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Reading people by body language


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Reading people by body language

  1. 1. READING PEOPLE BY BODY- LANGUAGE Dr. Nirmala S. Padmavat Asst. Prof.Nutan Mahavidyalya, Selu, Maharashtra
  2. 2.  Have you ever really wondered how many times you have actually spoken lies but have revealed the truth through your body language? Reading people by body language is not really a secret anymore. What you may think as a perfect lie can be revealed by the way you are standing or even the facial expression can give you away and reveal the truth to the person standing opposite you. Your mind may know the various ways to lie or hide your feelings, but does your body follow accordingly? Have you secretly wished that you knew what was going in that cute boys mind when he looked at you the other day?
  3. 3.  Body language can reveal a lot about the person, even more than one intends to. This is because, intentionally or unintentionally, most people use non-verbal signals to communicate on a daily basis. These bodily signals are sent out even when you may be least aware of what kind of gestures you are using. Effective body language signals can be used to turn something in your favor. This itself is an art but it is not so difficult to master.
  4. 4.  Reading people by body language can reveal a lot if you are a keen observer. Read on to know some basics about body language and how you can use these methods for effective communication. .SPECIALLY, When most candidates excelled in their academics, it was probably their body postures or gestures that gave them little success in scoring brownie points to bag that most prospective job offer during the interview. Reading people by body language will help to select the appropriate candidate who will not only excellent as far as his/her credentials concerned, but will be also confident and dynamic from within.
  6. 6.  How you shake your hand can determine a lot about your personality. A palm-to-palm contact suggests that you are an honest and a very genuine person. A limp handshake denotes a kind of lack of confidence in the person. Be careful not to crush somebodys hand with an over enthusiastic handshake. This would suggest that you are really going over the top and trying to be something, you are not.
  7. 7. EYE CONTACT Your eyes are the mirrors to the soul! Avoiding eye contact whilst speaking to somebody; whether it is an interview or a friendly gathering can be considered to be very rude. Shifty eyes are also considered to be a sign of dishonesty. If you are answering an interview and when one member of the panel asks you a question, you need to answer calmly and look at each person in the eye, as you speak. This does not mean that you stare or glare into the eyes of the person; this can make the other person feel extremely uncomfortable as well.
  8. 8.  A good posture is a sign of a confident person. When reading people by body language, always remember to check out the body posture of the person. If you are sitting at the table and having a conversation, you can lean forward to listen. If you are standing, make sure you stand erect and dont slouch over; slouching can put you in bad light and also make the observer feel you lack the confidence.
  9. 9.  How you position your arms can say a lot about the thoughts that are running in your mind. Crossing of the arms across the chest makes the other person feel that you are creating a kind of a barrier between the person and you. It could also be that the person is deep in thought and has folded the arms just as a kind of action that has come naturally. Therefore, in professional meetings or discussions, let your arms be beside you or hold an object. Crossing your legs tightly is also considered to be a defiant act to others.
  10. 10.  When you are at a meeting or a get-together with friends, begin with a warm smile. This helps to make the other person also feel at ease. Looking into the eyes of the person and having a glazed look can suggest that you are only pretending to listen. Always try to incorporate some positive signs in such a conversation to suggest that you are listening attentively. Nodding the head in agreement or giving a slight tilt can help to make the other person feel that you are genuinely listening to the conversation as well.
  11. 11.  You can be revealing a lot about yourself when you shake your legs or ankles continuously while you are working at the table or if you rub palms together or drum your fingers on the table. This shows that you are nervous or really frustrated about something.
  12. 12.  Reading people by the body language can be fun and interesting if you manage to learn the ropes well. Use these methods to get more success in your professional and personal affairs.
  13. 13.  Thank You