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What does the art of courtship have to do with art of mobile marketing


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This deck (along with a short video) was shared at ad:tech China 2014, on 26th June in Shanghai.

Below is the excerpts:

The current Chinese generation is mobile more than any other. Their social, search, video, shopping, photography, sharing – all habits are mobilized today – anytime, anywhere, everywhere – in bed too.

We are an amazing bunch of multi-taskers. Most people admit to checking their phones or tablets while doing other things- at a meal with someone else, while driving, while watching TV, in meetings, and even on the toilet. A study I read said – we check our Mobile devices every 6 minutes and on an average 150 times a day. Because of the lack of attention spans, people are demanding a different type of relationship, one where they are in the driver’s seat and determine the level of access and type of interactions. Our consumers expect more from marketers. Interactions need to move from campaign focused to consumer focused. Interactions need to be a ‘KISS’ – Keep it short and simple. Innovations need to be meaningful or useful. They expect us to “know me”, “find me”, “woo me” and “surprise me”.

This session will discover and explore:

- The relationship Chinese generation have with their mobile devices

- What is the art of courtship and how can it be used by brands and marketers to woo and win the Chinese mobile generation – Bringing art of courtship into art of mobile marketing

- Recommended mobile tools and technologies

- Predict the future – How courtship is evolving and implications for mobile marketers and agencies

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What does the art of courtship have to do with art of mobile marketing

  1. 1. Nishtha Mehta ad:tech Shanghai, June 26 2014 Nishtha Mehta Consulting Partner For: ad:tech China. June 26 2014
  2. 2. Hi, I am Nishtha Evangelize collaborations and mobile media partnerships Evangelize & Strategize Mobility for brands @
  3. 3. Meet Jackie & his girl friend ? ? 25 yrs from Helongjiang province 23 yrs from Hangzhou College & now at their first job in Shanghai
  4. 4. English lessons @ costa coffee Watch Video’s Practice and translation Apps
  5. 5. 45% of Youku’s traffic comes via Mobile/tablets Drama series @ meal time Source:Youku Jan 2014
  6. 6. Travel companion Guizhou mums Nanjing classmates Mafengwo 117Go Top 2 popular travel apps in China
  7. 7. Personalised wedding invites for friends Set up on PC Continue on Mobile
  8. 8. Special effects photos photo + audio Creating personal stories
  9. 9. Personalize videos with time stamps, location, editor picked music, state of the art filters Creating personal stories Music Video’s
  10. 10. 1MeituPic 2QuickPic 3MeiYan Camera 4Camera360 5BaiDu Pic 6YiXia Video 7POCO Beautiful 8MoPai 9InstaMag 10GIFshow 3,000K 2,750K 1,640K 1,290K 400K 400K 380K 240K 180K 180K Ranking by daily active users Source: Enfodesk and Analysys international 2014 If it wasn’t for the love of art... Top 10 photo editing and beauty apps in China
  11. 11. "Building great brands is a mix of magic and logic, a blend of art and science." - Keith Weed Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever @Cannes 2014 Science Art
  12. 12. How ? Persuade Science Art Woo Logic Magic
  13. 13. Understanding their relationship with their Mobile devices Play Video
  14. 14. Copyright@nishthamehta
  15. 15. Why Marketers should care?
  16. 16. Fighting share of attention within their personal space Science iResearch April 2014CNNIC 2014.1 What do you use your Mobile for ? Top Apps by active users?
  17. 17. Advertising can be a blind spot if not relevant Science Art X Source: PwC 2014 China What do consumers want from Mobile advertising
  18. 18. Bringing art of courtship into art of mobile marketing
  19. 19. KISS - Keep it short and simple , MCOMM Copyright@nishthamehta
  20. 20. Tools and Technology Menu Sound Touch visual location Data storage delivery music Key pad video Bluetooth QR codes ringtones Voice message Sound Touch screen Augmented reality Face/ Image recognition Maps NFC compass Geo-location Identification by apps Music wallet cloud SIM card wifi NFC chip SMS APP WAP Play share Record Hear Record watch HTML 5 Source:nishthamehta
  21. 21. Cases ‘Made for Mobile’
  22. 22. Case 1: Express your love with Cornetto If you had only 8 seconds left before end of the world, what would you say? How would you express your love? Marketer: Unilever Agency: PHD Love is complicated f
  23. 23. MASSIVE REACH Micro Movies PC + Mobile Integrated ENGAGEMENT & IMPACT Mobile Inspire and Invite people to EXPRESS love Enable people to EXPRESS love Love triangle, 3 Love films
  24. 24. Custom made trailors for Mobile, PC inviting people to watch the movies, visitWeishi to to express love in 8 sec
  25. 25. Micro movies inspiring people on how to express love promoted @tablets, mobile, pc 70 Million+ video views on Mobile/tablets alone.
  26. 26. Weishi 8 sec videos (Vine of China) Over 70,000 UGC clips created and watched by over 6.5 Million on Mobile alone
  28. 28. Mobile can be an impactful reach vehicle for brands! Results? - Brand awareness - Sales - Cornetto, a brand that helps me express love
  29. 29. Case 2: Durex Baby What would you do if you were a first time parent ? Marketer: Reckitt Benckiser Agency: Fugu Mobile
  31. 31. Case 3: Clear Challenges World Cup Social predictive betting game - First of it’s kind on China’s IM space Marketer: Unilever Agency: PHD & Fugu Mobile
  32. 32. Predict the future, tomorrow actually!
  33. 33. Mike 14 years old 88 Apps! As choices further increase, attention will further decrease
  34. 34. Intercept and court people with proximity, micro-location and data marketing tools
  35. 35. Apps and technology to become hub for connections on-the-go source & copyright: niqi
  36. 36. source & copyright: niqi
  37. 37. Wearable technology will go mainstream. ATaste from Cannes 2014
  38. 38. into art of mobile marketing Let’s bring the art of courtship
  39. 39. courtship Thank you