South Sound Prairies Update, August 2012


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Presentation given by Patrick Dunn, South Sound Program Director for the Center for Natural Lands Management

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South Sound Prairies Update, August 2012

  1. 1. Center for “In those days when the earth was young, trees were scarce; the land at large was open and easy to go over;…” Natural Lands Management Henry Sicade Puyallup/NisquallySouth Sound Program Patrick Dunn Mason McKinley August 2012
  2. 2. CNLM’s Professional Stewardship20 Years of Success – On Towards Perpetuity •  Mission – conserve native species, their habitat and functioning ecosystems in perpetuity; manage those lands in an ecologically beneficial manner. •  Currently more than 75 preserves, > $50 million in endowments. •  20-year successful track record, both ecologically and financially. •  Business strategy of mitigation - related conservation.
  3. 3. CNLM’s Professional Stewardship20 Years of Success – On Towards Perpetuity
  4. 4. What We Are ConservingPrairies and Oak Woodlands
  5. 5. What We Are ConservingPrairies and Oak Woodlands
  6. 6. What We Are ConservingBlack River
  7. 7. Project Location
  8. 8. South Sound ProgramDescriptionProtecting and restoring the mostimportant conservation sites in theecoregion. Prairies and oak woodland inCascadia are one of the rarest habitats inthe nation.Program is grant supported. We mainlywork on other’s lands.Political interest in the system is increasing,with four candidates slated for listing in2012.Cooperative conservation strategy withmultiple partners, trying to enhanceconservation throughout the ecoregion.
  9. 9. South Sound Preserves Preserve Acreage Tenalquot Prairie 124 Shotwell’s 45 Mima Creek 135 Black River Bluff 116 Black River Bend 13 Boots Satterlee 20 Cavness Ranch 612
  10. 10. South Sound ProjectsFour Major ProjectsPrairie RestorationCooperative ConservationFreshwaterScience
  11. 11. Prairie RestorationProjects Priorities Protected Locations - Joint Base Lewis-McChord and Other Preserves Infrastructure Development Rare Species Habitat
  12. 12. Joint Base LewisMcChordPrairie RestorationLargest and best habitat in ecoregion.20,000 acres of prairie/oak woodland.4 Candidate Species.
  13. 13. Other LocationsPrairie RestorationAssist State and County agencies with management and restoration.Private Landowner Project, helping private landowners throughout the area.
  14. 14. InfrastructurePrairie RestorationSupport for prescribed fire.Native seed and plant production.Restoration at larger scales
  15. 15. InfrastructureSustainability in PrisonsRare species propagation – checkerspots and frogs.Native plant plug production.Assistance with restoration.
  16. 16. Rare Species HabitatPrairie RestorationListed SpeciesFederal Candidate SpeciesReintroduction Programs
  17. 17. Cooperative ConservationProjects Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership Rare Species Action Plans Army Compatible Buffer Program State Wildlife Grant
  18. 18. FreshwaterProjects Knotweed Control Oregon Spotted Frog Salmonid Conservation
  19. 19. ScienceProjects Soil Biotic Communities Climate Change Fire Effects Restoration Techniques Pollinators
  20. 20. People - StaffJoint Base: Lewis-McChord Plant and Seed ProductionMason McKinley –Project Manager Sierra Smith – Nursery ManagerBob Wilkins – Prescribed Fire Spec. Angela Winter – Seed Production Spec.Nate Johnston – Restoration Spec.Van Perdue – Restoration Spec. South Sound Science Sarah Hamman – Restoration EcologistCooperative Conservation Cheryl Fimbel – Rare Species BiologistHannah Anderson – Project Manager Peter Dunwiddie - EcologistVacant – Conservation Analyst InternsThurston County Audrey Lamb– Americorps (Volunteers)Sanders Freed – Project Manager Laney Widener– Americorps (Plant Nursery)Mark Roth – Restoration Spec. Adam Martin– Americorps (Science) Tim Leque– Americorps (Restoration)Freshwater ProjectDave Geroux – Knotweed Spec. Patrick Dunn – S. Sound Program Director
  21. 21. People - VolunteersWeed ControlWild Seed CollectionMonitoringPrairie Appreciation Day4,600 Hours/Year
  22. 22. People - Partners
  23. 23. Questions