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  1. 1. This picture was taken on the first day of my high school in September, 07,2004 around 10:30 AM. This picture represents my first stepping stone ofmy life. When I first took the picture, I didnt realize how important thisschool will be in my life and how many memories it would hold in future.This is where my life began I would say...After graduating from elementaryschool I have took my first step into Mother Theresa Catholic SecondarySchool...When I began my sentence, I said this school is where my life beganbecause I didnt only learn to be educated but I also gained the knowledge oflife, learn to differentiate right from wrong, and many other life lessons.
  2. 2. This picture was taken on the day ofmy graduation, end of August 2008.This picture was taken with my twoclose friends and my sister, and wastaken by my father. They were the onesthat was proud of my success as well asthe people who were always there tohelp me out with anything andeverything. They can also beconsidered as my best well wishers,who always wanted the best out of me.In my high school life until now, theyhave encouraged me and motivated meto be at the place i am in right now.Therefore, this picture was capturedwith the people who have created agreat impression in my life.
  3. 3. This was my part-time job that I amstill continuing to work, at YorkdalePickle Barrel as a hostess. This wasmy first job title at the location -Hostess. This picture was taken inthe ladies room of the restaurant onthe first day of my shift. I would sayI am really proud of working at thispopular restaurant. I was very proudof the fact I got hired at a popularrestaurant, where we get more than100 resumes per day. As well as thisrestaurant helped me learn a lot ofsimple and complicated task, thatsrelated to my career matters. Thisis the stage where I first began tothink of taking my second step inlife to continue my studies relatedto "business".
  4. 4. This picture was taken on the first day of mycentennial college, Jan 2011. This wasconsidered as one of my life changing day.This school is what helped me to focus andconcentrate on my studys even more. Thisschool helped me choose the appropriatecareer that it best suited for me. When Ifirst entered into the school I didnt haveany dream set to me, I just wanted to seehow I can find a job in future. However,after studying at this school I have learnedto dream big for my future and startthinking of my long term and short termcareer goals. I start setting my school as themain part of my life, as well as beingeducated inside the school and outside ofschool. I have three more semesters left forme to graduate from my field.
  5. 5. This picture was taken on the first day of myjob interview at Royal Bank of Canada. It wastaken at a front of shoe shop where I was tryingto purchase a last minute shoe shopping. I justlet my friend took this picture since it holdsmemories of my success. It was taken on theend of October, 2012. I was first called intocustomer service job at one of the largestfinancial institution of Canada – RBC. I wasreally nervous to attend this interview becauseI have never ever attended an interview for abank or any other government institutions.Well, I would say it was an awesome experiencebecause I have learned how difficult and trickythe interview questions can be and I learnedand studied so much from what I observed atthe work environment. The reason I wasexcited to attend this work interview wasbecause I always wanted to enter into a fieldthat’s related to government and I finallychoose the first step by applying into banks. Ihave to admit the fact I was very proud of myachievement.