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Plant Manager Production Planning and Control


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Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling Software, The chronological highlights of this Software are:
1: To grow your business multifold (need to know what value of finished good is getting generated on the floor on daily basis you need to have systems in place.
2: One of the ways to grow the business means to improve productivity on the shop floor, where actually the money is getting generated.
3: To improve the productivity means to work on resource utilization front.
4: To improve resource utilization and to correct data from the shop floor.

This is where the Plant Manager helps you to address all the above mentioned points by giving you solution for Production planning and scheduling. This will help you to get

1: The real-time information from the shop floor to make the decisions.
2: With real-time information you can have an eye on every activity and hence can manage the production staff effectively which will result in improving productivity.
3: You can have real-time information about Job statuses; Delivery dates etc. and will be able to commit the customers realistically.
4: Planning / Production heads /Users / Operators will have clear understanding of what is to be / being manufactured at any point of time.
5: The excel based/ logbook system can be transformed into a paperless system with the help of downloadable reports provided by Plant Manager.

To narrate in nut Shell:
Features / Benefits of Plant Manager Software:
1: Comprehensive Reports: Primarily OEE and Operator Efficiency along with rejection analysis, machine availability etc.
2: Production Planning, Scheduling and Re-scheduling
3: Know about on time / late deliveries to the customer
4: Get to know when you can deliver the new order from any customer
5: If you get any urgent order, easily re-schedule current orders and plan the new one ahead of others
6: If you need to hold / stop production for any order, easily pull other orders ahead and re-plan
7: If there is any unplanned downtime, the new schedule will be available at finger tips
8: Know rejections reasons, downtime for past orders and know your bottlenecks upfront
9: Make sure that all your machines are optimally utilized all the time
10: Know the production cost of your component (Coming soon)
11: Work in progress inventory valuation (Coming soon)

Mobile App: Android app to see quick view summary reports and Production data entry

TV Displays in Shop Floor: Display daily schedule on TV in shop floors, Display Order status on TV in shop floor

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Plant Manager Production Planning and Control

