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Plant Manager Brochure - Production Planning & Control
Plant Manager Brochure - Production Planning & Control
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Plant Manager Brochure - Production Planning & Control


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Finite Capacity Planning and Scheduling Software, The chronological highlights of this Software are:
1: To grow your business multifold (need to know what value of finished good is getting generated on the floor on daily basis you need to have systems in place.
2: One of the ways to grow the business means to improve productivity on the shop floor, where actually the money is getting generated.
3: To improve the productivity means to work on resource utilization front.
4: To improve resource utilization and to correct data from the shop floor.

This is where the Plant Manager helps you to address all the above mentioned points by giving you solution for Production planning and scheduling. This will help you to get

1: The real-time information from the shop floor to make the decisions.
2: With real-time information you can have an eye on every activity and hence can manage the production staff effectively which will result in improving productivity.
3: You can have real-time information about Job statuses; Delivery dates etc. and will be able to commit the customers realistically.
4: Planning / Production heads /Users / Operators will have clear understanding of what is to be / being manufactured at any point of time.
5: The excel based/ logbook system can be transformed into a paperless system with the help of downloadable reports provided by Plant Manager.

To narrate in nut Shell:
Features / Benefits of Plant Manager Software:
1: Comprehensive Reports: Primarily OEE and Operator Efficiency along with rejection analysis, machine availability etc.
2: Production Planning, Scheduling and Re-scheduling
3: Know about on time / late deliveries to the customer
4: Get to know when you can deliver the new order from any customer
5: If you get any urgent order, easily re-schedule current orders and plan the new one ahead of others
6: If you need to hold / stop production for any order, easily pull other orders ahead and re-plan
7: If there is any unplanned downtime, the new schedule will be available at finger tips
8: Know rejections reasons, downtime for past orders and know your bottlenecks upfront
9: Make sure that all your machines are optimally utilized all the time
10: Know the production cost of your component (Coming soon)
11: Work in progress inventory valuation (Coming soon)

Mobile App: Android app to see quick view summary reports and Production data entry

TV Displays in Shop Floor: Display daily schedule on TV in shop floors, Display Order status on TV in shop floor

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