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Assignment 4 guidelines

  1. 1. Page 1 of 2 3rd YEAR [3B] History of Architecture (AP 313) Course Blog : Assignment - 4: Presentation Marks : 60% of the internal marking [Group Assignment – Groups and Topics Attached] A. Guidelines: 1. List given for topic allocation also have presentation order (See Page 2). Presentation will start at SHARP 10:00 am. 2. Each group will be given 15 minutes to present and there after discussion time. 3. Every copied image and/or text should be referenced in ISO 690 Numerical Referencing Style. Copied text/images without reference shall be treated as plagiarised and will be dealt with zero tolerance. (Refer Handout C for details) 4. All the group members should be part of the presentation. (See 2 nd point of section B. Marking Scheme) 5. All referencing needs to be done in accordance with ISO 690 Numerical Referencing Style. B. Marking Scheme: 1. Initial Write up: 101 % (Group Marking) (See 1 st point of section C. Submission Requirement) 2. Participation and response during presentation: 10% (Individual Marking) 3. Presentation: 30% (Presentation to the class) (Group Marking) (See footnote 2) 4. Final presentation submission: 10% (Group Marking) C. Submission Requirement: 1. A minimum 1 page write-up introducing the group’s topic and few key points should be mailed to the class and at at least 24 Hours before the presentation (See 1 st point of section B. Marking Scheme). This is for the class to come prepared for a discussion after the presentation. 2. 10 minute presentation in any format, as deemed right by the group keeping in mind the engagement of the whole class. 3. Comments given after the presentation need to be incorporated and the final file need to uploaded on slideshare and mailed to the class and at by 6th May 2014 (See 4 th point of section B. Marking Scheme) Note: Late submissions2 will be marked with 50% deduction. (late submission will be accepted only if submitted within 24 hours after the final submission time) Nipesh P Narayanan 1 10% of total internal marking of the semester (respectively other percentages) 2 No late submission for presentation to the class
  2. 2. Page 2 of 2 Sl. No. Topics Presentation Order Group Date 2014 1 Architecture and Art of Le Corbusier 1 Pankaj Kumar, Mipul Singh 4 th February 2 Works of L I Kahn 2 Devender Singh, Ishant Anand 4 th February 3 Works of Mies V Rohe 3 Rushil Banga , Jasvinder Singh 4 th February 4 Works of Walter Gropius 4 Arnab Ghosh 4 th February 5 Works of Michael Graves 1 Deepak Kumar Singh, Saumya Kohli 4 th March 6 Works of J A Stein with primary case studies 2 Shivika Gulati, Garima Bansal 4 th March 7 Works of Habib Rehman with primary case studies 3 Vedika Agrawal, Mayank Shekhawat 4 th March 8 Works of Raj Rewal with primary case studies 4 Vandana Vishnu Bhotla, GaganDeep Kaur Babra 4 th March 9 Works of Charles Correa with primary case studies 1 Samridhi Sharma, Prannay Dhingra 11 th March 10 Works of B V Doshi with primary case studies 2 Aakanksha Gupta, Parul Jain 11 th March 11 Works of Peter Eisenman 3 Sanjana Pillai, Prashansa Sachdeva 11 th March 12 Works of K T Ravindran & M M Rana with primary case studies 1 Nalin Bhatia, Ishita Bhartia 1 st April 13 Works of Gautam Bhatia with primary case studies 2 Nitya Bali, Manik Bansal 1 st April 14 Works of Aldo Rossi 3 Purnima Pawar, Mishika Bablani 1 st April 15 Works of Geoffrey Bawa 4 Aashish Gupta, Diksha Jain 1 st April 16 Works of Alvar Aalto 1 Varsha Mallya, Damini Bhardwaj 29 th April 17 Works of Aldo Van Eyk 2 Aditi Agarwal 29 th April 18 Works of Hafeez Contractor with primary case studies 3 Ravideep Singh 29 th April 19 Works of Robert Venturi 4 Akshat Bansal, Sheifali Aggarwal 29 th April 20 Works of Anil Laul with primary case studies 1 Mansi Jain, Hemant Kandpal 6 th May 21 Late works of F L Wright 2 Siddharth Menon 6 th May 22 Works of Laurie Baker 3 Rashi chugh 6 th May 23 Works of Bernard Tschumi 4 Shreya Gera, Nivesh Gaur 6 th May