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Action research model


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Action research model

  1. 1. Step 1 Problem identification: This stage involves a key senior executive in the org sensing some problems currently prevailing in the org system. He understands that these problems can be solved with the help of an OD practioner (External Behavioral Science Expert) Step 2 Consultation with Behavioral Science Expert: The OD practioner & the client meet each other & carefully assess each other. The OD practitioner will have his own normative & developmental theory in place. These theories will be shared with the client right form the beginning of the consultation. This will help in establishing a collaborative atmosphere. Step 3 Data gathering & preliminary Diagnosis: This stage is completed by the OD practitioner in conjunction with the organization members. It involves gathering information & analyzing it to determine the underlying causes of the organization problems. Four methods of Data Gathering Interview Method Process Observation Method Questionnaire Method Performance Data In this process the OD practitioner’s actions can be viewed as an intervention which will have effect on the organization Step 4 Feedback to the key client or group: The members are given information that was gathered by the OD practitioner in the earlier stage. The OD practitioner will help the members determine the strengths & weaknesses of the organization. Step 5 Joint diagnosis of the problem: The members will discuss the feedback received from the OD practitioner & also explore whether they want to work on identified problems. Step 6 Joint action plan: The OD practitioner & the client members jointly agree on further actions to be taken. This is the beginning of the movement or change process. (Refer Kurt Lewin’s Change model). The action will depend on the culture, the technology & the environment of the organization. Step 7 Action: This stage involves actual change from one organizational state to another.
  2. 2. Step 8 Data gathering after action: As it is a cyclical process, data is gathered after the action has taken to measure & determine the effects of the action taken.