Nil Dariar Prem Missionaries of the Gospel


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Nil Dariar Prem Missionaries of the Gospel

  1. 1. EUROBANGLA 15 02-08 April 2012 15 Issue 11/23, 02-08 April 2012 of God to people. When he reached there, the elders vision. incited the youth against him. The fanatic youth start- This level of unimaginable pa-tience and persever- ed throwing stones upon the Prophet of Islam, so ance, in one hand kept his Companions focused on much so that the Prophet was severely wounded; he their mission on the other hand made his enemies frus- was bleeding from top to tow. His shoes were filled trated. This outstanding quality helped to gain enor- with blood, and it became hard for him even to walk. mous strengths to achieve victory after victory over At that very critical moment, instead of cursing him, materially unequal enemies. the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be 13. JUSTICE upon him) prayed to God the Almighty by saying, “O, Justice in all circumstances was one of the fundamen-The leadership thatFrom darkness to enlightenment my Lord, unto you I bewail my weakness, inability, tal attributes of the leadership qualities of Prophet EUROPE’S PIONEER BANGLA-ENGLISH NEWSWEEKLY and disregard of mankind towards me. O Most Muhammad (pbuh) which helped him to win the Merciful of the merciful, you are the Lord of the weak hearts and minds of people irrespective of race, reli- and my Lord. Unto whom shall you deliver me? Unto gion, gender and colour. He was unique in enforcing one who is distant and shall glower at me, or unto an uniform standards of justice and fairness. On one occa- enemy whom You have given authority over me? If sion a woman belonging to a highly respectable andchanged the world You are not angry against me then I do not care what well-connected Makhzoom family was found guilty befalls me, as Your gifts of well-being are more com- of theft. For the prestige of the family, this caused great modious for me. I seek refuge in the light of Your face worry to his Companions, as if the normal penalty that has overcome all darkness, and through which all were to be imposed upon the young woman, a leading matters of this life and the hereafter have been estab- family would be humiliated and disgraced. Many were lished in justice, that Your retribution should fall upon anxious to plead with the Prophet on behalf of the me, or your disdain should befall me.Unto you is all offender but were afraid to do so. Eventually some appeasement until you are appeased, and no one has prominent people including Usama Bin Zaid, a very power or ability except in you.” beloved companion of the Prophet (pbuh) undertook At that time the Angel Gabriel appeared and addressed that mission to save her from punishment. When he him saying: “Allah has heard what your people said to put this matter before the Prophet (pbuh), he refused to you, and how they have replied to you. Allah has sent disregard the crime and expressed displeasure by say- --------------------------------------------- Hamid H Azad the angel of the Mountains to you so that you may ing: “Many a community ruined itself in the past as order him to do whatever you wish to these people.” they only punished the poor and ignored the offences The Angel of the Mountains then appeared and said, of the exalted. By Allah, if Muhammad’s own daugh- “O Muhammad! Order what you wish. If you like, I ter Fatima would have committed theft, her hand shall cause mountains surrounding Al-Ta’if, to fall would have been severed” . The Jews of Medina were passionately and then suggested to him that he should upon them, and crush them into pieces.” so impressed by his impartiality and sense of justice act wisely and silently. She advised him to go out with- The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon that they used to bring their cases to him, and he decid- out saying anything and sacrifice his own camel. him) and Mercy to humanity replied, “No, for I hope ed them according to Jewish law. Prophet (pbuh) accepted her suggestion and acted that there shall be among their children those who will He was very strict in implementing justice, even if it accordingly. When his Companions saw that their worship Allah alone, and will worship none besides was against him. Once, while he was distributing the leader was doing sacrifice of his camel, they rose one Him.” And he prayed, “O my Lord guide these people spoils of war, people flocked around him and one man after another and followed him. This is how he valued because they know not.” almost fell upon him. He pushed the men with a stick the suggestions of his Companions in taking important Shi‘b Abi Talib : The tenth year of his leadership and causing a slight scratch. He was so sorry about this that decisions and resolving problems. Prophethood was a year of intense persecution and he asked the man that he could have his retribution, but 12. Patience and perseverance: suffering. The Quraish and the other tribes had contin- the man said’ “O Messenger of Allah, I forgive you.” Patience and perseverance was a key factor of his suc- ued their boycott of the Bani Hashim, his tribe and the Conclusion: cess. He was always very patient in all sorts hardship Muslims for about three years and the Prophet (peace Prophet (peace be upon him) came as a mercy to and suffering on way to achieving his vision. In the and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the people of mankind. He came to illuminate the darkness. “He events of the death of his mother, uncle, wife and his his family and Companions lay besieged in Shi‘b Abi was the light that leads to light, and in learning from children to expulsion from his home and life threaten- Talib. The Quraish had blocked up this vicinity from his life, believers return to the Source of Life and find ing persecution in Taif, in all situation he set unprece- every side so that no supplies of any kind could reach His light, His warmth, and His love.” Prophet (peace dented examples of patience and perseverance. He the besieged people. This boycott continued uninter- be upon him) may have left but his role model, of lead- He had taught them courage and dignity, and now he was never discouraged by adverse circumstances nor rupted for about three years and had broken the back ing to enlightening the darkness, transforming thewas accepting an unfair deal obliging them to look on did he permit any personal desire to get a hold over of the Muslims and the Bani Hashim; so much so that hatred to love, is with us. He taught us to spread hishelplessly as one of them received degrading, humili- him. In all situations he was mindful of his mission and at times they were even forced to eat grass and the message, follow his model of love and peace. Inating treatment. When the prophet asked them to sac- ultimate vision. His entire life is full of test and turbu- leaves of trees. At last, when the siege was lifted, Abu today’s turmoil world only his model of leadership canrifice the camels that had been consecrated for the pil- lences. I would like to quote only following two exam- Talib, uncle of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings bring peace and love back to the world.grimage, none of the Companions could bring them- ples his patience from his life, which, I think, are of of Allah be upon him), who had been shielding him for As a successful leader Prophet Muhammad (peace beselves to comply, for the wounds and the bitterness too outstanding nature. ten long years, died, and hardly a month later his upon him) attracted us as followers. I am sure all of usdeep. The Prophet repeated his order three times, but The Day of Ta’if In the tenth year of the mission, his blessed wife, who had been a source of peace and con- are proud to be his follower. But if we want his greatnobody responded. This was the first time he faced uncle Abu-Talib and his wife Khadeejah both died. solation for him ever since the beginning of his chal- mission of keeping peace through rule of God to bewith disobedience in such a collective and determined With their death the abuse of the Quraish increased lenging leadership, also passed away. Because of these succeeded, his followers must take lead in taking hismanner. The Prophet (pbuh), startled and saddened, manifold. Of those few people who were allowed to tragic incidents, which closely followed each other, he mission forward. Therefore, I urge the young follow-retired into his tent,..” At this crucial moment he went hear the Qur’an many became Muslims. However, used to refer to this year as the Year of Sorrow and ers of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him) to taketo his wife Umm Salamah, who was in the tent, and due to continuous torture given by the Quraish, he Grief. But all this period of suffering was spent with lead and find own sense of purpose in the shared chal- Nil Dariar Prem-explained the unprecedented situation, he faced first decided to preach the word of God to the people of Al- patience and with great tolerance. He never compro- lenge of the contemporary world and spreading thetime in his life, to her. She listened the situation com- Ta’if. So he traveled to Al-Ta’if to convey the message mised with his mission and never broke away from his mission and vision of enlightening the world. Missionaries of the Gospel[The Islamic States of Guernsey] St. Peter Howard, M.P. the Former ConservativesPort, Islands of Guernsey, Royal Guernsey Leaders, undersigned, under the name ofMagistrates Court, beyond