Psychiatrist Doctors Never Shares Belief in Power of Visual hallucination Love and Faith?


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Psychiatrist Doctors Never Shares Belief in Power of Visual hallucination Love and Faith?

  1. 1. Psychiatrist Doctors Never Shares Belief in Power ofVisual hallucination Love and Faith? Psychiatrist Doctors Never Shares Belief in Power of Visual hallucination Love and Faith in Mental Health Illness Patient Care; by author Abdul Haye Amin. The Islands Historia De Amor. The English book of poems. Bilinguals book of Poems, written in language English The Islands Historia De Amor and European country Portugal Missionaries 300 hundred years old language Bangla, Nil Dariar Prem The Psychiatrist patients life related stories of poems narratives that reflect the authors belief in the power of visual hallucination and faith beyond any boundaries in culture and love in bringing miracles healing to patients soul, mind, and hearts that was indeed discussed by wellPsychiatrist Doctors Never Shares Belief in known Bangladeshi weekly News paper Jonomot Ki-HoyaPower of Visual hallucination Love and Faith? Sa Tur Ruk? in his book review in the year 2011.Nil Dariar Prem mean in language English Oceans of Love which is deepest-rooted under theocean spirituality shines as smallest star through the double glazing window soulful poetry andstories related poems, filled with imagery of human being love and praise of unknownalmighty God in Bilingual language.Drawing his own cultural picture on paper and Putting his own spin of thought on hisprofession as a Indian Catering Industries employees, a childhood paddy field rices of memoryand Mental Health Illness adolescent psychiatrist patients medical professionals examines theconnection between tablets Seroxat, Mirtazpine, Risperdones, the strength of power andfaith where illness can be cured by healing through the eyes of a physician without knowntablet Risperdone, Seroxat and Zyprexa.Abdul Haye Amin new book of poetry Nil Dariar Prem in Bangla 300 hundred years oldlanguage almost members of European Commission forgotten his or her friends or brother,from Portugal, Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam early years as far as 1734. The firstEuropean man to introduce language Bangla.Today, nation claims it was his or her not dream but Manoel Da Assumpcam was indeedsuffering Mental Health Illness unfortunately, at the times of British India, governing andruling it was no medical Board as East London, Mental Health Hospital to prescribe anymedication to secure his faith how lucky my brother Manoel Da Assumpcam ever was withouttreatment more than fourteen millions peoples of Sub-continent of India cured from theSymptom of language Bangla he was not diagnosed as any childhood symptoms ChildhoodDisintegrative Disorder ever was suffering either. Unfortunately, author Abdul Haye Amin is indoubt may be if he ever diagnose by nearest medical board professionals the symptoms maybe hidden underneath our soul, mind and hearts as European country Portugal Missionariesage of only ten emigrated in England native Bangladeshi by virtue of birth born in EastPakistan.
  2. 2. In 1971 unknown forest was acting as a medical doctor by name was known BongoBandhu-Shirkh Mujibul Rakman, officially declared only medication for peoples of EastPakistan only tablet Allahu Akbar to be taken five Times a days. And country by name goingto be known as BanglaDesh The world Health Organisation proudly accepted the kind offer ofinvitation instead of United Kingdom. In the street of capital city human blood turned intoOcean of Love and as a natural rose red as out of human blood the slogans was Ammar Bhairrokto, Rangano, 21 Febuary, ammi ki bolita, parri?My brother Manoel Da Assumpcam Language Bangla, splits colour of not inks but bloods,decorated street of Dacca, foot path, 21 February, 1952, the capital city of East Pakistan, will Iever in life can forget the tragedy?, by Being a Bengali, by seeing the colour of blood in thestreet, under my own foot? without liberating the domiciles as a states democratic country, inthe nation?Written & Translated by Author Abdul Haye Amin.Today nation proud of European country Portugal Missionary, language Bangla and country byname Bangla most members of European Commission Delegate never can say a single wordin Bangla they became a Ministers in the Kingdom of almighty Lord. We never bear to lookback to year 1734 who was he or she prime Minister of all? out of foot path street of Dacca?More than fourteen millions peoples hearts occupied in one tune name of Bangla?Worst than symptoms E. coli or swine Flu spread- without liberation of the country todayauthor believes more or less fourteen millions peoples would suffer under the knownSymptoms Bangla? Even today European commission country never given Thank You toBongo Bandhu who struggle to over come the symptom Bangla how lucky we are today onefrom Portugal and another from East Pakistan Bongo Bondhu to recognise the Bangla was theonly answer who left us to fill the gap and far as United Nation to pay last due respect andtribute our foreign hero Manoel Da Assumpcam in nation after almost three century.The faith under any circumstances, cannot be exchange for any other reason or interest byany mean of which we often see in our community as a administrator or Moderators blinks ofeyes changes their behaviours or attitudes when they publish any articles in the age of digitalinternets without considering any credit of value pay as Click of a Finger bearing in mindname of our Lord.You will be ever hearing but never understanding: you will be ever seeing but neverperceiving: they hardly hear with their ears, Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hearwith their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them(Holy Bible:Matthew: 13: 1416: Holy Bible Quran: Sura: Al-Bakaraho: 30).The bilingual book is a collection of thoughts, feelings and encounters with the states patientsalone that left the author with a foreign protocol reverence and a respect for the power of faithand the beauty of the human spirit lives atmosphere.Monar Aynai Jay No Maja featured internet world wide websites news the Bangla songs waswritten by himself a series of mixed Bangla songs or tales that reflect the way of human beinglife and feelings as well as intuitive understandings between rights and wrongs that emergefrom treatment of meditation, thoughts that the author had after specific events taken place inlife, and the final pieces of section that gathers our difficulties everything together, describingyoung patients almost age of twenty four and how faith and love can provide powerful healingwhen added to traditional treatment in culture.Sorrowful and soulful poetry and stories, filled with imagery that reflects almighty Gods loveas ray of morning lights through the doubles glazing windows.
  3. 3. Author interaction with a group of Mental Health Illness psychiatric patients, for instance,brings the realization that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive as a gifts in life.A author who has no wife, or girlfriends who had been a troubled with angry adolescentpatients beyond any culture demonstrates the power of love and believing in someoneunknown.His inspiration of passion for to help children of Prophet Ibrahim regain their capacity of hopefor happiness, joy, love and compassion also shows in his poems adolescent psychiatristpatients without doubts to decide judgmental wrong and rights within their capacity of illness.He challenges medical board to treat the new patients at hospital who is not sound a social noroutcast but with respect and kindness an act of true courage in the name of medication toread, writes and signs his or her own name. Available at,, Barnes & Noble andfine bookstores everywhere.Please visit personal websites: The Islands Historia De Amor. from Modern Ghana News: Tuesday, June 26, 2012All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners.