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Pierce County Surface Water Management Data Portal


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Presentaion by: Renee Quenneville

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Pierce County Surface Water Management Data Portal

  1. 1. Pierce  County  Public  Works  &  U4li4es    Surface  Water  Management  Watershed  Health  Data  Website  
  2. 2. Background  Informa4on  • Problem: Surface Water Management (SWM) collects watershed healthmonitoring data and had no public forum to easily share thedata with the Public.• Solution: GIS Specialist/Database Administrator team assigned projectto develop an interactive web-based data center.• Interdepartmental Project: PC GIS/SWM Technology staff and PublicWorks Communication & Accountabilitydeveloped product for Public GIS
  3. 3. Data  Collected  by  SWM  Monitoring  Staff:  Monthly Water Quality Monitoring: Over 50 streams are sampledmonthly.Shellfish Monitoring: Each quarter outfalls along Burley Lagoon, RockyCreek and Filucy Bay are sampled.Weather Stations- 16 stationsCounty Maintained Pond Levels- 4 with remote pond level accessGround Water Well Levels- 18 wellsBiological Assessment macro invertebrate count (bugs)completed on streams every 5 years.SWM Capitol Improvement Project Support**National Pollution Discharge Elimination SystemPermit Support (NPDES): Our monitoring staff samplesthree outfall sites, four Best Management Practices sites,two program effectiveness studies and one flow reductionassessment site for permit compliance purposes.
  4. 4. Jus4fica4on  Process:  • Survey: Completed with SWM staff, assessed the costs and timeassociated with accessing/sharing our data• Results: 240 work hours or $8,000 per year was spent on fulfillingwater quality data requests• Lack of Transparency: Data only available through Public InformationRequests• Mapping: No ability to show the public extent ofenvironmental monitoring
  5. 5. Development  Steps:  • SWM created the GIS featureclasses & ‘view’ to database• Communication &Accountability division of PW&U,and SWM’s Education &Outreach Coordinator developedthe look of the “Identify Results”boxes• Pierce County GIS builtthe “Identify Results” boxes, linkeddata & loaded the layer Into PublicGIS
  6. 6. Database  Export    
  7. 7. Data  Available  for  Download  
  8. 8. Link  to  Water  Quality  Website: QuennevilleGIS Specialistrquenne@co.pierce.wa.us253-798-4221