Revolution of movie


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Revolution of movie

  1. 1. IntroductionHistory:● 1st short film - Flower of Persia● 1st full length film - Raja Harishchandra● 1st talking film - Alarm Ara
  2. 2. INDIAN CINEMA GOLDEN AGE OF INDIAN MODERN AGE OF CINEMA INDIAN CINEMA Period – late 1960s – till Period – 1940-1960 date● Critically acclaimed Hindi films ● Romantic movies, action● Films expressed social themes films● Epic films ● Films expressed real life● Famous actors ● Internationally liked films ● Famous actors
  4. 4. FIFTIES● Stories were not the mainstay of movies● A man used to play the role of woman. SIXTIES● Stories were more about families and social dramas● Hurdles put by their families for marriage
  5. 5. SEVENTIES● Womens were allowed to go to college and social clubs● India became free politically and socially in thinking EIGHTIES● Had great storylines and introduced love triangles● Action movies had become the main stay.
  6. 6. NINETIES● Nuclear change in Bollywood● Revolting against parents and profess love to each other 2000’s● Changing room year of Bollywood● Movies winning accolades from the foreign media
  7. 7. The Evolution of Movie Theatres● The inception of movie theatre is closely related to the developments of motion picture itself● Movie theatres would not have come to life if the motion pictures did not become popular in the late 19th century
  8. 8. Motion Pictures● Started in the 1880s● Were shown in a dark room with a projector capable of rotating the film reels situated at the back.● Motion picture films were in black and white● There was no audio● In the 70s IMAX became a popular subset of movie theatres● Now digital cinema continues to revolutionize the movie business worldwide
  9. 9. Movie Costumes Costuming a period film is about more than capturing that period’s clothes in exacting detail The costumes were set up according to the scene, movement and emotion of the character Costumes convey the proper messages Current fashion trends and silhouettes influence the interpretation of historical costume design
  10. 10. INTERVAL
  11. 11. Evolution of song and dance in Indian cinema
  12. 12. ●Song, dance and music linked to drama inIndia●1st Indian Talkie Alam Ara●The singer sang into a hidden microphone●Remixing of film song●Soundtrack is more popular than movie
  13. 13. ●In 1930’s, music had simple lyricsand a simple beat●In 21st century rap, hip hop, pop, andR&B take over the music industry●In older films “item number” wasperformed●In modern film item number isinserted as discotheque sequence,dancing at celebration/stage show●Promotional videos
  14. 14. 1950s era Disco Era- 1970’s1985-present 1980 era Usha Uthup
  15. 15. ●Before 1960 draw on classical and folkdance●Hindi/ Urdu films show strong influences ofKathak or the "mujara" dances●Modern films Indian dance elements containwestern dance style like hip hop and hop●Hero or heroine perform with a troupe ofsupporting dancers The spastic deliveries ofsongs by Shammi Kapoor
  16. 16. Evolution of finance in Indian cinema
  17. 17. ●Multi-million dollar production●Older times budget on small scale●Expensive sets,costumes,special effects andcinematography●Western films and television gain wider in distribution●International technicians●Increasing accessibility to professional action & specialeffects●Increasing budget●Producers gets funding for big budget films.●Private distributors and few large studios
  18. 18. ●Banks and financial institutions funds films●Funding also from illegitimate sources●Involved in production,patonising prominentfilm personalities●Producers make money by selling ancillaryrights●Increasing return from theatres in westerncountries●In 2oo2 Bollywood sold 3.6 billion ticketswith total revenue of US$1.3 billion
  19. 19. The Evolution of Promotion
  20. 20. Posters
  21. 21. Present Movie Trailers Songs Special Appearances Radio Internet News Paper
  22. 22. Problems faced by Bollywood● Piracy● Predictable stories and similar script Future for Bollywood● Bright future● USA companies shows interest.● Developing
  23. 23. CAST & CREW