boundary of Indian Gourmet cause E. Coli and orCultural [Witness Box] Guernsey, British Semolina symptoms, “Inna-Lilia-He-o-Inna-Channel Islands. - The Guernsey Department He-Lia-He-Ra-je-Own” especially authorizedof Justice in Missions of the Gospel. The graduates official in the IslandsGuernsey Royal Magistrates Court, says in claims.Unfortunately, The British Medicalplain English “Introduction” The Guernsey Board never accept the Fresh Green SaladAuthorities of the States aim of promoting the never cause any symptoms other than goodsname of Lord, “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He” the Abdul Haye for health for members of publics and officialsmissionary awareness among the Islands of lack of education and knowledge in revelationGuernsey peoples those who forgotten the The Guernsey they committed to find most Ministers act as Apes and Monkeyalmighty Lord, “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He” Magistrates was forces Guilty. Ruin innocent under the Wildlife Countryside Act 1954.(R.A), --Jesus Christ and his beloved out of to find Guilty, as most members of publics Unfortunately, the Neighborhood Islands, theninety nine name of his Father “Bis-Mil-La- often in Sub-Continent life in the name of Islands of Jersey, Administrations digest theHir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”. of India in Bangladesh Justice.The Guernsey Guernsey Magistrates prosecution, the inno-In English mean; “In the name of almighty local Magistrates or Education Authorities cent members of publics in the Islands as aLord (Allah/God/Dues), the most merciful Judge from Judge of the States under- visitor, says in Poetry languages as mentionedand most beneficial of mankind” Court to Supreme stands nothing either in under the name of Nil Dariar Prem author:In numerical number 786 Court Dacca, for exam- language Bangla or in “The ability to divorce ones mind from onesThe Guernsey Royal Magistrates was fooled ple case against British English who ever pay action is a symptom of psychological aberra-by Prosecution services representatives not to India citizens, Mr. visit to the Islands tion”—(Walter Goodman).—(Jersey Eveningbelieve and invest the trust the offender in the Kolomdar Ali Ansary, Balagoinj, Sylhet, at Instead of Taj Mahal In India, they prose- Post, 1995). people of God often prosecuteswitness box in the year of 1994. The the time of British Government, Title was cutes in the local Court of Justices fined and by the authorities of the States or place secretBilinguals author of the Nil Dariar Prem and given Ansary to Mr. Kolomdar Ali Banned from the Islands. The Authorities of assassination mental device to put under theThe Islands Historia De Amor was found Generation Millions of Taka paid by Foreign the States believed never being to language LGBT illegitimate administrations controlguilty of Bad Introduction to Islands of British Londoni Mr. Foltu Miah, to School, Springhill Language School, City of and never aware of the fruitful Kingdoms weGuernsey The Court Administrations always Bangladesh Local Balagoinj Police and Court Birmingham, West Midlands, to learn second brought to lives in humanities, love andas most often seen wild Films in Africa the of Justice under the table transaction known language other than Bangla the European peaces by the previous Messengers as knownWild Tiger or Lion always pride of as Bribery.Finally, British India citizens Mr. country, most beloved Missionary from Prophet especially in the missionary serviceForeigners for their own meals or Breakfast, Kolomdar Ali Ansary was failure in the Portugal, Manoel Da Assumpcam who advo- of the universal Church of God. Lostthe same view or attitudes discovered by Highest Court in Bangladesh Supreme Court cated in language Bangla. peoples of Friendship Nil Dariar Prem Author believesauthor Abdul Haye Amin duration of Dacca, in 1980 Bangladesh Who never paid Bangladesh pay duty of States Fresh Green was indeed there to proclaim our forgottenEmployment in the Islands of Guernsey. Who penny to the Bangladesh Court of Justice the Salad Here at Indian Gourmet of Guernsey, Lord, “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”—(R.A),was prosecuted in the Court of Justices for only reason his case was REJECTED. Second authorities of the States claims Indian gour- Jesus Christ, Witnesses of the Word,driving in the Islands of Guernsey, in the nature or habits of Government of Bangladesh met Fresh Green Salad Where Former Missionaries of the Gospel in numerical num-name of “Introduction?”--- (The Guernsey ber “786" In the heart of Guernsey Royal Magistrates Court. continue.......... administration pride on Foreigners any case British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, MichaelEvening Press News).