Music Video Characters


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Music Video Characters

  1. 1. For our male character we found inspiration from the well-known known hip hop/Rap/RnB artist Drake. Drake has portrayed both the gangster/street type image and also formal/classy look, which shows he’s very versatile and a good role model for the male audience it also helps attract a female audience as he is attractive and dresses well. It is drakes unique appearance and personality that makes him stand out from other hip hop artists. This is the image we want to portray for our artist.
  2. 2. Name: Kairo NoiseAge: 25Date of Birth: 15/11/87Place of Birth: Born and brought up in Kingston Upon Thames, LondonProfession: British singer, song writer and record producer. Signed in February 2009 by Patrick . Released debut single “Forever and after” in June 2010 which came number 1 in the charts in USA, UK, Japan and European countries. His first mixtape “On my own” won best hip hop mixtape award in 2010.Education: AAB for maths, media and chemistry and went to Imperial college to study computer engineering but dropped out to pursue career as a singerPersonality: he is bubble and funny and does a lot of voluntary charity work. Also he was brought up listening to Jay Sean, Dr Dre, Tupac AND Aaliyah.
  3. 3. For his first look in the club we have chosen a very formallook which is a grey expensive suit with a whiteshirt, black tie and braces. Also he will be wearingexpensive formal black shoes. This will make him standout as its very different from what other males wear in aclub and it also challenges conventions. This look isinspired by drake.
  4. 4. For our main artists second look he will be wearing abaseball jacket with baggy jeans, high tops and a silverchain. This is a typical look for the gangster/street lookwhich portrays the hip hop genre and follows genreconventions as most hip hop/rap artists dress like this.This look is also inspired by Drake.
  5. 5. For our female character we found inspiration from the infamous model Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is admired for her beauty as well as her glamorous style. Kim attracts both a female audience and male audience as females look up to her as a role model for her style and beauty and males find her attractive. Kim has an exotic glamorous classy image which is what we want our female character to have.
  6. 6. Name: Monique BurkeAge: 22Date of Birth: 02/01/1990Place of birth: ChiswickProfession: Model, actor, make up artistand businesswoman. Monique signed a2 year modelling contract for Gok Wan.She also won Britains next top model in2010 which furthered her acting career.Education: AAA for media, maths andsociology for a levels.Personality: funny, bubbly and decent.Brought up in small town Marlow.
  7. 7. The female characters look was inspired by KimKardashian. She will be wearing tight leggings, a brightcoloured top, a black blazer, and high heel boots. Thisportrays a classy glamorous look and will make herstand out. She will be wearing gold bangles and biggold earrings. Furthermore she will have big curly hairas it looks glamorous and sexy. We have also includedfeminism as it is the belief that both sexes should beequal. In most of the media such as films, music videosand magazines women are always portrayed as sexsymbols and more of an item than a human being.Therefore in our video the female character will be notbe dressed in revealing clothes like in all hip hopvideos but she will be dressed formal and portrayed asa decent woman.
  8. 8. Name: Patrick GoonsBorn: 15th August 1983Occupation: entrepreneur, record producer and songWriterPlace: TottenhamEducation: did A-levels and gcse’s at Tiffins school.dropped out to pursue career. Solo albumFilthy Animal released under CJ records. This ledhim to be best-selling British performing artist of2005. In 2007 he left CJ records and made hisown Label called Rallies entertainment, underwhich he released his solo album Criminal. Thisalbum was a hit worldwide.
  9. 9. We will be meeting our audiences needs by portraying some hip hop conventions such as some of the clothing e.g. Baseball jackets, high tops, jewellery. Also we will make sure the hip hop conventional features of settings and locations are kept the same e.g. Basketball court, graffiti wall, the streets and bridge.• Although we will not be promoting or including any crime, violence or gender discrimination in our music video as we feel that the original artist of this song, Lupe Fiasco, was against vulgarity and anti-authority behaviour being shown.