My due love for guernsey.


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My due love for guernsey.

  1. 1. My Due Love for Guernsey. My Due Love For Guernsey. Destiny Between Two Protocol States Love beyond reach! A Bilinguals author poetry book of poems in English The Islands Historia De Amor and in European Country Portugal Missionary, language Bangla, Nil Dariar Prem about the unknown Islands a young man from District of Syhlet, Bangladesh whose sincere desire passion of love to peaceful life on earth have takes a way his innocence of truth by Islands authority of the States officials, The Royal Guernsey Magistrate Court, on a journey to unknown Islands of Guernsey in the year 1994.My Due Love For Guernsey.By Abdul Haye That leads author Abdul Haye Amin to fall in love onAmin. deepest ocean of Channel Islands (Sea) in his book of poetry front cover the sign of the Islands as ProphetIbrahim under the Sea water downward thrown by Government to destruction for the name ofLord Jesus Christ, He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He(R.A), and his beloved Father. And to land in theman power administrations under the Psychiatrist Mental Health Unit, It isnt until he discoverswho his Lord was in the Islands witness box?it was so-Called Introduction in English the name of the almighty Lord, which author neverknew in his life due to education lack of knowledge forgotten the name of Lord Authority of theStates university graduates claims, to search in bilinguals language in Arabic which is meanBis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him that was against author own faith victim of unknown forces,sound of romantic love song Allahu Akbar destroyed his own great grand father Bamboo Treehome, age of ten emigrated for only reason in England.Rt. Hon. David Cameron, M.P. the British five years M.O.T. Holder, the Prime Minister ofUnited Kingdom thought by name author was Muslim Headline news Evening Standard frontpage says Ban Muslim by name often doe not represent Muslim.Indeed this is second time mistaken after 1905 partition of Bay of Bengal instead of mybeloved states Wales and Scotland partitions as a independent country. Scotland and WalesSecretary of States lack of second language Bangla fail to read Nil Dariar Prem the onlyreason Scotland and Wales is not Independent yet. The Wales Secretary of States need goodChef as headline News in Bristol to liberates Scotland and Wales from Condoms Society fromEngland.where there is a known safe place to lives in love and peace under the see- throughmini-skirts revelation there is a danger and problems in translation in language, Scotland,Wales and in England that when he tries to rebound his life beyond imagination but no matterhow hard he tries in his life to escape the British Justice of corruptions of Law, he just keepsgetting notice of quit and CAUGHT in the middle of see through, mini-skirts, visualhallucinations law and mess his dream.Or early in the morning local police broken the front door to seal the author Abdul Haye Aminmouth and to stop writing love letter to Her Britannic Majestys Government to surrenderWales and Scotland as in 1947 British India. Therefore who suffer under the symptoms
  2. 2. without, Islamic, Muslims Burkh on in the street of Kingdom, without, a singles word ofmeaning or explanation in the eyes of the surrogates, Illegitimate, Justices never read anybook of poetry, Holy Bible nor The Islands Historia De Amor. The local Thames MagistratesCourt London, was under the bribery by local Tower Hamlet council as Bangladesh SupremeCourt Dhaka to paralyzed by mean of distant forces as author was born day before yesterday.Theres no faith of trust those who governing or ruling the Kingdom of Lord, since age of Tenseen the street of Kingdom nothing but corruption, drugs, crimes, violences, rapes, murders,etc in our street none ever intention to build peaceful environments with humanity, hospitality,dignity, love and peace, but feeling like forest tiger lost in the Islands forest, not in the Bonn,city, Germany, forest, as discovered the miracle sign of Lord, but middle of Sea as in historyProphet Ibrahim feeling of thinking you can trust somebody to rescue with Banana boat toliberate the Islands from as Tsunami 2004 declare Islands and England on behalf of Lord Jesus Christ and his beloved father Kingdomin the Thames Magistrates Court witness box, the definition word Introduction and or in theRoyal Guernsey Magistrates Court, as Bay of Bengal bongo Bandhu Shirkh Mujibul Rahman,The first Prime Minister of Bangladesh to govern and rule within Holy Bible poetry bookunfortunately, finding out that you cant, by any mean of salvation from human kind, threehundred years ago European Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam, written language Banglabecame after three century, the States official language and country by name BanglaDeshSai-A-Dul-Mur-Sa-Lin (Frista/Angle), kindly convey my Durud-O-Salam to soul of unknownman from Portugal to give us a lesson in Bangla Instead of England and Islands of Guernsey.However, to reach Islands of Guernsey authority of the States asking for troubles beforeTsunami 2004 disasters it far from without military attention as Tsunami 2004 commanderwho made the states Innal-La-Alla-Koli-Sa-Hin-Kadir nothing was remain to treasure but onlysign of Lord Father house (Mosque), especially may be not your Government in virtue whenthe authority of the States never heard of name Introduction nor ever tastes the StatesFresh Green Salad mean worship in their political life but as usual faithless faith with fatetakes author pride in words as Taj Mahal in India memory of love to the Islands peoples theunknown dream of DESTINY!Author websites: About the Book | The Islands Historia De Amor: from Modern Ghana News: Thursday, July 05, 2012All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners.