Dotnet Online Training in Hyderabad, India, UK & USA


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United Global Soft Provides online training on Basic & Advance Dotnet.
contact : for more information.
or call: +91-8099902123
Cost/price/fee for Basic dotnet training: 400$
Cost for Advance Dotnet training: 400$

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Dotnet Online Training in Hyderabad, India, UK & USA

  1. 1. Advanced dotnet cource content Dasharad VISUAL STUDIO 20010 / .NET 4.0 1) WCF 2) AJAX 3) WPF 4)J-query 5)Java Script Complete Duration: 30 Hours. WCF CONCEPTS Duration: 10 Hours 1. WEB SERVICES OVERVIEW • A Review of Distributing Technology • Web Services Review • WSDL , SOAP , HTTP , UDDI • Web References 2. WCF INTRO. • Introduction to WCF • Review the Challenges of Building Distributed Applications • Examine the Concept of Service Oriented Application • See a High Level Overview of Windows Communication Foundation • Building and Host your First WCF Service 3. HOSTING, CALLING WCF SERVICES • Understand how to Host a WCF Service • Understand how Clients Communicate with Services • See how to Host and Call a Service using Multiple Bindings • See how to Configure Endpoint in Code and in Configuration Files 4. BINDINGS and CONTRACTS • Understand how to Work with Bindings • Explore how to Create Service and Data Contracts • See the Implications of Modifying Service and Data Contracts 5. EXCEPTIONS, DIAGNOSTICS and MESSAGE PATTERNS
  2. 2. Advanced dotnet cource content Dasharad • Learn how to Handle Exceptions in WCF Services • See Techniques for Diagnosing Services • Explore One-Way and Duplex Communication 6. SESSIONS and TRANSACTIONS • See how to use Sessions to Maintain State in WCF Services • Explore Options for Controlling the Lifetime of a Service Instance • Learn how to Add Transactions Support to a WCF Service 7. WCF SECURITY • Explore the Basics of WCF Security • See how to Authenticate Callers of a Service • See how to Authorize Callers Based on Roles 8. REST SERVICES and SYNDICATION • Explore how to Build WCF Services that Support Representational State Transfer • (REST) • See how to Build WCF Services that Create RSS and Atom Feeds AJAX CONCEPTS Duration: 5 Hours 1. AJAX FUNDAMENTALS • Synchronous communication • Asynchronous Communication • Introducing AJAX • Ajax • Server and Client-Side AJAX • Client Centric Programming Model • Server Centric Programming Model 2. SERVER SIDE AJAX: CONTROLS • Partial Page Rendering • The Script Manager Control • The Update Panel Control
  3. 3. Advanced dotnet cource content Dasharad • Other Server-Side AJAX Controls 3. ASP.NET AJAX CONTROL TOOL KIT • Introduction to the AJAX Control Toolkit • Toolkit Controls and Extenders • Toolkit Script Manager Control • Client Side Controls Overview with Relevant Ex. 4) WPF (WINDOWS PRESENTATION FOUNDATION) Classes ---- 5 Hours Windows Presentation Foundation Fundamentals, XAML, WPF Controls Shapes, Transformation Brushes 5)Java Script 5 Hours 6)J-query 5 Hours