more challenging. In Touch Billing™ integrates EMR, billing software and a billing service so clinicians can do what they do best - treat patients. Visit

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Finding Medical Billing Companies with the Right Vision for your Practice

  1. 1. WHEN EVALUATING MEDICAL BILLING COMPANIES, HERE ARE SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER:  An Ecosystem Saves Time and Money  Ongoing HIPAA and Compliance Training  Fast, Simple, Customizable Documentation
  2. 2.  Marketing and Training  Complete Setup and Maintenance (no fine print)  Documentation Review  Eligibility Verification  ICD-10 and CPT Coding
  3. 3. • Claim Creation • Pre-transmission Audit • Claim Submission
  4. 4.  Rejection Process Handling  Payment Posting  Accounts Receivables Tracking  Productivity Monitoring  Monthly Reporting
  5. 5. CONCLUSION - AN AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL MEDICAL BILLING COMPANIES In Touch EMR™ is an advanced technological medical coding billing system for complete practice management, billing, documentation and marketing solutions. The medical billing software is compatible with multiple clearinghouses and insurance providers, scrubs claims, and significantly reduces reimbursement times for better cash flow to the clinic.