  1. 1. Production Planning and Control Powered by
  2. 2. Powered by Why Production Planning ?  Better Resource Utilization  Reduced Manufacturing Cycle  Minimize Throughput Time  Low Production Costs  Faster Delivery  Reduced Inventory  Better Customer Service
  3. 3. What Plant Manager offers you ? It offers you the Finite capacity planning and scheduling package, which allows you to  Manage your resources optimally  Have greater visibility and control over manufacturing processes on day to day basis.  Manage on time deliveries to the customer to his satisfaction Powered by
  4. 4. Features of Plant Manager  Multiple operation capability of a workstation can be defined into the system  Daily production capacities for different operations or combination of operations can be defined for a workstation  Multiple resources for single operation can be defined  Sequence of operations for a raw material to convert it into a finished product can be defined  Vendors, their resources and respective production capacities can be defined  Human resource can be defined as individual work station Powered by
  5. 5. The Plant Manager has three parts  Masters  Planning And Scheduling Part  Control Part Powered by
  6. 6. Features : Planning & Scheduling Part The planning & scheduling part allows you to  Set the priorities of the orders in hand  Use Gantt chart for scheduling the orders for different scenarios.  Schedule the orders on the basis of sequence of insertion , due dates, priorities, combination of insertion date and priorities, combination of due dates and priorities.  Identify and manage impact of high priority orders  Generate schedule for available machines considering their capacities on daily basis  Facility of capacity calculator for each work station Powered by
  7. 7. Features : Control Part The Control part allows you to  Record shift wise production output at each workstation into the system  Manage the production at vendor site if any  Have quality control check if defined into the system on the production quantity at both in-house and vendor site  It will not allow to override the sequence of manufacturing processes already defined into the system for a particular product  Facility of Shift Management Powered by
  8. 8. Differentiators of Plant Manager Powered by
  9. 9. Resource Settings  The resource capacities can be defined for individual operation or combination of multiple operations into the system. Hence if a machine is doing multiple operations on a product in one setup, we can define the combined capacity for all those operations and ultimately can record the production against those combined operations.  The machine capacities can be set machine wise or product wise. i.e. They can be set depending on the product to be manufactured on a particular machine or irrespective of the product.  For a product to manufacture, the capacities can be set as combination of machine wise or product wise settings for different processes in the manufacturing cycle. Powered by
  10. 10. Planning Settings  The planning can be done individually or for set of orders.  The settings page has facility to sort the orders to be planned on the basis of due date, order insertion sequence, priority, combination of due date and priority and combination of insertion sequence and priority.  The priorities are created automatically while sorting and will be in the multiple of 10.  The order having priority 10 will have highest priority and will be planned first and as the number increases the order priority will decrease and will be given preference sequentially during planning.  As mentioned earlier the orders can be sorted for planning purely on the basis of due date, order insertion sequence and priority. Powered by
  11. 11. Planning Settings  The combination of due date and priority: The orders will be first sorted on the basis of due date which will have some fixed priorities and these can be altered specific to one or more orders to move them ahead or behind while scheduling.  The combination of insertion sequence and priority: The orders will be first sorted on the basis of insertion sequence which will have some fixed priorities and these can be altered specific to one or more orders to move them ahead or behind while scheduling.  To change the sort order of an order, in-between number of the priorities can be chosen. Powered by
  12. 12. Planning Settings  As many iterations can be done for an order or set of an orders during planning on the Gantt chart before finalizing the schedule.  The facility to un-plan an order or set of orders is provided on the planning page itself so as to make it more user-friendly.  The orders can be scheduled on the basis of material availability or tentative material availability date.  The types statuses of the orders in the system are Pending, Scheduled and in process and complete.  The pending status indicates that the order is not taken for planning. Powered by
  13. 13. Settings Page  The option, not to schedule the orders for which material is not available is also provided if required on the settings page.  The orders for which material is not available and are scheduled can be swapped if the material does not come on the date already mentioned, by number of days mentioned on the settings and the following order can be preponed as and when required. Powered
  14. 14. Gantt chart  The Gantt chart displays the resource, the process and the quantities to be processed in corresponding duration.  The quantities mentioned on the Gantt chart are being reflected directly on the production page which will enable the production department to act on it directly as mentioned therein.  All orders are displayed with separate colors for easy identification. Powered
  15. 15. Production Page  Since there are validations and compulsion to transfer the material from one process to another process after its completion, there is complete control over the production system and ultimately on the inventory.  The rescheduling of the orders scheduled can be done only if all the production data inputs are given. Hence it is necessary to input all the production data or mention the reasons if any to go for rescheduling.  The rework quantities will be rescheduled next day and new order will be placed automatically for rejected quantities. Powered
  16. 16. Other Important Features  Comparison of actual production against scheduled quantity on daily basis at individual work stations  Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports on machine utilization ,employee output, rework and rejection  Alerts to the corresponding team members in case of material stuck-up  Roles definition and Login/passwords.  Drawing attachment facility to have better control over the processes Powered
  17. 17. Features Powered  Administration  Company Details  System Settings  Departments  Profile Settings. • Roles • Users • Privileges  Vendor Master  Resource (Machine) Master • Machine Capability • Machine Details  Customer Master  Raw Material Master – Add Unit  Product Master – Product Categories – Product Details  Shift Master  Holiday Master  Operator Master
  18. 18. Features Powered  Customer Section • Order Inputs • Completed Orders  Stores • Material Availability  Planning • Order Planning (Scheduling) • Order Status  Production • Daily Production Input  Quality Control  Reports • Production Report • Product wise order status • Order wise status report • Rejected Item Report • Production Report (Raw Material Wise) • Material Status (Vendor)
  19. 19. Powered Powered • The PO will be in the name of CNCTimes Pvt. Ltd., Building No. 3, Shripal Industrial Estate, Behind Varun Industries, Dist. Vasai, Thane. • 100% advance payment along with the Purchase Order. • Prices valid till 15 Days from the date of proposal. • All Support will be provided online. Terms And Conditions
  20. 20. Screen-shot - Powered
  21. 21. Screen-shot - Login Page Powered
  22. 22. Screen-shot - Plant Manager Menu Powered
  23. 23. Screen-shot - Company Details Powered
  24. 24. Screen-shot - System Settings Powered
  25. 25. Screen-shot - Department Master Powered
  26. 26. Screen-shot - Roles Master Powered
  27. 27. Screen-shot - Users Powered
  28. 28. Screen-shot - Privileges Powered
  29. 29. Screen-shot - Customers Master Powered
  30. 30. Screen-shot - Vendor Master Powered
  31. 31. Screen-shot - Machine Capabilities Powered
  32. 32. Screen-shot - Machine Details Powered
  33. 33. Screen-shot - Raw Material Master Powered
  34. 34. Screen-shot - Raw Material Unit Master Powered
  35. 35. Screen-shot - Product Categories Master Powered
  36. 36. Screen-shot - Product Details Powered
  37. 37. Screen-shot - Shift Master Powered
  38. 38. Screen-shot - Shift Assignment Powered
  39. 39. Screen-shot - Holiday Master Powered
  40. 40. Screen-shot - Order Input Powered
  41. 41. Screen-shot - Completed Orders Powered
  42. 42. Screen-shot - Material Availability Powered
  43. 43. Screen-shot - Order Planning Powered
  44. 44. Screen-shot - Capacity Setting Page Powered
  45. 45. Screen-shot - Order Status Powered
  46. 46. Screen-shot - Daily Production Input Powered
  47. 47. Screen-shot - Gantt Chart Powered
  48. 48. Screen-shot - Quality Control Input Powered
  49. 49. Screen-shot - Daily Production Schedule Powered
  50. 50. Screen-shot - Daily Production Report Powered
  51. 51. Screen-shot - Production Report Powered
  52. 52. Screen-shot - Process wise Schedule Powered
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